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Florida Utilizing 2nd Amendment Rights: Concealed Permits nearing 1 Million

Freedom Outpost
December 13th, 2012

By next Wednesday, the state of Florida anticipates it will have issued 1 million concealed weapon permits.

Reuters reports, “The number of active concealed weapons licenses in Florida, already home to more owners of such registered weapons than any other U.S. state, is expected to reach the 1 million mark next week, a state official said on Wednesday.”


“Floridians who are obtaining these licenses are obtaining them for the right reason and are using them in an appropriate way. Applications for the permits in the state of 19.1 million people have doubled since 2007. Only 0.3 percent of the more than 2 million total permits issued since 1987 have been revoked”, said Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam.

Former National Rifle Association President Marion Hammer attributes the higher than average gun sales to the Obama administration imposing tougher gun laws, and impeding on the rights of American people to own firearms.

In a recent quote on the subject of increased permits, she said:

“The number of gun owners is up and crime is down,” Hammer said. “Criminals commit crimes, but they aren’t stupid. They don’t want to get shot.”

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  • Islander

    I love the fact that I dont need permission from the state to carry conceald here in Alaska . Of coarse we have to wear so much clothing in the winter that open carry just isnt practical . Happiness is a warm gun

  • SKIP

    It might be a topic of interest to learn how much revenue concealed carry permits are generating for those states allowing it. Politicians just LOVE revenue.

  • Wolf

    2nd Amendment is my gun permit. Im not begging and damn sure not paying the fucking government to excercise my rights. If I get caught, guess we’ll see who wins the gunfight.

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