Florida Deputy Threatens to Shoot Concealed Carry Permit Holder in the Back During Traffic Stop

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by Joe Wright

“Land of the Fee and Home of the Slave” has rarely been more appropriate than the following video from Florida.

Citrus County Florida Deputy Andy Cox threatens to shoot concealed carry licensee for lawfully carried handgun & then arrests him for accidental exposure. (Source)

According to usacarry.com, the gentleman harassed and terrorized in this video would be subjected to the following fees and conditions in order to obtain and use his permit. Please read the requirements below and determine for yourself if Deputy Andy Cox was correct in his interpretation and treatment of this concealed weapon permit holder.

NICS/Background Check:
There is a background check but not NICS. Your permit is currently issued by the Department of Agriculture which is not a law enforcement agency, and therefore cannot do the NICS check required by federal law. Only “law enforcement agencies” can access NICS, and therefore the federal exemption that normally applies to concealed weapon permits, does not apply to those issued in Florida.

Permit Valid For:
Permit valid for seven (7) years from date of issue.


All paperwork for your permit may be requested via mail for free:


1. You must be 21 to get a concealed carry permit.
2. Have a passport-style, color photograph made.
3. Get verification of training that satisfies the training requirement. NRA, DD-14, state training course, etc. . Persons serving in the United States Armed Forces may submit a copy of their Military ID Card to satisfy the training requirement.
4. Get certified copies of court documents relating to any criminal charges against you.
5. Take the fingerprint card to a local law enforcement agency and ask to be fingerprinted. In addition to providing fingerprinting services for the traditional “hard-card” format, electronic fingerprint devices are available at almost all 67 county sheriff’s offices in the state. Visit the Electronic Fingerprints Information page to learn how Live Scan fingerprinting saves processing time.* http://licgweb.doacs.state.fl.us/CWCS/elecfingerprintinfo.html
6. Complete the application. Either print clearly with ink or type the information.
7. In the presence of a notary, sign application.**
8. Submit a check or money order for the license fee of $117

* Electronic fingerprinting can dramatically reduce the permit approval time.

** Some concealed carry courses have a notary available at the time of the class

Required Documents:
1. Application form
2. Passport photo
3. Training verification

Renewal Information: 
$65 – Florida Resident
$30 WR license – retired Florida Law Enforcement and a Florida resident
$107 – Out of state resident ($65 renewal and $42 fingerprint card fee)

Change of Name or Address:
Replacement Florida Concealed Weapon Permits cost $15.

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Permits:
Replacement Florida Concealed Weapon Permits cost $15. If you have a stolen license and have a police report indicating the license was in the stolen content the replacement is free.

Informing Law Enforcement of Carry:
Informing law enforcement is required upon demand. (emphasis added)

Automobile carry:
You may carry your weapon on you or in a “securely encased” state.

Places off-limits when carrying:
1. any place of nuisance as defined in s. 823.05
2. any police, sheriff, or highway patrol station
3. any detention facility, prison, or jail; any courthouse
4. any courtroom*
5. any polling place
6. any meeting of the governing body of a county, public school district, municipality, or special district
7. any meeting of the Legislature or a committee thereof
8. any school, college, or professional athletic event not related to firearms
9. any school administration building
10. any portion of an establishment licensed to dispense alcoholic beverages for consumption*
11. any elementary or secondary school facility
12. any area technical center
13. any college or university facility*
14. inside the passenger terminal and sterile area of any airport*
15. any place where the carrying of firearms is prohibited by federal law

Deadly Force / Castle Doctrine:
Florida is a Castle Doctrine state and does have a stand-your-ground law.

Open Carry:
Prohibited in all public areas.

Localities with Varying Laws:
Florida has pre-emption, localities are prohibited from enacting more stringent laws.

Forms & Links:
NRA-ILA: Florida Gun Laws

Who issues Florida Concealed Carry Permits?

Department of Agriculture
Division of Licensing
Post Office Box 6687
Tallahassee, Florida 32314-6687
Phone: (850) 245-5691
Fax: (850) 245-5655


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  • mike

    what a ass that cop is. he should be fired for violating his rights.

    • Tim

      They don’t call him Asshat Andy for nothing..

      • Shane W.

        I think the whole problem is the concealment. We should ALL tote our guns in plain sight so that noone, police or criminal, is taken by surprise by the fact that I have a weapon and will use it to defend myself and anyone that needs defense!

        • joe

          Shane, right on!

    • Dee Mann

      What a total ass and obvious power trip with total ABUSE of his Authority ! Write this guy up and reprimand with some MORE Basic training ! He gives GOOD COPS a bad name !

      • bobby

        That cop was scared to death ,people like that have no business playing cop , he does not have the brains or back bone for law enforcement.

        • js

          couldn’t agree more, bobby. he was terrified and handled it VERY poorly. it wasn’t the citizen’s fault that the cop forgot to ask if he had a firearm. and that language, i’m sorry, was totally inexcusable. the whole thing was unreal and way out of line.

    • brian

      what a dumb ass pig needs a dounut to calm down what an ass it cops like him that dont need to be on the streets ya what rights do we have huh

    • Nathan

      Well i can see multiple things wrong with both party’s. firstly the cop never asked if he was armed and the gentalman never declared that he was carrying or offered to show his permit. secondly the the cop could have handled that way better. even after he noticed he didnt inquire as to why the man was armed.i think a more seasoned officer of the law would have handled that differently.

      • Marco

        Florida law does not require you to declare you are carrying. Cops will argue that you “must” declare it and often go ballistic if you don’t, still you have not violated any laws. A good cop should already know you have a permit if he bothered to run your tag before getting out of the car. Once that happens, all your personal data pops up on the computer terminal. If a cop addresses you by your name before you handing him your license, you know he already ran you and knows whats up.

    • Sameolshit Difday

      This is what roids to to your brain.

      • Sameolshit Difday

        Eventually, people will not comply. That’s going to be a very bad day indeed.

  • Bob

    There’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. The deputy needs to be fired for conduct unbecoming

  • G-DAWG

    He is a Obama man. Its a major misconception that LOEs are patriotic conservative. Some are. Most are not. They hold the general public with distane. We will remember they have families too.

    • SKIP


  • G-DAWG

    One day I’m gonna come cross a PIG like that. What punk, bed wettin, pillow biter.

  • GrandpaSpeaks

    Behold the neutering of the American people. According to proposed gun laws this weapon will be siezed. And the legal CC gun holder will have to undergo extensive mental evaluation. They will find he once farted in public (unlawful dispersal of greenhouse gasses) and he will not be allowed firearms. The gun wasn’t visible until the officer told him to put his hands up thus raising his shirt. Notice how fast the officers tone changed from serve to protect? Its just sickening. So was the tag expired or not? It doesn’t matter, they got his gun. “That tag looks expired. Get him”. The terrorist in this video is very clear.

  • Jeffro

    My guess is that Andy will be getting a (Oh $hit) letter in his file.

  • Justcause

    I live in a neighboring county and the cops are getting more aggressive and militarized. Central Florida , although being invaded by liberal northerners, is a libertarian area. Folks believe in their right to self defense and to carry. Florida has over 1 million conceal carry permit holders and a low crime rate except for Miami area

  • Kathyincolorado

    Deputy Andy Cox should be fired not only for violating this man’s rights but for his threats against this man’s life, his totally unnecessary foul language toward the man and his female passenger, lying about what the man did or did not say or do, and his overall demeaning, embarrassing, and traumatic treatment of this ordinary citizen stopped for an ordinary traffic violation. The man clearly told the officer multiple times he had a CCW permit as did his female passenger, even though the officer claimed the man “never” told him. The man’s weapon was secured in it’s holder and under his shirt at the waist and the man showed NO attempt to unholster the gun at any time. At the sight of the holster the officer clearly went into a state of panic and was not listening to the man or the woman and continued to talk over the top of both of them in a degrading manner. When Deputy Andy Cox saw the holster he went into overly aggressive mode and didn’t even ask the man if he had a permit for the weapon. This man’s rights were most definitely violated, not to mention what the woman experienced.I agree that our law enforcement need to be wary and on their guards but not to this excessive amount. I fully support our law enforcement and am personally grateful we have them. However, they too need to remember that they are employed by the ordinary citizens to serve and protect the rights of the ordinary citizens and not themselves, as some are in the habit of doing. Obviously Deputy Andy Cox is one of the self-preservationists.

    • bobby

      We do not need anyone as scared as him carrying a gun lawman or not or I should say especially a lawman.

    • formulas7002

      I just sent the following letter to Andy Cox boss Sheriff Dawsy at jdawsy@sheriffcitrus.org

      I was just sent the video of your Deputy Andy Cox harassing a citizen carrying a firearm WITH a legal permit. I am disturbed by this on many levels. First the Deputy never asked the citizen if he was armed or had a gun in the van, then the citizen calmly exited his van – not “jumped out of his van” as the Deputy later claims on the radio. The citizen was CALM and POLITE even though YOUR DEPUTY was acting like an ARROGANT PARANOID NAZI, when the citizen told your deputy he has a permit YOUR DEPUTY threatens to shoot the concealed carry licensee IN THE BACK!!!! The Deputy Andy Cox then the continued his harassment, and unlawful arrest of the citizen.

      Deputy Cox should not be working with the public, much less carrying a badge. This behavior is a very sad reflection on your leadership, on your Department, and his fellow officers. One bad apple such as this can cause such a bad reputation with the public that it can cause undue resistance and put his fellow officers in harms way.

      I support Law Enforcement, but in this case Deputy Cox is am embarrassment to the Profession, to your Department and to the County he represents. You and your deputy owe this citizen an apology, and I further hope the citizen sues the Deputy for everything he has or ever hopes to have,


  • Mr.T

    Shouldn’t that officer be defending his right to have that firearm not threaten to shoot him in the back.

  • Maxwell

    As a former police chief, I can tell you had this officer worked for me he would be fired immediately and a file along with a copy of the video would be forwarded to the prosecutor. It would be up to the prosecutor whether he filed a Terroristic Threatening charge. There is NEVER any reason for any officer to threaten to shoot a citizen in the back. Period. This deputy needs to find another line of work. A good time to ask about a concealed carry permit would have been up front when the gun was noticed and not escalating into an “officer gone ballistic” encounter. The citizen, under Florida carry permit rules, was not obligated to tell the officer he was a permit holder unless the officer asked.

    • Kathyincolorado

      Thank you, Maxwell.

    • Freddy

      There is always some “former chief” or former “whatever” running their mouths about how they would do something different.

  • tward3

    It really is time for a citizens’ oversight entity to work with the police. As it is now the people are treated like this because the police have no one keeping them in check.

  • Mike

    The guy stretched his hands to the top of the car causing a half inch of holster to show. That cop was an ashole.

  • David B

    Yes thanks Maxwell!!

  • motocephalic

    Fire that cop! The cop was wrong on multiple counts. Especially how he handled that arrest. The driver should have stayed in the vehicle and handed him his ccw permit.

    • That’s the policy I practice myself. Actually, I took some additional training from a retired police officer. He told me that while the law doesn’t require me to announce I have a firearm unless asked, that I could avoid situations like this one if I simply hand my license and CCW to the officer pulling me over right from the start. He said that it would be a courtesy to do so and most officers respect that.

      However, all that aside, this officer blew things way out of proportion for no good reason. He had the drop on the guy, stone cold. If the guy made a hostile move, the officer could’ve dropped him quickly. I’ll never understand why some of these guys feel the need to fly off the handle like this. Maybe it’s because they feed on the power of the situation and get a rush when they escalate things?

      • bobby

        you need to go back and listen, that cop was scared to death and a person that scared is a danger to himself and anyone around him . he is in the wrong line of work and should never be allowed to carry a gun.

        • Ron Jones

          If that officer is scared to death about a guy with a holstered gun he needs to work at walmart where the stress level is lower.

          • SKIP

            The stress level at Wal-Martinez is NOT lower at those stores in black “communities”

        • mike mike w

          Do you not realize how many officers are shot to death in the line of duty everyday by gun toting citizens??!!!

          • Doc

            Cops are NOT shot to death every day by legally cocealed permit holders or by criminals either. Take your brain washed VPC agenda elsewhere.

          • Anonymous

            No. Tell me how many people shot officers….. when they have there back to them and didn’t even pull it from the holster? I am all for officer safety but he handled it terrible. I hope that guy gets retrained. If you think that the officer was 100% correct and couldn’t have handled that different you are nuts. Nuts nuts nuts… If you didn’t get it….. Your nuts!

  • ilvtheusa

    If it were me instead of him I would demand that officer was fired at the threat of a lawsuit. Might even do that as well. What a jerk. With cops like that who needs al quida

  • Harvey1

    The officer should be charged with appropriate violations. The lawsuit should only make the officer pay and not the department! It is way past time to hold people accountable for their actions and not the department or employers. The taxpayers should not have to pay for this incompetent cop’s actions.

    • GrandpaSpeaks

      Harvey, I agree, but you can see the departments training kick in at 00:36 of the video. The department should be held accountable collectively and personally. They hired him and trained him. In the new order, the tax payer always pays for corruption.

  • RudeDog

    while I am generally a law and order supporter,I have to say that this Andy Cox is a danger to the people that he is supposed to be serving and protecting.I would characterize his behavior and Aggressive,Cowardly,Belligerent,Threatening,and overall life threatening to the man and woman and the community in general! Andy Cox is one hairs breadth away from a NAZI Storm trooper.with the language and behavior it is plain to see that the cop is just waiting for any excuse so that he may use deadly force on whomever doesn’t comply to his authority.When man armed person is screaming and cussing at you you may act or do something erratic and be shot down like a rabid dog for ZERO reasons when a officer with this type of personality pulls you over.It’s like these type of cops are looking for any reason to brutalize the citizens of this once free nation.there is NO excuse for this type of behavior by a LEO and I pray this man loses his badge.

    • bobby

      that cop was not looking for anything ,listen to his voice, he was so scared it’s a wonder someone wasn’t shot.

  • Joe

    This guy was polite even though the officer was being an ass the whole time.
    I’m glad to see citizens like this. Makes me proud to be an American .
    The stupid cop on the other hand makes me want to puke !!

  • mae

    Someone tell this man to contact “LawlessAmerica” youtube. This is a clear abuse of power. Let him tell his story. See one of many testimonials: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dm9Y3TFadNo

  • Magnus Soevgaard

    I wrote the Sheriff in Citrus County and asked him if this is the type of paranoid bully he wants out in public representing his department. I am sure I am not the only one. It makes your hair stand up on the back of your neck to see such a scumbag with police authority behind him. I hope he gets fired and they get sued.

  • wolf

    2nd Amendment is my permit. Im not asking for, begging for, or paying for a right I already have.

  • wolf

    PS this scum pig needs an ass whipping

    • Mark

      If he looks long enough, he’ll find it…

    • 2ANow

      Wolf: correct on both counts!

  • Heimdall

    This cop is a chicken sh** coward and a dirty traitor.

    By the way, cops have a very safe job. Cops are way down the list of dangerous jobs. Taxi drivers have a much more dangerous job.

    This cop has violated his oath. Why? Because he was afraid and has no respect for the citizens. He is a dirty coward and a criminal!

  • Heimdall

    And a damned liar!

  • Heimdall

    The founding fathers’ generation would have pursued the appropriate remedies for the organized criminals in control of all of our country over ten years ago. Shame on you who refuse to do what is necessary and who shout down those who are willing.

  • ccw

    i dont get it?..florida just passed a law (SB234) that an accidental showing of your concealed firearm is not illegal.
    clearly the dude in the video did not intentionally “brandish” his weapon

    “It is not a violation of this section for a person licensed to carry a concealed firearm as provided in s. 790.06(1), and who is lawfully carrying a firearm in a concealed manner, to briefly and openly display the firearm to the ordinary sight of another person, unless the firearm is intentionally displayed in an angry or threatening manner, not in necessary self-defense.”

    • Jones

      You beat me to it good catch there .The fact that Scared y Andy told him he was in violation was 100% false I am quite sure if enough people e mail the Sheriff there Andy will be using his superb training to guard the Local Mall I can imagine what would happen if he encounters a real criminal he would probably pee himself and shoot himself in the foot

    • mike mike w

      But you have to ask yourself, “How old is this video?”..

  • Chris

    Sue the HELL out of them and perhaps they will start to realize how stupid they are!

  • Chris Punches

    “I don’t care if he’s got a permit or not” said it all. This is just one of many rampant violations that have happened everyday all over the country for years. Why aren’t the police departments being regulated?

  • bobby

    Any police or trooper that is as scared as he sounded has no business trying to enforce the law and he should not be allowed to carry a gun at all .A scared man or woman will kill any one because they are to scared to think as that idiot proved. People like him have no business with a gun and sure as heck have no business trying to enforce the law. He needs mental help to find out what he is so scared of and face his fears before he kills somebody.

  • Just one Question

    What part of “the rights of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” don’t these public servants NOT understand?

  • Grace Under Fire

    This cop is amazing…totally. If he’s that scared, he needs to find another job! Completely out of line!

  • Tim H

    He has violated his oath of office and should and will be fired and arrested anyone have rock solid proof I will see it done …

  • Bec

    This officer needs to learn the definition of brandishing. The driver was most definitely not brandishing his weapon.

    • mike mike w

      You can brandish a weapon without it being in your hand/s.. brandish – exhibit aggressively; “brandish a sword”
      display, exhibit, expose – to show, make visible or apparent;

  • Tom Mansfield

    Not only was the deputy wrong, but he also lied to the other officer when he got there, saying, “He never told me he had a permit.”

  • Pat mcnew

    Bullcrap,,,cop should be admonished to say the least,,,

  • 2nd Amendment

    You Andy, you are the reason my framers made me.

  • Bret

    What unprofessional behaviour from a LEO! Asshats like Andy give the good cops a bad reputation. He would find himself looking for work if I had anything to do with his employment. He has no business being a cop. He truly sounds like and anti-gun liberal.

  • Ccw holder

    That PIG (political instrument of the goverment) doesnt know the law and over reacted they passed a law in florida for that reason that f your concealed weapon is viewed by accident it is not breaking the law

    • G-DAWG

      Luv that PIG acronym. (Sorry, ever how U spell that word)

      And after I say “Hi” to officer freindly and my hands at 10 and 2, Im tellin’em I have firearm in truck. Just so something like that dont happen to me cause I aint sure how I’d handle it. My best experiences on traffic stops or whatever have been with black officers. (I’ve been stopped quite a bit 🙂 Matter fact, I thought the days of gettin out of vehicle where over. At least in GA. and SC. I remember way back when I done that once and he didn’t delay to yell at me get back in car. Yall know they will print your vehicle on a stop also. Just watch, they look like thayre just casulally touching but nope.

  • Wud N. Hed

    I have wondered who will the government use to take up arms against the law abiding citizens of this country and this answers my question. I’m sure Andy the giant dick will be the first to volunteer to kill you or me.

  • edward

    That’s some bulshit that stupid pig needs to be fired for that bull shit

  • 2nd amendment defender

    Hitler would be proud of that ASSHOLE

  • James

    I would think to qualify as a “Law” Enforcement Officer, you would have to at least know the law in order to enforce it. This cop should be terminated or as a minimum, reprimanded for his actions. Cops like him are what gives law enforcement a bad name.

    • mike mike w

      The Law is, if you have a Conceal Carry Permit and you are carrying a firearm on you and are pulled over for a traffic violation, by law you are to inform the officer of the weapon and the permit when your vehicle is approached..

      • Kathyincolorado

        That is NOT the law in Colorado and I understand that is also NOT the law in Florida. The law in those states is basically, if they don’t ask, you don’t have to tell.

      • 2ANow

        No, dear, read it again…..not in the state where this took place. Can you read? Ya need some help there? I smell bacon.

  • Jared

    I can see where the cop freaked out, because you should tell an officer you have a firearm. But other than that this cop blows it out of proportion. He never asks to see the permit and this guy obviously did not brandish the weapon in any way shape or form.

    • mike mike w

      By law, if you have a conceal and carry permit and you are in possession of a firearm while being pulled over by a law official, you by law are to tell the officer you have a weapon and a permit as soon as you are approached by the officer, this guy did not do that. He even admits he has had this problem in the past.

      • Shane W.

        The Florida law states “upon Demand”. The officer didnt ask so the civilian wasnt required.

      • Kathyincolorado

        Again, that is NOT the law in Colorado. If the officer doesn’t ask if you have any firearms or a permit you are not required to tell him.

      • Marco

        That is not the law in Florida.

  • john s.

    That stupid poor excuse of an law officer is on a power tripp he needs to be fired he had no right to belittle that guy he never asked him if he had a weapon. Hope that guy sues the citrus county sherrifs office

  • Anonymous

    Why do we really even need cops?

    • SKIP

      To arrive after a crime, assist in paperwork and evade future questions you may have regarding the investigation of any crime that may have been committed against you or a loved one. Help you any?

  • Chris

    As a police officer myself, I am embarrassed by that officers actions. I assure you, not all police officers act that way towards people. I will admit that I’m not employed in the state of Florida, and I am not familiar with that states rules and regulations, but that situation could have been handled better.

  • chris

    so its against the law to threatn an officer but
    for an officer to theatn you? ill shoot you in the fucking back
    yep sounds like a threat to me. funny thing is i didn’t
    hear the man make any threats even after being

  • avenger

    Cops that do shit like this need to be ambushed and taken down. Messily.

  • mike mike w

    He got what he deserved, he didn’t tell the officer til he was on the ground he had a permit. and like the officer said, as soon as your shirt was raised it was no longer concealed.. Officer is only looking out for his safety.. Ironic how people who have a permit to carry, think they are equal to an Officer of The Law.. LOL!! Officer had every right to do what he did!!

    • Ashley

      You are so stupid and perhaps just as cowardly as the officer who overreacted.. Please tell me you do not work in law enforcement!

    • SKIP

      Fuckin idiot, offense intended.

    • Kathyincolorado

      Where on earth do you get this? The only thing visible on this man when he raised his shirt was the tip of the leather holster. It was only then that the cop asked about the gun and nothing about a permit and demanded the man to place his hands on the vehicle in a very vulgar and demeaning way. That was the moment the cop lost it. In NO WAY did the man deserve any of the treatment he received.

  • mike mike w

    Ok, now lets say that things went a little differently, lets say the officer didn’t see the weapon, and the man in the van never told the officer he had a weapon or a permit. Now lets say the driver gets upset because the officer writes him a ticket for having an expired tag. So out of rage the driver pulls out his concealed gun and shoots the policeman. What would your reactions be then?? “Oh Asshat Andy got what he deserved”.. “Asshat Andy should have handled it differently”.. “The driver had every right to shoot, since he had a conceal carry permit”.. Andy as you call him was thinking of his safety and that of anyone nearby.. Many an Officer will let you know they will shoot, it is a WARNING to you, that he/she will take what ever steps it takes to protect his/her life and any surrounding onlookers lives!!

    • Kathyincolorado

      The man was not displaying any aggressive behaviour and Officer Andy acted out of his own fear and rage against the man considering him dangerous before he ever asked for a permit. Even more was Officer A’s uncalled for vulgarity and lies. An LEO who considers everyone a danger and threat has no business being in the business or position of serving and protecting.

  • Heimdall

    As long as police officers continue to give moral support to fellow officers of their department who do things like this, it will continue until the citizens take decisive action and put a stop to it.

    The “officer safety” religious doctrine also supports this kind of tyranny. Citizen safety should be the mantra and prime concern of law enforcement peace officers and if it isn’t, they do not belong in the (much, much safer than admitted) profession.

    In addition, the presstitutes (corporate media wh***s) need to stop promoting the (totalitarian collectivist and authoritarian) notion and doctrine that the police officers lives are far more valuable than the lives of citizens.

    The presstitute media wh**res and film industry should also stop lying about the nature of police work by constantly claiming erroneously that it is extremely dangerous in their anti-liberty psyops.

  • john

    i did not read all the comments but i did want to point out. how the officer said he did not tell him that he had a permit when he did. you can hear the officer say i dont care, right before he tells the other person to get out of the car

  • Heimdall

    Well, enabler Mike. That is not what happened, the citizens did not commit any crimes (except perhaps a traffic infraction) and the officer did commit crimes. The citizens practiced great restraint, even verbally. I see no evidence to indicate that the legal firearms concealed permit carrier presented any threat whatsoever.

    On the issue of the supposed danger of police work, pleas google AOL jobs and
    “10 most dangerous jobs in U.S.” Police work did not even make the list. Therefore, the paranoia is not justified.

    I personally do not believe, however, that paranoia is the problem of this particular criminal cop. His problem is that he does not agree that citizens should be able to obtain concealed carry permits and he is determined to carry out his own personal jihad against concealed permit licensees and probably all gun owners.

    • mike mike w

      HHhmmm.. Now if you go look at The 15 Most Deadly Jobs in America, hhhmmm a Police Officer and Sheriffs Patrol comes in at number 10.. Big Difference in Dangerous and Deadly…

    • mike mike w

      Here’s you a link Heimdall, This link even says 15 most DANGEROUS jobs, scroll down to number 10..

      • Heimdall

        Thanks for the info.

        Wow! Number 10! Right up there with roofers. They need to spend 10 minutes of the local newscasts lamenting the horrible loss every time a roofer dies on the job working for the public. Frankly, I’ve never seen it once. The reason is the tyrants want to constantly deify imperial stormtroopers.

        The list that I saw didn’t place the cops in the top 10. 10 isn’t very high, is it? Anybody who is quaking in his boots shouldn’t work in what is the number 10 most dangerous job according to that particular survey. It might be interesting to compare all of the lists of the most dangerous jobs and who compiles them.

        Here’s you some information. Officers do place officer safety very high indeed on their list of priorities. Indeed, the “Resource Officer” at Columbine ran for his life because he was “outgunned.” He was a poster-boy for “officer safety” but he was no “resource” at all. He was still a tool, though.

        In all fairness, he was not alone in not acting as a resource. The FBI HRU was on the scene. HRU, as I am sure you know, Mike, means Hostage Rescue Unit. Unfortunately, they rescued no hostages that day. I would have appreciated them having rescued those children, but they did not.

        The FBI HRU was also not the only militarized but not so gung-ho police SWAT team there. There were several SWAT teams there from jurisdictions all over the region. They also did not go in to rescue the children. The reason? OFFICER SAFETY!

        It seems that there was a fear that the gunboys might have placed an explosive device on a stairway (how they came up with that piece of “intelligence” I will never know).

        The several SWAT teams were literally swaggering around the parking lot like a bunch of pro wrestlers as they were assembling their arsenals and immense body armor. All show and no go. At least on that day. They apparently prefer to attack families in their homes while they are sleeping in the middle of the night and shoot their dogs while putting guns to the children’s heads. Want links to that event? That has happened and been reported so many times that I doubt that I would be allowed to post that many links to articles.

        • Heimdall

          The officers are mainly concerned with protecting the public.

          Yeah, I believe it don’t y’all?

  • Heimdall

    P.S. The deputy’s own boss, the Sheriff, is probably the one who issued the permit so he should take up his complaints with his boss. He is apparently a kiss-up, kick-down kind of coward, though, and I doubt he will. The department will probably be sued for a million or two because of that tool.

  • Anonymous

    What a total disrespect for the language that cop used in the presence of this mans wife. The cop should go to jail!

    • mike mike w

      Hahaha!! The fatassed wife was just proly upset because she was gonna be late for lunch at McDonald’s!!! HAHaha!!! And you can’t be arrested for swearing.. Oh and good luck with that arresting the Police Officer for swearing… Have another Big Mac.. LOL!!!!!!!!!

      • Heimdall

        You are really one to talk!

        Your intracranial non-enervated lipids are ostentatiously displayed in this forum! Your cerebral distention due to flatulence and edema are exacerbating factors. Incoherence also indicates the possibility of an aneurism. Seek help, immediately!

      • Heimdall

        I am afraid that you suffer from intracerebral caproliths.

  • Ashley

    This is a despicable abuse of power and a sign of things to come. I am disgraced that an officer would react in such a childish and improper way when there was no threat.. He did not swing his wallet he almost dropped it, he did not jump out of the van he got out of it.. This officer does not deserve to wear a badge and must be reminded of the oath he took. If you are such a chicken shit with no regards to rights then you have no right to carry a badge let alone a gun yourself! The improper use of language is also unbecoming and a disgrace to the force he works under and to all cops.

  • RetiredLawDawg

    First of all, a lot of you talk a lot of bull. Walk a mile in that officer’s shoes before making any judgements. Second of all, so what if he appeared scared. You should be more afraid of the officer who wasn’t. The facts are the man had a gun. The man got out of the vehicle and the officer observed the weapon prior to the driver advising him of the weapon. Don’t blame the officer for enforcing a law you don’t agree with. You need to take that up with the law makers. And I raise the BS flag with the gentleman who claimed to be a retired police chief and stated he would have fired this officer. The only thing this officer could have done better is the use of his language.

    • Ron Jones

      First of all if your a retired officer as your header suggests and think that’s the proper way to treat people then I am glad you are retired. While his back was turned he could have told him to freeze and removed the weapon. There was very little threat there for the officer to swear at him like that. I am military and I treat insurgents better than that when we round them up. If someone did that to me I wouldn’t have said a word once he put me on the ground. When it was over I would have checked my options for a lawsuit on having my civil rights violated. I fought 3 wars for this country in 17 years and if this is the country that I have sacrificed for deploying then I am moving. You don’t treat people like that. Anyone defending this cop is dead wrong. Once he told him that he was going to shoot him in the f’ing back he lost all my respect. You need to handle yourself better and keep control of your suspect. Make him get back in the car and ask him if he has a weapon. I would love to hear the outcome of this story in the end. If the officer didn’t get a reprimand then that department is corrupt.

      • SKIP

        Agreed, in the future I believe that officers like this will over reach and be dealt with. After being threatened with shooting me by a civilian dressed officer at home I retaliated verbally and then he identified himself as a police officer to which I replied that it would only make me dig a deeper hole in which to bury his body….Police/sheriffs/marshalls or judges are NOT bullet proof, invisible or unreachable by pissed off and determined citizens

      • mike mike w

        The officer saying “I’ll shoot you in the F-ing back” was just a warning. The driver hadn’t told the officer he had a permit til later. The officer told him to get on the ground, so he could restrain the driver because of the situation. So many crazy people out there carrying guns around, this officer didn’t know if the guy was a good citizen or someone running from the law or someone about to commit a robbery or a drug runner. The officer handled the situation in a good manner. He warned the driver, he told the driver to get on the ground, he told the driver to put his arms behind his back, he cuffed the driver til the situation could be resolved. The video cuts off before you know what was done with the driver. Was he arrested? Was he let go? Did he just get a ticket or a warning for an expired tag? Were there outstanding warrants for him? We don’t know, because this type of video is put out there to get gun owners and gun activists all worked up, notice there is not a time stamp on the video, hhhmmm i wonder why???

        • Kathyincolorado

          Mike, you obviously did not listen closely to the conversation between the office and the man once they were out of view of the camera. The man asked the officer why he was being put in the patrol car and the officer told him because he was being arrested. The man asked him arrested for what and the officer told him for brandishing a weapon. Then the witless officer asked the man where his drivers license was and the man told him he didn’t know because the officer took it from him and had it last. You really should pay closer attention to details before you make half-witted comments yourself.

    • Heimdall

      @retired police dog

      I’ve got to hand it to you, YOU talk a lot of bull and you do it well;) Congrats! I haven’t seen anyone sling it like that while at the same time claiming expertism as an argument online since yesterday! I can tell that you are well trained. It must be due to your professional training.

      No, of course it isn’t against the law to be afraid, that would be a thought crime. It is also not against the law to have poor etiquette (probably due to stress). I am talking about the man getting out of the van. Poor choice. Not illegal. One should be more sensible when dealing with volatile people entrusted by the public (often foolishly) with immense power and told that THEIR safety is the most important thing in the world. One should tiptoe and pussy-foot around as one is treading on thin ice indeed!

      The police officer’s crime was not fear. His crime was false arrest and threatening that man’s life unjustly. His additional unprofessional conduct more worthy of a penitentiary inmate was to swear while making threats. Of course any westerner worth his salt knows that shooting someone in the back (as this tool threatened to do, is an act of cowardice).

      I would like to know what law that guy broke. As I have stated elsewhere, the cop is angry because he is scared and because he is offended by the citizen’s possession of a gun. He is probably a TV lemming who gets hysterical about every new crisis that he watches on TV.

      The guy should have watched and followed Massad Ayoob’s kind advise on handling such situations with such a volatile creature as a police officer. Not following Ayoob’s advise is a poor choice, but it is not illegal.

      I had a discussion with Mike (above) about what a dangerous job police work is. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mike works as a Police Officer and professional apologist.

      I’m taking a chance on this, as a poster on this article from the county in question has explained what a corrupt county it is, but I will make you a gentlemen’s bet that the citizen will win a law suit about this transgression and cowardly abuse of power and the public’s trust.

      • Heimdall

        P.S. Anyone who defends this behavior also should not be entrusted with such power and the safety of the public.

        • Heimdall

          P.P.S. I have been involved in training police trainees in police defense tactics. I would never purposely train anyone who would condone such behavior.

    • 2ANow

      RetiredLawDawg: You are a sorry excuse for anyone in that line of work. There’s NO justification for such behavior. Your post displays your appalling lack of respect for the Constitution to which you voluntarily swore an oath to preserve, protect and defend…….and THAT means preserving the rights of the people, you POS! If you think people will have ANY respect for you and your gestapo behavior, you’re just dreaming. When the crap hits the fan I’d bet you won’t have many friends–and rightly so.

  • Ernie

    Most of you are WRONG! It STATES CLEARLY in the CCW books if you are carrying a weapon on your body or in your car the FIRST thing that comes out of your mouth is I have a CCW permit and I AM CARRYING A WEAPON!…you dont hand the cop ANYTHING! He will take it from there and ask where is the weapon…and then let you get to your ID / License / CCW to show him after he gets ready to bust a cap in your ass in case your lying….Thats the law people…He’s just watching his own ass and I couldnt blame him!

    Goober in the video screwed up….He got what he should have! If I saw someone in the same situation having his hand near a holster after he didnt tell me he was a CCW carrier and let me know about it I woulda shot the SOB! They dont pay anyone enough to lose your life to some idiot!

    • Based on Florida Statutes the individual is not required to inform Law Enforcement Officers unless they are asked.

      790.06 License to carry concealed weapon or firearm.—
      (1) The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is authorized to issue licenses to carry concealed weapons or concealed firearms to persons qualified as provided in this section. Each such license must bear a color photograph of the licensee. For the purposes of this section, concealed weapons or concealed firearms are defined as a handgun, electronic weapon or device, tear gas gun, knife, or billie, but the term does not include a machine gun as defined in s. 790.001(9). Such licenses shall be valid throughout the state for a period of 7 years from the date of issuance. Any person in compliance with the terms of such license may carry a concealed weapon or concealed firearm notwithstanding the provisions of s. 790.01. The licensee must carry the license, together with valid identification, at all times in which the licensee is in actual possession of a concealed weapon or firearm and must display both the license and proper identification upon demand by a law enforcement officer. Violations of the provisions of this subsection shall constitute a noncriminal violation with a penalty of $25, payable to the clerk of the court.

      This is from the the Florida Senate website. http://www.flsenate.gov/laws/statutes/2010/790.06

      While we would recommend that any person carrying a concealed weapon legally inform the LEO during a routine traffic stop that they have a permit issued to them, in some states it is not a requirement. In fact, many states allow you to carry a concealed weapon inside your vehicle while traveling and do not require a permit to do so.

    • mike mike w

      AMEN Ernie!!!!

    • Heimdall

      As usual, the comments here, just as in real life, show cops and cop apologists are at war with law abiding citizens rather than real criminals. You ought to be ashamed of yourself! I am ashamed of you!

      • Heimdall

        ____’s best! Fill in the blank with name of city.

        That’s the best? I don’t want any. I’ll protect myself.

    • 2ANow

      Ernie: You’re another effed up POS strung out on your perceived authority. YOU work for US….get it? YOU obey the Constitution…..get it?

      My God, give some individuals a badge and a gun and they proceed to abuse, brutalize, and often kill those they are sworn to protect the rights of. Where is the hell do you people get off behaving like that?

  • Kathy Peteler

    I have to agree with most of what RetiredLawDawg said. Did the officer over react a little? Yes! But Law Enforcement Officers have to be vigil every second that they are on duty. The right to carry a concealed weapon, also, comes with the responsbility to use common sense when you have the weapon on you. I don’t know about the rest of the world but, my common sense would have immediately told me to tell the officer that I had a permit to carry a gun and was doing so. It’s like when I go to cross the street, I don’t need a law to tell me to look both ways first. It’s just common sense.

    • mike mike w

      True.. and the driver even admits “This has happened to me before” .. Well then, if you have had this happen before, then why didn’t you right away tell the officer you have a CCW and avoid another confrontation ??!! The officer was merely protecting his own life.. Good Job Officer!!!!

  • Ariel

    I am For guns, but you have to admit.. its not the cops fault… first of all you do NOT jump out of your car and greet the cop… stay in your car.. and let the police officer know you have your CC permit..

    • mike mike w

      True anyone with a lick of sense knows you turn your vehicle off, stay inside the vehicle, for your safety and that of the officer. You do not step out into traffic. You should remain in your vehicle and all occupants should have their hands in sight for the officer…

      • Ollie

        I think mike mike w is just Deputy Andy Cox under a fake name trolling everyone when we all know who was in the wrong mike mike, or should I say ANDY!

        • mike mike w

          Oops!!! OMG!! You caught me..

      • SKIP

        Those requirements vary by state, try riding a Harley around the country, you can get a REAL feel of what police officers think. In my personal, EXTENSIVE crossings with the law I find the Highway Patrol officers to be the most professional as their jobs seldom depend on the mood of the chief or Mayor of any given city especially if the officers are White and the chiefs/mayors are increasingly black! ALL racissssss are NOT WHITE though I am.

  • Ollie

    I think mike mike w is just Deputy Andy Cox under a fake name trolling everyone when we all know who was in the wrong mike mike, or should I say ANDY!

    • Heimdall

      Absolutely! Or one of his equally corrupt buddies.

  • Bob

    Hands on steering wheel till told to move. Never should have gotten out with out first being told to. First words he should have spoken “I am an armed CPL holder. Weapon is on right hip. Wallet is in right/left rear pocket.” Cops language inappropriate.
    Both are at fault.
    Problem is no one really tells drivers how to behave during a traffic stop.
    Pull over turn on hazards shut off engine. Turn on dome light at night.
    Hands on wheel. Do not dig around.
    If armed inform police and where immediately.
    Answer all questions respectfully yes/no sir/mam.
    Location of documents.
    May I reach for wallet in ie. right/left rear pocket? Registration in glove box glove box center counsel. May I retrieve?
    The police have a job to do most are good and just want to go home to family alive at end of shift. Make their job as safe as possible.

    • Heimdall

      Good advise for avoiding trouble. However, do you really think that one is at fault for not obeying UNWRITTEN LAWS?

      The Driver didn’t do the best for himself and his wife by getting out and other things but he violated no law or moral imperative, for that matter.

      The driver is not at fault at all. He violated the sensitivities of a cop who abuses his position to write and enforce his own laws and his anger at the fact that he got frightened because he thinks that he is in one of the very most dangerous professions (if you can call armed thug a profession) and that cops are semi-divine demi-gods who’s lives are much more sacred than ours.

      In the past, I have only heard cops espouse the ridiculous view that offending them (usually quite poorly educated fellows that they are) is a crime. Offending a cop or accidentally scaring him is not a crime.

      In short, American cops are overwhelmingly trying to demand the status of Samurai. Unfortunately, many of the very corrupt judges and prosecutors are enabling this coup d’etat.

      • 2ANow

        Heimdall: Very well said. I might add my disgust for the total takeover of our right to travel by the millions of “laws”, codes, ordinances, and so forth that empower these thugs to go after all of us for any and every infraction and even made-up crap. Somehow, this has GOT to stop. We are pretty much slaves at the mercy of the machine and are being ground up at every turn.

  • S.O.S. in Citrus

    Lived in Citrus County for years. It is a joke. If your not in jail there, then you have already been to jail, or in the future you will be put in jail.It is a redneck good ole boy run county. A place of not what you know but who you know. The Sheriffs office has a very over inflated budget.The Crystal River nuclear plant is located there, and the county soaks millions of dollars from Florida Power Co. Not to mention the high taxes that are levied on some of the poorest residents of Florida. Kids graduate from high school there every year with no jobs available in the county. Instead of taking some of the money that the county receives that could be used to help the kids, it is spent on crap and put into the pockets of the corrupt government. It is a dead end county. No future for anyone who stays in that county.They milk you for probation money. That’s all they want from you. That’s the way it has been for years there.

  • Heimdall

    I saw a video by the famous firearms instructor and current or former policman Massad Ayub and he did the kindness of making this information available to us. You should calmly hand your concealed carry permit to the officer with your drivers license. It is best to keep your hands on the wheel, etc.

    He kindly gave us this advise to prevent complications to avoid problems with timid, terrified, trigger-happy tools.

    He did not claim that it was illegal not to follow these rules. He did not say that the officer is entitled to mistreat and arrest you if you failed to follow these rules.

    Those are things that are best for you to do for yourself for your own safety and for the best outcome because there are a lot of criminal thugs wearing badges (my words, not Ayoob’s).

    This is how you protect yourself. It is rather like the importance of showing very good manners at the fast food drive through. It is good to show good manners and it will also help prevent illegal biowarfare attacks on you by a criminal fast food spitter!

  • Heimdall

    It is not illegal to neglect to say “please” and “thank you” but it might prevent illegal aggression against you. It is also good and proper.

  • Heimdall

    It’s like if you were talking to a mafia Don and his thugs hadn’t disarmed you. You say “now I am going to reach slowly for my wallet so that you can complete your shakedown. I am not reaching for a weapon, so please don’t shoot me.”

  • Heimdall

    I learned in judo and jujitsu that when an aggressor uses overwhelming force in an attack, his committed forceful attack will always destroy him when he faces a skilled opponent. A football tackle is a gift to a judo or jujitsu man who was trained well.

    I think that that is the advise that cops need to heed. Do not commit yourself to illegal or unconstitutional aggression toward innocent citizens, there will always be hell to pay eventually (lawsuits, criminal charges, etc., etc. etc.).

    There are some rules that the cops ought to be following. Maybe their apologists should be giving them instruction on proper etiquette.

    In short, cops need to remember that we are not without recourse.

  • Heimdall

    Some of us are already fed up.

    • 2ANow

      And some of us are REALLY fed up! 😉

  • Heimdall

    With friends like these, who needs enemies. This incident is discussed in the article.

  • Heimdall

    I would add that anyone who would choose to defend the criminal and abusive behavior of that cop clearly has poor judgement and could also be quite dangerous and should not be entrusted with that kind of power themselves.

  • Freedoms glory

    Im on the cops side on this one the guy he pulled over… airhead redneck for one and he went about this in every way to send off all the cops red flags, all you dick holes out there that have never put your self in those shoes need to take a step back and think before you open your mouth, One the cop needed to tell the driver to get back in his car… I’ll give him that, but if your pulling someone over and you see a gun it’s your life your the one walking into a potential shit storm and you just might be out gunned, if the guy didn’t feel like putting up with this cops shit for some reason it could be someone’s life, cops are men and woman just like everyone else no one hear can sit hear and tell me that you’ve never F’ed up before on your job… Yes I know there are bad cops out there… A lot of bad cops but from my point of view he was just trying to be done with this, no ones perfect and this dumbass redneck did everything wrong that a person with a CCW should not do 1.getting out of his car 2. Not declaring his weapon or permit 3.back talking after the cop had seen the gun, and trying to explain LOL 4. Being hesitant to cooperate. The cop is not going to try and hear what you have to say after you’ve made it possible to be a threat, what did you expect the guy to do “oh really… You have a permit, oh I’m really sorry citizen, yes please stand up this is all such a big understanding, let the kiss assing commence” yah lol I’m not a antigun guy in any means at all believe me, I did 6yers as a Marine, I’m a weapons trainer, tactics trainer, a year as a security guard a Florida CCW holder and own and know more about the gun you more or less go to the rang and “play” with, i’v been to the suck and back and shit gets crazy and people hear in the stats are even crazier.
    So people before we start running off at the mouth lets put on our thinking caps for a dam second and stop vomiting words… Okay. Thanks

    • Heimdall

      Freedoms Glory my foot! You obviously have utter contempt for freedom and American values. They do things your way in Mexico. Go there. You will like it.

    • Heimdall

      Yes, I am sure that you are a fine marksman. You didn’t just plink around like us mere mortals. You were able to fire many, many, many thousands of rounds bought by the citizens of this country and using weapons and facilities and you learned under instructors provided by the citizens of this country so that you would be able to protect us from foreign invaders. You were protecting us from foreign invaders, right?

    • formulas7002

      “if the guy didn’t feel like putting up with this cops shit for some reason” This is the point exactly, Deputy Andy Cox’s shit…This Paranoid Deputy Andy Cox was acting like an arrogant, paranoid, asshole.

      Police here ask up front if we have a weapon on us or in our car, then ask for license and registration. That simple question would have made this entire situation null and void.

      The citizen was just “country”, not some sort of aggressive brain dead redneck dumbass, the citizen was calm and polite even after Deputy Andy Cox threatened to “Shoot him in the Back”. Some guys have to exit their vehicle just to get their wallet out of their pocket, especially if they are a big boy like this citizen was. Deputy Cox on the radio later says the citizen “jumped out of the vehicle” the citizen never jumped anywhere, he was calm the whole time. And the citizen NEVER talked back, he just tried to tell the officer that he has a legal permit for his gun…the officer just let his paranoia take over, keeps raising his voice, talking over the citizen, and continuously escalated the situation, the citizen did not even feed into it at all. Deputy Andy Cox lied to his dispatcher, what the citizen did was not illegal, the citizen never touched or brandished his weapon.

      The officer could have asked the citizen to stand still while he removed the citizens weapon, so the citizen could show the officer his permit…but he didn’t do that either. Paranoid Deputy Cox was on a mission to be an arrogant asshole, and people like that do not need to be in law enforcement.

      Deputy Andy Cox shouldn’t be working with the public, much less carrying a badge with his paranoid, arrogant, Nazi attitude.

    • 2ANow

      Freedoms Glory: The longer this crap goes on the sooner people are going to get totally fed up with putting up with the cops’ criminal behavior. Many many of us have had it…we’re done with your crap. They/You treat people like the scum of the earth and they don’t deserve it. The amount of brutality being perpetrated by cops now is pretty much routine…..the numbers are astounding. They/You should be ashamed of yourselves but, since you obviously perceive yourself to be better than the slaves, you’ll feel no shame. Ya DON’T defend criminals. I don’t care what you say your background/jobs are. This was just plain wrong.

  • Heimdall

    There are those (anti-gun activists) who support the cop on this and then there are honest and descent Americans.

  • Heimdall

    All of you who say that it is not the cop’s fault because the guy got out are full of it.

    Show me the law. The law would have to say that citizens are to be arrested if they leave the vehicle and while being arrested that they are to be verbally abused with profanity and threats to murder them. Luckily uneducated (usually) moron cops do not get to legislate on the spot!

    What is your IQ people? That is absurd! It also shows who has complete contempt for the values upon which this great Republic was built.

    I am fed up with you traitors!

    If you don’t support American principles, get the hell out and go to Mexico where your way of doing things prevails and where most people live practically a medieval life of a surf while living practically in the stone age.

  • Heimdall

    That cop is just like a Mexican cop in Mexico.

  • Heimdall

    My experience with the South is that everyone is polarized about liberty. They go to extremes. They are either corrupt, collectivist scum totalitarians or they are moonshiners. I am with the moonshiners. Go dukes of Hazard!

  • Heimdall

    P.S. The stereotype is true. There are a lot of corrupt fascist “lawmen” down south. Those corrupt political machine so-called lawmen are just like mordida demanding Mexican criminals called cops.

    • formulas7002

      Heimdall…There are good cops and bad cops everywhere…the South does not have a disproportionate number from the north. Just because they talk slower in the south does not mean they are corrupt, fascist, redneck, or stupid. Cops in some of the big cities like Chicago and New York act more like the MOB than cops sometimes too.

      “My experience with the South is that everyone is polarized about liberty. They go to extremes. They are either corrupt, collectivist scum totalitarians or they are moonshiners. I am with the moonshiners. Go dukes of Hazard!” “P.S. The stereotype is true. There are a lot of corrupt fascist “lawmen” down south. Those corrupt political machine so-called lawmen are just like mordida demanding Mexican criminals called cops.”

      I happen to live in the South, but I do travel, and it seems that you need to get out more. We do enjoy Liberty in the South, and we will defend it, but the rest of your generalizations are WAY off base.

      We are just like everyone else, except we say what we think, and most of us think before we speak. Some up north may consider us slow for that, but we believe in a measured response. Most of us try to treat people with respect according to how they act. We go to work every day, spend time with our families, help at our churches, and with our communities.

      We probably have a lot more guns in the south, in rural areas we have poisonous snakes, alligators, wild boar, and other critters to deal with. If you have never come face to face with wild boar (that tend to run in packs) then you have no idea why we want AR-15’s and multi-round clips.

      I know a lot of good decent officers city, county and state…you make a lot of generalizations and do a lot of name calling that just isn’t so about Southerners, and Southern Law Enforcement. And it is those type of unsubstantiated allegations and name calling that cause people from all over the country not to want to work together to solve problems in our Federal government.

      Travel some and get to know other people hopefully your attitude will change.

  • Heimdall

    P.S. If anyone in this video is a redneck, it is that corrupt terrified moron of a cop. I don’t use the term red-neck normally, though. Those who like to use it are usually corrupt, city slicker, anti-white, anti-gun, racists who hate good country folk.

  • Heimdall

    American fascists who support this kind of behavior are really no different at all than Obamanoid communists. Fascists and communists vomit words and try to argue that they are experts and their argument consists of saying “I am an expert, I am a soldier.” That is vomit.

  • Heimdall

    To the servicemen who support this cop. Thanks for your service. I am sorry that it also entailed succumbing to mind control and totalitarian collectivist propaganda. You deserved better.

  • Heimdall

    The argument is apparently between those who think:
    -offending or doing anything that results in an officer getting skittish required arrest and summary punishment on the scene by a cop who is judge jury and executioner

    -those who think that we need police officers who behave in a professional manner (even if they are scared) and who obey the law themselves and refrain from usurping the powers of the legislative and judicial branches of government

    A third world fascists and communists’
    B Americans

  • tt

    in some states if you have a gun and are pulled you have to put both hands out the car window.

  • ja son sutterfield

    The cop was out of line. The cop needs training and needs to study the laws and police by the laws.

  • Heimdall

    Why is a cops job dangerous at all? Traffic accidents! It is also not nearly the most dangerous job.


  • 2ANow

    These costumed thugs had better get used to people carrying their means of self-defense. It makes my blood boil to see these filth shi**ing all over their slaves who still give these a**wipes respect. I can see it coming that this tolerance for these morons isn’t going to continue. They work for us–we pay these filth.

    Wake the hell up, you disgusting pigs.

  • Jeff

    The officer should be terminated immediately, he is a power hungry piece of excrement. That being said, when I was stopped in the past, I would pull over to a safe area, turn off my engine, roll down my window and keep my hands on the wheel. I think the “good” officers greatly appreciate this and I believe I have been forgiven a couple times for my traffic transgressions because of my actions and demeanor. Anyone supporting how this officer conducted himself in the video is a pathetic human being. Not once did I hear the officer direct the driver to stay in the vehicle, instead it was a friendly chat until the officer let his emotions override his thinking. Get rid of him Citrus County. Now!

  • dee

    Asshole of a cop. I have a ccw, that man played it by the letter. The cop was on some scary big bully stuff. I hope the jack ass lost his badge for this.

  • Todd Stephens

    This officer is a true jackass, there is no such thing as a violation of a ccw permit just because you happen to catch a glimps of the weapon. If your dumb ass catches a glimps of the weapon then it automatically becomes and open carry which is allowed in the state of Florida. We are not required to inform law enforcement that we have a CCW permit but most of us will do so as a common courtesy. If this sorry excuse for a police officer thinks he’s in the right then all I can say is that he has set him self up to get his feelings hurt because he’s not the only one out there carrying and there are a whole lot more of us who do carry then there are of him.

  • Tim Spencer

    The cop obviously went overboard but per state statutes the guy did violate the law when he failed to inform the officer that he was carrying a gun.
    Upon demand is in there, yes, but ask any cop and they’ll tell you that you have to inform them of ANY weapon you have on you at the time, ESPECIALLY a gun. In one a pair of scissors in the glove box was considered a weapon.
    The police have to worry about their safety at all times, so a little cooperation goes a long way.

    • Cadel

      WRONG! Florida law DOES NOT have a duty to notify! No law abiding citizen has a duty to notify a police officer that they are carrying concealed unless they ask. When his shirt came up it NEVER revealed a weapon, only the bottom of a holster. The fact is, the weapon was NEVER visible, Seeing a holster when a shirt is pulled up does not mean he is was open carrying. This cop needs MORE TRAINING! It doesnt surprise me so many police in Cirtus country are fired due to corruption, their chief must be a real winner with zero leadership skills and apparently, no ability to properly train the deputies!!

  • kiljoy616

    All I saw is man pulls gun on other man and says he will shoot him, the badge or uniform does not change the fact of what happen. Give what ever excuse but if I see a weapon I don’t consider the cop friendly or sane.

  • Scott Lang

    Yep–over reacting but the cop was cautious and should have released him afterwards. I would never get out of a car without being told to and always have you CCW permit handy to give to the cop along with your drivers licence–while still in the car. I would pursue a lawsuit against the officer and the Citrus County sheriffs department. The dept needs more training.

    • Stephen Zeigler

      this officer needs a course in proper English language as well. When serving the public interest he has no business using that kind of language. Could have been children in the back and certainly should have shown respect for the man’s wife.

  • edfrommoca

    LEO’s do not want citizens to carry that’ll bring crime down and less police will be needed,now I cann see why there is a fight about open carry here in Fla. you’ll get arrested if they notice a bulge but with open carry they can’t

  • Bobby Wellsby

    if you get stopped and have a sidearm on put hands on head, say I have a permitted weapon on me.. follow what told and understand.. but one can go overboard/too far on both sides.. 3 step rule for all – pull, cock & lock , fire. 3 extra second to think.. or cops and cizs..

  • SteamerSteve

    He never asked. Don’t ask don’t tell. That’s what everyone is trained in the course previous to getting a permit. He arrested him for his own ego. He never asked but got upset because he’s too moronic to ask trying to cover his own butt for his own ego. That’s also why the police shoot and murder people sometimes. Ego. There are good and bad people of every kind. And it doesn’t stop them from being a bad guy just because they have a badge. Most officers are good. But it just takes a few bad apples to make the rest pay for their irresponsible ignorance.

  • Brian Smith

    Andy cox is a coward and a punk and hes lucky he didnt fuck with me.you here me boy.thats right andy im calling you a punk coward and a boy.what you going to do.just like I thought a gutless coward hiding behind a badge thats right sissy hide behind mommas skirt