Flashback: Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee Said Hurricane Names Are Racist

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All this bad weather on the East Coast, in combination with all the race war divide and conquer, reminded me of how back in the day, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee said hurricane names are racist:

Via WND, from 2003:

Do devastating hurricanes need help from affirmative action?

A member of Congress apparently thinks so, and is demanding the storms be given names that sound “black.”

The congressional newspaper the Hill reported this week that Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, feels that the current names are too “lily white,” and is seeking to have better representation for names reflecting African-Americans and other ethnic groups.

“All racial groups should be represented,” Lee said, according to the Hill. She hoped federal weather officials “would try to be inclusive of African-American names.”

A sampling of popular names that could be used include Keisha, Jamal and Deshawn, according to the paper.

Because it’s not fair that sometimes devastating and deadly storms are named solely after imaginary white people. This was a thing and, with the current climate as it is, it may make a comeback.

Out of curiosity, has anyone bothered to ask Keisha if she’s upset that Hurricane Katrina wasn’t named after her instead?

This is all part of the continued politically-correct Idiocracy, the dumbing down of society. There can be no other explanation.

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  • Ratcraft

    Hurricane Laquisha Merangue. Hurricane Shabazz X ? There happy.

    • Reverend Draco

      A local high school had, on the digital billboard out front, a repeating list of names of “Students of the Month” or some such.
      One of the names. . . my first thought was, “Her mom is an alcoholic.”

      Poor girl named “Chardonnay.”

      • David in MA

        her bro’s name Bud?

        • Reverend Draco


          • David in MA

            And a sister named Lillith?

          • Reverend Draco


      • Ratcraft

        Good Lawd awlmighte

    • doodaa

      Hurricane Shakanwa.

  • Jonny rRingworm

    Then they’d complain that a destructive hurricane was named after a black person. There’s no win win to this

    • Jollyjoke

      You said it Jonny!

  • Tatiana Covington

    Huge Black Blowjobs!

  • Praetor

    Next hurricane to hit Texas, name it, Sheila Jackson Lee! Side note, when I was in Australia, the name Sheila was the name they gave Hooker’s. You wanted a Hooker, you’d yell ‘Hey Sheila come on over here’!!!

  • I knew a kid named, ‘Cellophane’ once. Her mother didn’t seem to be aware that she was named after a sheet of regenerated cellulose.
    But then, I got a grandkid named, ‘Marshall Dillon.’ My son and his wife swear they never saw the TV show, ‘Gunsmoke.’
    Yeah, we’re living in a movie. (Or maybe a TV show.)

    • Razedbywolvs

      I went to school with a Jack Daniels, Harley Davidson, Houston Texas.

    • John C Carleton

      My brother once showed me the title to a scooter he had bought. He said that these people really did not like their son. His name was Peter Dick. I mean come on, were they really that stupid or pull ing a boy named Sue on him.

  • ccambridge

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if she was related to Robert E Lee greatest general ever

  • David in MA

    What next will these niBBers call racist, jelly beans?

  • whiteberry

    Pathetic… whiny… ignorant…

  • Guillotine_ready


  • illib1

    Time to name a hurricane after her…Hurricane Gorilla Face.

  • curenado

    Retarded trog. That’s not racist, stupid brutes come in all colors. Unfortunately

  • Dilligaff

  • RobertFl

    The problem is, no one knows how to spell African-American names, including African-Americans. Hell, they’d start screaming about the 10 different ways to spell Deshawn correctly. The storm would pass before they figured it out.

    My spell checker thinks “Deshawn” is incorrect.

  • doodaa

    Sounds just like her. Haters will hate.

  • rich

    Proof of her being a jackass!