Six Prophetic Sci-Fi Novels That Predicted Our Strange Future

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It’s rather sobering to look back at novels like 1984 and compare it to the sprawling surveillance state we now live under, or read Brave New World and bear witness to our drug addled society, many years before it came to pass. But those books are just the tip of the iceberg. The science fiction genre is rife with imaginative stories that predicted the future, sometimes in baffling ways. In other cases, they proved to be so influential as to inspire others to bring their predictions to life.

Below are six science fiction stories that were so prophetic, it’s downright creepy. Seriously. Some of these are sure keep you up at night with their uncanny accuracy. Be prepared to have you your mind blown with…

The World Set Free

the world set free

One could talk for hours on all the subjects that H.G. Wells successfully predicted. However, The World Set Free stands apart from the rest for imagining a world with atomic bombs, 31 years before the bombing of Hiroshima. The way he described it as a “continuous explosion” that is contrasted with the “instantaneous” explosion of dynamite, is remarkably similar to what we would call a nuclear chain reaction. He also predicted the devastating widespread effects of nuclear fallout, and even the notion of having a portable nuclear weapon.

By the end of the story, he wrote that there would be a massive proliferation of these weapons among the world’s superpowers, and that these weapons would be called “atomic bombs.” However, as is typical of the utopian minded Wells, he believed that this atomic war would inspire the creation of a world government to keep the peace. Sounds like every NWO conspiracy theory I’ve ever been told about.



William Gibson’s Neuromancer not only spawned the cyberpunk genre, it also accurately predicted the creation of the world wide web, virtual reality, computer hacking, and the public’s obsession with new technology and plastic surgery. And all this was suggested in the year 1984, when the PC was little more than a glorified type writer and the internet was in its infancy.

Ralph 124c 41


For a book that was written in 1911, it’s hard to fathom how it could have predicted so many things that we take for granted today. The plot itself is nothing special. It’s just the story of a lovesick man trying to save the woman of his dreams with futuristic gadgets. However, what wows modern audiences is his uncanny descriptions of these technologies. Brace yourselves for a ridiculously long list. Ralph 124c 41(which is a play on the words “one to foresee for one another”) managed to predict video conferencing, solar power, artificial fabrics, social networking, electric cars, radar, transcontinental flight, tape recorders, movies with sound, voiceprinting, and spaceflight. Not bad for a magazine serial from the turn of the century.

Snow Crash


What sets Snow Crash apart from the other novels on this list, is that even the predictions that weren’t on the mark, aren’t necessarily failures. Many of them seem like they might still come to fruition. Take the internet for example. Whereas Neuromancer predicted the internet, Snow Crash ironed out some of the finer details, such as fiber optics, mobile computing and surveillance, anonymity and avatars, memes, and Google Earth. However, author Niel Stephenson thought the internet was going to be a massive virtual reality, which was a bit ridiculous until recently. Now that virtual reality is making waves however, his ideas no longer seem so far-fetched.

But even without the predictions, it’s still a thoroughly enjoyable story. It describes a world where the United States has slipped into poverty and hyperinflation. The government is so financially insolvent, that they’ve sold off all of their assets to the highest bidder. The CIA and the military have become private corporations, and the federal government is so marginalized that they’re pretty much ignored by everyone (at one point, the president has to introduce himself to everyone because they have no idea who he is). This has caused a power void that is filled by a smattering of independent fiefdoms. What we would call nations, are now an interconnected series of city states and gated communities, ruled by mafias, corporations, and religious zealots. If he predicted everything else you have to ask yourself, are we currently on the path toward this strange future?

From the Earth to the Moon

from the earth to the moon

Like H.G. Wells, Jules Verne is well known for his accurate predictions. However, his description of a manned mission to the moon was surprisingly prophetic for being written over a century before the moon landing. In his book, From the Earth to the Moon, he predicted that the space shuttle would be made out of aluminum, it would be launched from Florida with a crew of three, and when it returned to Earth it would land in the Ocean before being picked up by a US Navy Vessel.

The shuttle had reverse rockets designed to decelerate the speed of the craft, and cost $12.1 billion to build, just shy of the $14.4 billion the Apollo 11 mission ended up costing. He even predicted that the astronauts would experience weightlessness in space, which nobody had really considered at the time.

It’s too bad Jules Verne didn’t leave us any stock picks.

Stand on Zanzibar

stand on zanzibar

For this book, it’s not so much what it predicted, as what it didn’t predict. Stand on Zanzibar was written in 1968, and takes place in the year 2010, in a world where the nations of Europe have banded together in an economic union, and the Soviet Union has been displaced by China as America’s chief economic rival. Terrorism has become a widespread problem and school shootings are rampant.

Africa is a collection of basket case nations that lag far behind the rest of the world, (keep in mind that at the time, most African nations had just achieved independence) Israel is a major point of conflict in the Middle East, and Detroit is in ruins after the manufacturing industry went belly up. Due to health concerns, tobacco sales are falling while marijuana has been decriminalized. The institution of marriage is crumbling and people use pharmaceuticals to aid their sexual performance.

And to top it all off, America has elected a president named Obomi.

Even the writing style of the book, which is chaotic and fragmented, feels right at home in our modern world of instant gratification and short attention spans. If you’d like to have your mind thoroughly blown, then look no further. The eerie accuracy of Stand on Zanzibar will do the trick.

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  • Billy Thompson

    “Stand on Zanzibar”….. must have been written by Adam Gadhan

    • Jay Dee


  • icetrout

    “Pattern Recognition” Gibson is spot on again …..

    • That whole series of books (pattern recognition, spook country etc) are excellent but more near term. Not really predicting the future, but pointing out the uncomfortable underside of what we already expect near-term.

      If you like Gibson, and enjoy the early 20th century style and iconography of Hugo Gernsback, check out Gibsons short story “The Gernsback Continuum”

      • icetrout

        forgot 1999 “All Tomorrows Party’s” all the bridges…. Gibson true cyberprophet no matter what 2 cents U have to put in… lol go write a book monkeyboy… 😛

        • Wow point a guy towards a short story he might enjoy, get a hostile, smartass reply.

          • icetrout

            Soooo sensitive ! if I had gotten hostile with you Markass you’d be cleaning the mudd out of your tighty-whiteies … U suck egg’s as a critique… :O

          • damn man, you need a hobby or something. way to prove my point.

          • icetrout

            chill Marcus U R not the only 1 on here who reads…how bout posting the next great unknown… ?

          • Jay Dee

            So, admitting that you read is now an insult? What a weird little boy….

          • EmmettGrogan

            your comments are shallow, rude and ignorant. u think you’re so smart, but you’re just another 12 yo jerk trying to let everyone else know how ‘smart’ you are – except you aren’t.

          • icetrout

            was reading Gibson @ mid-life squirt… @ U brain… who’s the next great unknown… ?

        • Jay Dee

          Wow icetrout, what an attention wh0re you are…all he did was talk about an author he likes.

  • RE

    Its a shame but the US is on its way to “SOYLANT GREEN” .
    The $100.00 carrot and too many people.

    • The elite want you to think so.

    • icetrout

      Markass is an Elitist… OBAY !

      • Not at all, its pretty common knowledge most of the elites plans include stuffing us into megacities and feeding us processed crap under the guise of “overpopulation” and resource shortages.

        • It is also common knowledge that the elites are anything but homogenous.

  • zonkedout1

    Snow Crash and Stand on Zanzibar are two of the best speculative fiction books ever. I would also say that Stand on Zanzibar predicts agenda 21. Everybody is forced into the cities and must live in skyscrapers which appears to be their goal.

  • Joe Lizak

    Of all the articles I’ve read on the Sheeple website , this one I’ve enjoyed the most. Thanks Joshua Krause.

  • Yeah, or pretty much everything C.J. Cherryh ever wrote.

  • Dennis Tsiorbas
  • All of these writers had inside knowledge of “hidden” technologies that would be brought out to the willfully ignorant masses later. All of hollywood practices the exact same kind of “inception.”

    • That knowledge is available to anyone willing to access nonlocality.

      • Another smart ass…
        Maybe, possibly, perhaps they were connected to..oh I don’t know…secret societies/brotherhoods, who deal in secrets or OCCULT knowledge, especially the advanced pre/post flood technology…but no, it’s Dr. Who right? (don’t answer that)

        • Nonlocality is universally available to all who wish to access it. Those who worship the occult don’t want to.

  • SKIP

    Have any of you read “Farnham’s Freehold”? THAT is another truly prophetic book!

  • Vlad TheSkewerer

    “This Perfect Day” by Ira Levin is a good look at a technocratic society.

  • Nexusfast123

    John Brunner’s ‘The Sheep Look Up’ might be an interesting read as it deals with the deterioration of the environment in the United States

  • Evil Liberal

    They left out Robert Heinlein’s The Crazy Years meme

  • jarhead1969

    One great apocalyptic and prophetic book has been ignored: JR Tolkien’s ‘ The Lord of the Rings.
    Tolkien was a devout Catholic who converted many a man to his faith, and he was well acquainted with Catholic prophecy, in that a great “Chastisement” a great apocalyptic punishment would soon come to the world. Tolkien, realized it would become war of evil against good, vice against virtue and ultimately Satan against God. All these he incorporated into his great work, The Lord of the Rings.
    Virtue, bravery, courage, hope against seemingly unsurmountable odds, how evil one day (abortion, homosexuality, contraception, immodesty in dress, pornography, Marxism, Atheism, etc) would present a most terrible scourge and attack on all that was good. The “evil eye” representing Satan with all his adepts, those “useful idiots” and the overwhelming assault of immorality, injustice and violence against all that was good.
    He knew not the future names or particular identities, but he understood what was soon to come, what had already started, for in the teachings of his faith, “war” was the punishment for sins, and to look at the Communist Revolution, WW1, and WWII, each successfully increasing ten fold in their violence and debauchery, he realized what was coming was beyond most peoples imagination.
    Take heed of this great work of Tolkien, of courage, bravery, hope, in the face of what appears to be a lost cause, and of the great victory that will come when all seems lost, when both the Church and world seem doomed. The fight will not be easy as we see in the book made movie, it will take men’s most valiant efforts, even much sacrifice and perseverance, both in faith and in our temporal fight.
    Evil will lose in the end and all that is bad will be annihilated, but first we must pay for our own sins, then when all seems lost, when both the world and Church seem doomed, when God’s justice has been appeased, then He will intervene and turn the tide to the great victory of God over Satan.
    In 1215, the heretical Albegensians ravaged the countryside of France, killing all the Catholics they could find in every village, town, farm and hamlet. The Catholics managed to muster 1000 men to fight this horde of evil, 200 on horse and 800 infantry (cannon fodder in those days). The Catholic force was ill trained, had no real combat experience and lacked battlefield discipline. The Albegensians, 100,000 on horse all, battle hardened and well disciplined on the field. 1000 ill trained, against 100,000 battle hardened. The Catholics knelt down prayed the rosary and attacked. When the battle was over, 2 Catholics were killed and 8 wounded, the Albegensians were completely annihilated. – True and factual story.
    Or search – “St. Michael and the Marine”, a true story read to over 5000 Marines embarking for Korea in 1950.
    No matter the odds, virtue and good will win in the end, God will defeat the lowly Satan, but first we must pay for our sins, mentioned above, because “good men did nothing” as St. Pius V said in the 15th. century, well before anyone else. God is going to punish the world for its sins, for the great apostasy from the faith, for the apostasy of the hierarchy of the Church’s abandonment of near 2000 years of true doctrine and faith for a new god made from our own desires, passions and lusts. So God will let our enemies do His work first, for it is because His own have abandoned Him, as they did once before and Crucified Him, and now they do the same with their sins.
    You might read the following if you really want to know what is about to happen very soon.
    – WW3 Prophecies and Visions from Central Europe: Numerous Catholic saints, mystics and visionaries.
    – The Prophecies of Blessed Sister Elena Aiello: (1895-1961) Italian mystic and stigmatic.
    – The Prophecies of St. Nilus/5th century: And how does this saint in the 5th. century, know that in the 20th. century the world will be near drenched in blood, that women will dress shamefully like men………..
    Although these deal mostly with Europe, many more prophecies going back to the 5th – 19th. centuries warn that in the “20th” century the world will fall so badly into sin that what is to follow will be more terrible than the Great Flood. In America, civil war and revolution, when all is in turmoil and chaos, our enemies, Russia and her allies attack.

  • plamenpetkov

    he didnt mention either “The Shockwave Rider” that predicted the Internet as we have it today or “And the Sheep looked up”, that talked about ecological disaster what kind of list is THAT?

  • evader2014

    Another by John Brunner: The Squares of the City. Subliminal control of urban dissent.

    Grand Junction by Maurice Dantec: world order collapsing.

    Vortex by Brock Stimson: US regime invades Canada; nuclear power station out of control.

  • TronSheridan

    Disney invented the cyberpunk and virtual worlds with Tron, several years before Neuromancer. Not sure why everyone adores that book so much. there’s a difference between coining the term “cyberpunk” and inventing a genre. Virtual reality ideas existed well before Gibson popularized them.