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Five Armed Robbers Scramble For the Exit As 65 Year Old Granny Opens Fire; Media Downplays

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August 3rd, 2012

When five men with guns entered a jewelry store in Orange County California they were met with an unexpected show of resistance. The store’s owner, a 65 year old woman, was armed with her own gun and opened fire on the gunmen.

There was absolute panic as the gunman fight each other to run out the door with the 65 year old proprietor in hot pursuit, gun in hand. Police say she acted in self defense. Police say she acted in self defense. The [getaway] van drives off so quickly that three suspects are left behind.

As a warning to others who may decide to defend themselves when faced with a violent crime, CBS local affiliate KCAL repeatedly noted that even though everybody likes to see the tables turned on criminals, stray rounds heading downrange from such a defensive maneuver could pose risks to innocent bystanders.

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  • Evie

    Dont want to say I told you so, but is not the liberal state california becoming the one to take the country back?

    • jewel4america

      lol.. I live in CA and I could be this We’re tired of this crap.. and we may or may not have a ‘man’ around to protect us.. but.. we know how to protect ourselves… we are old enough to have learned to use guns and not be afraid of them.
      Our values are those of our parents.. God, Family, Country.. and WE’RE MAD AS HELL AND WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE..

  • Evie

    How dumb to be shot at and rob another store the next day.

  • White Knuckle Driver

    These situations are becoming rampant. The turning point will be when a shop-owner shoots and kills a perp. Then there will be racial retaliation and/or civil war.

  • Ed_B

    Liberal media CBS just can’t let a happy ending end happily without putting their crap leftist spin on it, can they? The bottom line was that a free person stood up and refused to be a victim. If everyone did that we would have a s**tload less crime because it would be too dangerous for most criminals to continue their criminal behavior.

    • jewel4america


  • Stealth Spaniel

    I love the fact that this woman
    A-Did not wait to be “saved” by the police! Will all liberals please note:police only REACT to crime-they are not psychics and cannot prevent crime.
    B-Kept firing even as the crazy fools showed their true colors by trying to be the first out the door.
    C-Will not hesitate to open for business-intimidating thugs be damned!

    Why does the liberal media feel duty bound to “warn” us about what “could” happen? The last thing any free & sovereign citizen needs is a lecture on our rights and responsibilities.

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