First Trump 180’ed on NATO; Now He’s No Longer Backing Out of the Utter Disaster That Is NAFTA

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Promises, promises.

Like any other slick politician, our president has now gone back on a whole lot of what he promised on the campaign trail would “make America great again” (except on the promised delivery of more foreign, empire-building preemptive undeclared wars of course, just like every other president since at least World War II — on that, Trump is totally delivering as promised).

As previously reported, just a week ago Trump completely 180’ed on of his multiple and repeated campaign claims that NATO is “obsolete,” you know, back during the election when he said he would “certainly look into” the U.S. pulling out of NATO?

Yeah, that’s not going to happen. Now Trump says America is going to help “upgrade” NATO. Oh goody.

Fast forward a week, and the same thing is happening with the utter disaster that is and has always been NAFTA.

During the campaign, Trump frequently rallied against NAFTA as one of his key talking points, calling out the Clintons’ for their “bad trade deals” and, in just one of many Trump anti-NAFTA examples, telling Hillary in this debate that NAFTA was quote, “one of the worst things that ever happened to the manufacturing industry”.

Well, now “one of the worst things that ever happened to the manufacturing industry” is going to continue happening to it because instead of withdrawing from NAFTA as Trump insinuated he would do throughout the election, he now agrees with Canadian and Mexican leaders that everyone should work together to “update” NAFTA instead:

In a statement, the White House said Trump had agreed with Mexico’s Enrique Peña Nieto and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada in separate calls on Wednesday to pursue the “renegotiation of the Nafta deal to the benefit of all three countries”.

“It is my privilege to bring Nafta up to date through renegotiation,” the statement quoted the president as saying. “I believe that the end result will make all three countries stronger and better.”

Since Trump has no understanding of the basics of free trade and is a mercantilist and protectionist do not expect anything positive out of these negotiations. It will be the most powerful US, Mexican and Canadian crony exporters that will gain at the expense of consumers.

Go ahead and try to argue that means somehow NAFTA will magically get better…

It won’t.

In fact, as the Wall Street Journal reported only a few weeks ago,

“According to an administration draft proposal being circulated in Congress by the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office, the U.S. would keep some of NAFTA’s most controversial provisions, including an arbitration panel that lets investors in the three nations circumvent local courts to resolve civil claims. Critics of these panels say they impinge on national sovereignty.”

But but… I thought he was the nationalist president?

Then again, he claimed to be non-interventionist as well and we can all see how well that is working out. How many agenda items are there even left for Trump to flip flop on at this point?

In fact, I’m not even sure how people can say he’s so much better than Hillary or Obama anymore, since he seems to be continuing all the same exact agendas, only with even more creatures writhing around the ever-expanding DC swamp…

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  • Surprise, surprise, surprise…NOT.
    Long live the comb-over.

  • Gary

    You are fucking morons . . . it is called THE ART OF THE DEAL. No one ever gets 100% of what they want.

    • Razedbywolvs

      That is a problem. I am sick of the left and the right getting what they want and always getting 0% of what i want.

  • Uncle Sham

    Yeah…because he is re-negotiating the deal. God damn this site is becoming worse than CNN

    • Lauriejvalencia

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  • TrevorD

    Seems like he has been bought and sold either from the very beginning or since. If from the beginning then we all know where we stand and if since, we all know where we stand. Nothing new then really, the enemy to Humanity still controls and lurks behind the curtains of the utter facade `they` call Democracy and Freedom. Unless there is some top nodge ingenious covert plan to crush our `Insane Rulers` that we are yet unaware of. If so, get it done soon please. Patience is running thin for many.

  • Frank

    Uh, from what I heard on different alternative news sources, Trump had actually threatened to pull out of NAFTA, but promptly got telephone calls from both the Canadian and Mexican Presidents – asking that he not pull out of the Agreement. From what I see indicated, he is forcing them to the table to re-negotiate the provisions of the Agreement, in pursuit of a better deal for the US. This, in no way, is an indication that he’s “no longer backing out,” but he is saying that unless the US gets a better deal than it currently has (thanks to Slick Willy Clinton and the Democrat corruption machine), he may do just that.
    Please STOP with the drama and negative embellishment “Piper McGowin” and “The Daily Sheeple.”

  • Renee Ciccioni

    What you all don’t think he has used slave labor in other countries like Mexico to further his own economic agenda like his corrupt rich buddies ,you are one of those you so “lovingly” call sheeple .Come on he’s gotten rich off being corrupt like most billionaire oligarchs.

  • Andrew Miller

    I’m not judging until I see the final product, and it’s far from done. This is how Trump operates, you’re watching The Art Of The Deal in action. If the final result of all this sucks, THEN I’ll be here ripping into him with you.

  • HWR

    I think he was the “creature from the black lagoon” all along. He’s not draining any swamp. He’s a swamp critter himself.

  • SP_88

    I’ve heard different from other sources. What I heard was that he was going to pull out of NAFTA, but the president of Mexico and the prime minister of Canada called him to renegotiate.
    NAFTA was a bad deal for America. If he renegotiated the deal so we aren’t being screwed, I don’t see a problem with that.
    Of course if he just flip-flops on this, than I totally agree that he is no better than Obama or Hillary.
    Let’s see how this turns out before we rush to judgment.

    • Cracker122049

      That wait and see has worked so well in the past!

      • SP_88

        Yeah, I know. It’s not that I expect it to make a difference, it’s just for my personal preference. I would rather not jump to conclusions before I see all the facts and see what his plan is.