First the TSA Molested You, Now Airlines Are Going to Charge You MORE for Window and Aisle Seats

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As if the “privilege” of flying in America hasn’t already been warped into a laughable joke at this point.

You know it’s bad when you can’t take your wheelchair-bound three-year-old to Disneyland without him getting swabbed for bombs and having his waistband felt up by a creepy middle aged TSA gestapo man, or watching your 10-year-old daughter get absolutely violated in front of everyone to the point that you, as a father, might just throw up. But hey, at least your kids aren’t your grandma who might get her colostomy bag ripped out by the inept agent with two weeks of training who thinks she might be hiding a bomb in her Depends. And then there’s the lovely radiating full-body scanners…

Ah yes. The modern art of flying. Such a privilege. A place where we can all feel like slaves together in a magical Constitution-free zone where we’re all guilty until proven innocent by people who have failed to catch or stop a single terrorist from boarding an airplane in the nearly 15 years since 9/11 and only even catch guns and bombs getting on planes a whopping five percent of the time, even though they terrorize the hell out of everyone and steal their stuff (including this reporter’s dangerous pimento cheese which they probably ate later like greedy little goblin creatures out of the blackest armpits of hell).

Well now, as if going through all of that just to get on the damn plane isn’t bad enough, airlines are trying to squeeze every drop of juice out of a raisin they can get by charging people extra for a window and/or aisle seat.

Take it away RT:

While airlines already charge extra for first class, business class, and some ‘better’ seats in economy, some are now seeking to apply tiered pricing to all economy seats. While economy passengers were able to avoid the middle seat by booking early, airlines have now started to reserve the better seats for those who pay more.

(Come on, as if any seat in economy is really so much “better” than the other legroom-less cattle slots… continuing…)

This comes as the Senate rejected efforts to regulate airline seat sizes earlier this month, voting 42-54 to reject Democratic senator Charles Schumer’s amendment.

Schumer wanted the Federal Aviation Administration to introduce minimum seat sizes and distances between airline seats, due to shrinking sizes and disparities between different airlines. Schumer blamed airline lobbyists for the loss for air passengers.

So the seat sizes are shrinking but the airlines are still going to charge people more… and once the seat is so small only one buttock will fit in it, they’ll just charge you for two seats, plus the extra fee for the one that’s in a window/aisle.

Heck, pretty soon they’ll probably be charging extra for you to stuff yourself into the luggage compartment after you’ve been molested, radiated, and treated like a filthy criminal just to get on the plane in the first place.


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  • dale ruff

    I sought out the airlines which are being attacked for charging more for aisle or window seats. I found this at
    Since last summer, American, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines and United Airlines have increased the percentage of coach seats requiring an extra fee. Some — like those on Delta, JetBlue Airways and United — come with more legroom. Others, including those on American and US Airways, are just as cramped but are window and aisle seats near the front.”

    I have flown all airlines except Jetblue in the past year, and I always reserve an aisle seat…and at no time was I charged more. There are seats with more legroom that cost a bit more…..If these airlines are charging more for aisle and window seats, why was I NOT charged an extra fee.

    This is combned with the claims TSA workers are groping. In dozes of flights , I was “patted down” twice (for not removing everything in my pockets). It was obvious that the TSA workers hated having to pat me down but wanted to keep their jobs. In both cases, the faked patting me down.

    • TSA is a joke but they were nice to me, however, being nice to me while violating my rights doesn’t fly, pun intended. The only reason I even did it was for work.

      • dale ruff

        I agree TSA procedures are a farce. I was (fake) patted down because I had not remembered to take out 2 Tums from my pocket. But the guy who did it just pretended but he had to do that to protect his job.

        It is not the TSA employees, low paid workers, who are violating your rights but the rules they are obliged to follow. Blaming them, calling them perverts, etc is like blaming slaves for slavery.

        I sympathize with them for having such awful and stressful jobs, where people blame them for following the rules they must to get a paycheck.

        I was patted down recently after I forgot to take 2 Tums out of my pocket. I just said Oh, my God…and the TSA guy pretended to pat me down, in an act designed to protect his job while also respecting my dignity.

        I have seen worse. In Germany, they will check your passport 3 times AFTER you have been cleared by security. In Honduras, as you switch planes without leaving security, you will be watched with dagger eyes by a soldier armed with an Uzi and a mean looking dog.

        Since 9/11, 400,000 Americans have died by gun, 150,000 in murders. In the same time, less than 100 have died by terrorism. Maybe we need to focus on the real dangers……………….instead of pretending we are safeguarding the public by making them take off their shoes.

        One more recent reason for a pat down. I had an empty passport case hanging outside around my neck, clearly visible and transparent. Because I had not placed it in the plastic container, it called for a pat down. Which was then faked.

        It’s pretty much a fake…………………………….

  • I just dealt with the TSA security theater and that’s exactly what it is… theater. As far as flights, there is no room at all on flights, my arm and leg was smashed up against the person sitting next to me and they were average-sized, not fat at all. My laptop barely fit under the seat in front of me and it was turned sideways. I see no advantage in any seat, I’d be just as cramped in the middle as I would on the sides. 1st class gets an extra 6″…. woohoo! TOTALLY worth the inflated price! [/sarc]

    • But yet, you still fly?

      • jaguar

        Can’t drive to Europe from America dummy!! Of course he flies!

      • For the sake of my future employment… yes.

        • I walked away from a job offering $1800 a week to stay out of prison, because not flying wasn’t an option.

          • I won’t be flying often and it was absolutely necessary, that’s why I did it.

          • Flying is no more necessary than owning a computer for entertainment purposes, based on my understanding of the meaning of necessity.
            On the other hand, I had an experience this morning that I’ve never had before. A potential trucking employer who I gave a copy of my resume at a job fair last week called to find out if I’d filed an online application. I explained that I hadn’t because I have no personal Internet access and I was working my way though the written applications first. He virtually begged me to get his done ASAP, and I committed to get it done for him on monday (when I can claim it on next weeks’ job search). Since my unemployment insurance income is an earned income and my only source…

          • It is a necessity when you can’t sail or drive to your destination in time.

          • But only if being at your destination in time is necessary, which again, is still lacking your definition.

          • Sooo being pressed for time makes it a necessity, just as I originally typed.. no?

          • Apparently recognizing that we have radically different personal definitions for necessity isn’t one for you. I’m not pressed for time. In fact, I have way more time to kill than I need to obtain what dictionaries define as necessary. You appear to have professional obligations that I eschewed when I had the opportunity to adopt them. My financial necessities consist only of making two applications for employment a week, FAXing unemployment claim forms, and visiting a particular ATM every two weeks. My hourly compensation for these tasks is in triple digits.

          • I don’t have a personal definition, in my case I go with the crowd on that one. i.e., a dictionary.

            I am not currently developed enough thus wouldn’t use my time wisely enough if I had it all to myself at this point but I am learning and getting paid to do it so life isn’t all that bad for me. I do what I love for a living so I am happy. When my investment portfolio reaches a point where I can stop working I will but I will most likely be busier with less time after that happens than I am now.

          • I can’t imagine a dictionary definition of necessity that would include “investment portfolio.”

          • Right, it would most likely only include the definition of necessity and how it should be used and I used it correctly when this exchange started.

          • Lexicographers everywhere are wondering why you want to increase their workloads beyond the obvious necessities.

          • Why? I used the word correctly while you are trying to fit other meanings to it so wouldn’t the offender be you?

          • Since you never cited the definition, what does it matter if you followed it?

    • Gary

      The farcical theatre we witness in airports of JWO occupied countries should make it obvious to everyone that there are no real terrorists – only state backed ones.

      A real terrorist wanting to penetrate the laughable security at even the strictest airport would have a field day.

      Like gun-laws, the only people affected by the silly irradiation and molestation security efforts are the law-abiding. They should just post a few “terrorism-free zone” signs, and save everyone the hassle.

      • lol, great point! It works for guns, so say the liberals, so why can’t it work for terrorism?

  • The air travel nightmare will continue until it is out of the financial reach of enough of the current users to force a downsizing and reorganization of the industry. The TSA will continue to commit assault and battery on air travellers until air travellers stop doing it because of the TSA. I have refused a couple of jobs because they would only allow me to fly, and I knew that would eventually lead me to a federal prison due to physically resisting TSA’s invasive procedures.

  • jaguar

    These airlines already where bragging about the billions they made off of that extra bag charges!!! We should start flooding their phone lines with complaints about this new charges on seats!!! Do it now while this is new!!! Or we will be stuck with it forever !!!!

  • knifemare69

    Airlines have refused to pass on the savings they earned from lower fuel prices to consumers; this garbage is desperation from an industry that knows its days are numbered. Most Americans make less than $30K a year and don’t have much money left over for luxuries like flying.

    It’s about as dumb of a move as the government raising taxes while the labor participation rate is at a 40 year low…