First Sandy Hook Lawsuit Filed: $100 Million: Failure to Provide “Safe School Setting”

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A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of a 6-year old student survivor of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting.

The suit, which is seeking $100 million in damages, alleges that the state of Connecticut and school district failed to provide a “safe school setting” and “an effective student safety emergency response plan and protocol.”

The unidentified client, referred to as Jill Doe, heard “cursing, screaming, and shooting” over the school intercom when the gunman, 20-year-old Adam Lanza, opened fire, according to the claim filed by New Haven-based attorney Irv Pinsky.

“As a consequence, the … child has sustained emotional and psychological trauma and injury, the nature and extent of which are yet to be determined,” the claim said.

Pinsky said he filed a claim on Thursday with state Claims Commissioner J. Paul Vance Jr., whose office must give permission before a lawsuit can be filed against the state.

“We all know its going to happen again,” Pinsky said on Friday. “Society has to take action.”

It’s not clear exactly what safety procedures the plaintiff is arguing should have been in place.

Numerous opinions suggest that security measures at the school were inadequate, which allowed gunman Adam Lanza direct access to school administration offices in the building, as well as classrooms.

Reports indicate that Lanza first entered the principal’s office, at which point principal Dawn Hochsprung turned on the school wide intercom system, likely in an attempt to alert teachers of the situation as it was unfolding. Hochsprung was killed in the attack.

Some teacher’s responded by immediately locking students into classrooms, while others may not have had time to react or were not sure what to do in response to the chaos unfolding live on the school alert system.

A debate has ensued in the aftermath of the shooting about whether the solution to preventing future attacks is to ban assault weapons like those that were supposedly used at Sandy Hook, or whether teachers and school administrators should be authorized to carry firearms on school property.

President Obama and some Congressional members who have weighed in on the conversation have said they will pursue weapons restrictions, but have made no mention of arming school officials.

The school attended by President Obama’s daughters has 11 armed guards, though some vocal anti-gun proponents are against such measures for public schools, claiming that Americans can’t afford to put a police officer in every school.

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  • KLB

    Didn’t their school sign say “Visitors Welcome” on it? I’m not a parent myself but that alone would have made me uncomfortable (and was probably a beacon to the killer).

    Parents should consider whether a place is safe or not before an event takes place, not after. I don’t expect parents to be seers, but “We never imagined it could happen here!” is the most ridiculous excuse and just keeps sounding sillier every time someone utters it. It can happen anywhere.

  • superdave:-)

    Any place run by the government is by definition an unsafe place to be….that includes all public schools. Home Schooling is the best bet.

  • Emily

    And what about the parents whose children were not spared? This lawsuit is a joke. Show some fellow feeling and act accordingly. At least you still have your child!

    • Denise

      Makes me sick the person who filed has a child who survived, look at the children who didn’t. It was horrible. money will not change that !!

  • Michele

    Whether our schools should have armed guards, or it is a gun control issue is a non-issue in this case. This child SURVIVED and the parent(s) are trying to capitalize on this tragedy. Have they no shame! Lawsuits are to be expected by the families that actually lost a loved one, we expect them to seek reconciliation.

  • In the early 1990’s taught little kids to hide in various places in the classroom in case of an emergency; while administrators were telling teachers to keep their classroom doors unlocked; felt like I always knew I was safe in someway by keeping the doors locked but that won’t stop a shooter ever. Just give my own gun…please.

  • nana

    I think this family just want money if any money be given it should be given to the family that lost their children…for as the the intercom kids see fighting unclean words, killing on these things on play stations,xbox,tv, ect, no one know when someone is going to lose it, only God can see every thing at all times man will never be able to stop every single thing, to many crazy people in this world. My heart goes out to all the families in teir lost.

    • ProudMomma

      Uhm, There is NO God. If there was a “So called” God, don`t you think he would of done something. i don`t understand how you people think there is still a god. It`s REAL life. not church life.

      • Jean

        God is real, I’m afraid. Whether “he” is an omnipotent, caring force in the universe is open to debate.

        There is SOME force creating and molding this universe, though… Perhaps we should question, is it sane?

        Even if God is omnipotent, though, “he” doesn’t need to do good. Doesn’t change that “he” is God, just is a handle we as humans use… God would be beyond good and evil, eternal – and thus beyond human minds and morality regardless. Man always makes God in his image, whether Zeus, Odin, or Christ.

        • Ken A

          God stated that man has the right to self defense. Our Government took that right away when they created “Gun Free Zones” (defenseless shooting galleries). The death toll in schools has increased by five times greater than it was prior to that stupid law taking effect according to FBI statistics.

      • Mark

        People like you have rejected God…
        Not to worry though… you WILL believe in the end cause you’ll stand before him.
        Might want to give that a little thought!!!

  • Cymro

    Half of these jack ass commentors don’t get it. It makes no difference who filed the law suit. The fact remains the government failed to keep the children safe. You people need to get your head out of your asses.Superdave has got it right. Get your kids out of these government indoctrination camps.

    • ProudMomma

      Oh please come on you! what is wrong with you?? It is NOT the governments fault. have all you people LOST your minds or something? it was the crazy man who did it. they did not know it was going to happen. it just happened. crap happens all the time that people cant prevent. open your eyes & get your head out of your ass.

      • Jean

        It could have been prevented with more people able to shoot back.
        End of story.

  • Of course the lawsuit will be paid for by taxpayers. The same parents will whine the kids are not being educated and the unions will get the blame. More money robbed from ss and medicare.
    The school is no more liable than a man in the moon. More police state bs.

  • ProudMomma

    You Have Got To Be KIDDING Me, && To Sit There && Say It Isn`t About The Money! Are You CRAZY! You Should Just Be Happy That You Have Your Child. How Many Other Parents Dont? It Was NOT The City Or Schools Fault. It Was A Crazy Piece Of Crap Guy. && For You To Get Money From The State B/c Friends Of Your Child Died. It`s Ridiculous!! Everyone Is Sorry She Has To Go Through it, But Your Really SICK To Think You Are Going To Sue The City For Money, B/c Of A Tragic Accident!! Some People In The World Have LOST Their Mind, && Your ONE OF THEM!!!!! What If Your Child Didnt Make It? Would You Sue Them For That Too; This Is A Pile Of Crap! This Lawsuit Needs To Be Dropped ASAP!!!

  • SKIP

    This is the sort of thing that blacks do, will be surprised if it is a White. BUT! at least now we know what monetary value can be placed on children.

  • Just because Philly has more attornies than a lot of cities does not mean suing is mostly a black idea. Remember more and more people are.being dumped into poverty even if they work. The mexicans only do jobs americans will not do is more bs. The corporations do not want to pay. That is why we have a shortage of truck dri
    vers now.
    Lots sue out of greed. Santoriums wife did not need money just because she gained weight but if yiu have the right connections people feel entitled.
    If parents feel the school is unsafe they have private schools or the new corporate owned charters. Staying home works too.

    • Jean

      Shooting Perps works well as well. Also permanent solution.

      • SKIP

        you, I and others here think alike.

    • SKIP

      Evie: experience and personal observation by me would suggest that the “right connections” to feel entitled is to be black! no offense meant though.

  • …A WakeUp Call For All Parents To Guard/Monitor Their Public/Private Schools…Due Process Of Law Is For “WE THE PEOPLE”…We Don’t Need Permission To Use It…Won’t Cost TaxPayers A Dime When Parents Put In Their Time…