Fireball Over Texas Prompts Worries of Mayan Apocalypse

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A pre-dawn fireball streaked across the Houston, Texas sky this morning and was seen as far north as Dallas, over 200 miles away. It was so bright that the unidentified flying object was spotted by NASA’s meteor camera some 500 miles west of Houston in Mayhill, NM.

Concerned residents contacted local news stations to report what has been described as a “huge shooting star-like object.” Local radio broadcasts immediately began receiving calls, many from people who were driving to work, with some asking whether the fireball in the sky could be a sign that the fabled Mayan Prophecy has begun.

The Maya were a mesoamerican civilization that are believed to have been one of the most advanced peoples to live in the Americas, having developed language, mathematics and astronomical systems.

The prophecy refers to December 21, 2012, which is believed by some to be the date the world will end – Doomsday.

Though disputed by most mainstream science, some historians and mathematicians have concluded that the date, calculated from the Mayan Calendar, will lead to massive changes on earth that may include floods, earthquakes, and solar events. The scenario was popularized in the Hollywood blockbuster 2012.

Despite some panic, NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston insisted that this was not a sign of the coming destruction of the planet, but rather, just a rogue asteroid originating from the asteroid belt between the planets Mars and Jupiter (which incidentally is theorized to have been created when a large planet-size object met its Doomsday).

“It is a meteor, most likely a fragment from the asteroid belt and not associated with the Geminid meteor shower,” said NASA spokesman Bill Cooke.

Civilian reports:

NASA Camera captures fireball burst:

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  • Nexus789

    December 21st and the end of the Earth is idiotic and one for the dedicated wing nuts. The Mayan civilization could not predict its own demise – great track record. All that happens is the Mayan calendar ends but the Mayans are not around to reset the next cycle.

    Sure the Earth will finally end. Probably many billions of years in the future when the Sun expands and vaporises all the inner planets.

    As for mankind our end will probably be an anti climax. Perhaps a decline and collapse over many decades rather than sudden end. When mankind ends religion ends also.

    Irrespective of what happens to mankind the planet will continue and wipe the evidence of our existence from the face of the planet – will take about 200m years.

    • Stef


  • Not really, a solar storm or volcano can wipe out lots quickly. A pandemic also. But the elite want to cherry pick.

    • Coyote

      Remember, the prediction is not the ending of life on the planet, the prediction is the end of the world.

      The end of life will come way before the end of the world. Let’s face it between Solar Flares, Super Volcano’s, Epedemic’s,man made EMP’s, Asteroids etc, etc, it will happen someday.

      But it won’t come on 12/21/12.

  • Lowtolerance

    Meanwhile, those of us who are not mentally challenged were sitting on the porch with coffee and said “awesome meteor.”

    • stock


  • Anonymous

    Haarp..just tweeking project blue beam lol

  • Locus

    December 21 will be a day like any other.

    Now THAT should REALLY scare you.

  • ZombieDawg

    7 replies and not one “It’s God’s will” or fulfilment of religious prophecy style comment?
    Perhaps they’re all hiding…

    P.S. If someone finds my radio-controlled plane that caght on fire and flew off into the distance,let me know.LOLL….

  • Wooohoo

    We are all going to die !….again

  • Rick

    Just imagine how great the accomplishments in our country would have in the near future if people were actually allowed to think for themselves instead of believing that they are thinking for themselves.

    There is no Mayan “end of the world” prophesy.

    However, the mayan calender concepts of time consists of several cycles. The cycles that are described in the Mayan Calender are phenomenal in fact as the calendar cycles are earth setting and in lock step correlation to the earth magnetic field changes we’re experiencing today with regard to the pole shifts. Moreover, Mayan Priest believe that it will be a time of awakening (i.e. a changing of human behavior and enlightened age).

    However, the followers (i.e. sheeple will remain asleep). Sheesh! for all good intent and purposes, please let that happen. Stubborn ignorance should remain asleep for the good of mankind and peace in humanity.

  • Will there be an “end of the world tax” will EBT cards still work the day after the end of the world? If not, wouldn’t that have a “disparate” effect on blacks? Who would they sue after the end of the world? Who would take care of the blacks, illegal aliens and muslims after the end of the world? Because BELIEVE THIS! like cockroaches in a dirty home, there will be EBT blacks and ILLEGAL ALIENS after the end of the world and they simply cannot take care of themselves.

  • I believe the fireball may have been the last vestige of the Constitution being burned by congress, senate, potus and the scotus since none of them have any further use for it.

  • Rick

    Wow Skip, you are as mis-informed as you are crude in your use of language. The stronger the language, the weaker the argument. If it were only my decision, I would say that you are not white, or, if you are, you’re CIA a troll.

    • SKIP

      None of the above Rick, just awake and been in all the big cities of Americastan and many of them in other parts of the world. All of the big cities have the same problems, blacks and muslims most being in those respective cities ILLEGALLY! Now, why do you think I am misinformed? Pay attention to how things play out before the end of next year.

  • chris martel

    Still gotta pay the bills on the 22nd!! Now that’s going to be funny to see how many people stopped paying their bills counting on the end of the world!!