Ferguson Protesters Looted a Freaking Dollar Store

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The short video below reveals yet another scene of looting out of Ferguson, Missouri following the Darren Wilson grand jury decision.

While these scenes have become pretty common over the last 48 hours, this particular one is a tad bit different. A tad…special.


It’s…a Dollar Tree. That’s right, they looted a Dollar Tree store.

For those who aren’t aware, Dollar Tree is a store where every single item in the store (barring clearance sales) is only one dollar.

Not that anyone at The Daily Sheeple condones any of the ridiculous spectacle coming out of Ferguson, but hypothetically if you were going to loot somewhere… Would you really choose a dollar store?

Also, what does stealing armfuls of cheap Chinese slave-made goods worth a dollar have to do with Darren Wilson, Michael Brown, or the encroaching American police state?



It’s pretty clear we’re beyond politics and civil rights issues once people start looting dollar stores, but pro tip: if you want the nation to take your opinion seriously, looting a dollar store probably isn’t the best way to go about it.

Edit: Protesting a police state with too much power by looting dollar stores is only going to give the police state being protested more power. In fact, specifically looting a dollar store of all places will only show the system how desperately more police power is “needed” (read: justified) because they will interpret this as more proof of America’s “war zone” and that no place is safe, not even a dollar store.

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Contributed by Melissa Dykes of The Daily Sheeple.

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  • horse777res

    And they want to be taken serious? Nothing but thugs!

    • Charles Martel

      Well they have been looting since august there might not be any high value items left in walking distance to the section 8.

  • SRVES339

    And in other news… Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson executed Michael Brown (an unarmed black male teenager… shocked I tell you) in the middle of the street at high noon by pumping at least 8 shots in him. And the star witness for the defence (#10, the one the SL DA used to justify the killing) said he was 100 yards away in his intial police interview… but it was “only” 50 yards away when he testified. What was that McCulloch said about unreliable witnesses who change their story… oh sorry, just those that do not support officer Wilson’s story, you know, the one that changed more than any of the others.

    But by all means, lets focus the news on the violence by protesters… cause nothing gets the smug, holier than thou, white crowd going like watching poor blacks fight back for the right for thier sons to walk the streets without being murdered by white cops… with impunity!

    Of course >3,000,000 guns in the streets have nothing at all to do with the violence in America… head, this is sand!

    • Melissa Melton

      Yes. We live in a terrible police state where cops gun down people every day regardless of race, color, religion, age, disability…been that way for decades, getting worse day by day. But hey, looting a dollar store, that will definitely help change things and not make the police state they are supposedly protesting BIGGER and MORE POWERFUL in the end.

      • Did you ever consider that the media has pressed this whole Michael Brown thing with the motive of diminishingour protests of this nation becoming a police state. How could that be? After all it is policeman shooting a citizen. True, but, instead of finding a police shooting of an innocent victim, the media has focused all their attention on the police shooting an obviously bad person. This is designed to put our sympathies with the policeman. The net effect is to prejudice the public in future shootings to reflexively think that the victim deserved it. By putting a racial spin where it wasn’t really an important factor in the event, the media assured that the blacks would take the bait and riot. This let the media put a spotlight on the victim’s actions and character, leading the public to believe he (Brown) deserved it. Perfect racial polarization with the benefit of reinforcing the concept that police violence is normal and acceptable.

    • deb371

      But he did not have a gun so how is that relevant?

      • Charles Martel

        He did on his facebook page, making gang signs with money in his mouth. The way he pummeled the little Asian liquor store clerk disproved the Gentle narrative.

    • Charles Martel

      No one with 1/2 a mind can watch the full liquor store robbery video and believe the leftist narrative on Skittles2. The “hands up” witnesses participated in the liquor store robbery, and Gentle Mike knocked down a little Asian clerk, then walked away, turned around & charged the Asian clerk after. One of the “hands up” witnesses lost their gold bracelet seen in the video right next to the cop car so they either helped fight or threw their hands up so fast the bracelet flew through the air.

  • fatwillie

    You have to start somewhere today a dollar store, and with confidence who knows maybe a bank next or federal reserve bank, or armored car or who knows just kidding lol can’t imagine if I were to loot, and I wouldn’t the last place I would loot would be a dump and then 2nd to last dollar store.

    • deb371

      Hey, they are part of the NY Stock Exchange…

  • Brian

    There’s food, lightbulbs, FOOD, household cleaning supplies, FOOD in a Dollar Tree store. I’m not a looter, but I would love to win a 10 minute free shopping spree in one of those stores, why not.

  • Mick McNulty

    Though Ferguson isn’t a collapsed economy situation, in a collapse the businesses which generate the most money are likely the ones of least use. Mobile phones and computers don’t last long after blackout, a designer suit won’t keep you warm like an old woolly, and a fitted kitchen with no gas is no match for a cheap camping stove. The most useful goods will come from cheap stores which looters will soon to target. The rest is nice to own but in a survival situation most is pap.

    • Charles Martel

      I am pretty sure the suit stores are as safe as the book stores in Ferguson.

  • James

    Just following the police advice there. They told them to stock up on food water and goods as they would not be responding again as normal. And the ATM is down there.

  • Gregory Waits

    CMB seems to know everything about this case. I guess he was on the scene and witnessed everything.