FEMA Seeking Contractors Who Can Supply Biohazard Disposal Facilities, Tarps and Housing Units With 24-48 Hours Notice

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FEMA is seeking contractors who can supply medical biohazard disposal capabilities and 40 yard dumpsters to 1,000 tent hospitals across the United States; all required on 24-48 hour notice. Issued on January 10th, you can see the request here.

The request comes on the heels of other requests that the medical supply industry has received recently.

A request for 31,000,000 doses of pediatric flu vaccine from the CDC Solicitation notice can be seen here.

FEMA also put out solicitation requests for: 100,000 each of  winter shirts and pants and the same for summer. Interestingly only 10% of the items are to be in childrens sizes.

From Tarps to manufactured pre-fabricated housing units, the requests for goods and services is a long one. Most of the requests and solicitations have an indefinite delivery date and an indefinite number of items to be supplied, such as this one for beverages. Scroll down to the revised draft solicitation at the bottom of the page for the specific requirements of the request.

So what is FEMA preparing for?

Tent hospitals were the only way the United States coped with the 1918-1920 pandemic as hospitals and medical centers were rapidly overwhelmed with the sick and the dying.

Almost every week we are confronted by a new flu strain, or an emerging disease that could, in the right circumstances, threaten our way of life.

Whatever it is they’re preparing for, those items that do have numbers attached to them indicate they are not ordering enough stuff to ensure the survival of the bulk of the population.

The only way we are going to get through the trials and hardships that are coming our way is by being prepared. The government has proved time and time again they cannot deal with even a regional major incident effectively let alone a nationwide emergency. You only have to look at the aftermath of Katrina and Sandy to see that these people cannot protect you, they don’t have the organizational skills to do so. Just getting water to hurricane survivors was beyond them. They cited ‘logistical’ issues and bad weather.

So, if a national disaster happens on a nice sunny day when there are enough truck drivers to move stuff around we could possibly expect them to perform better. That’s comforting.

I prefer to take action on my own behalf and leave FEMA to ‘assist’ those who never had the foresight to prepare.

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  • David B

    24-48 hours?! China can’t get them here that fast!

  • Andy Fife

    Just dial up AMAZON.COM and order it, just have to wait for shipping from China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea, Mexico, Indonesia, well: ALL THOSE NAFTA types . That’ll rev up the Baltic Index too.
    Anybody in America NOT on some type of welfare due to CONgressional actions of the recent past? Those sellouts to the IMF orchestrated all this. WHY DO YOU VOTE THESE PUKES IN????

  • Greg Burton

    FEMA isn’t preparing for a flu virus or a pandemic like the one the that ravaged and overwhelmed the United States in the 1918-1920 period. It is for the public’s reaction in the wake of the US government finally admitting the massive public health issues related to the Fukushima (HAARP/Stuxnet) radioactive plume now hitting the west coast of the United States, which will lead to a massive upsurge in cancer related deaths, premature births and deformed babies.

    Once mother started delivering preemies and deformed babies, it’s going to hard for the government to keep a lid on the scope of this disaster, despite having known about this planned eventuality since March of 2011.

    So, instead of acting proactively from the beginning, responding to Fukushima as the potential planetary depopulation bomb that it is, was intended to be, moving heaven and earth to enable the Japanese to cap Fukushima (remove Israeli and Japanese Yakuza from involvement), save themselves and the world, the US government and the MSM have kept information about Fukushima to a minimum and will used the issue as a pretext for a major media campaign of “shock and awe”, martial law and forced migration away from “contamination areas” to FEMA relocation centers and these tent hospitals.

    The lack of response and media black out is is all consistent with the occult elite goal of global depopulation and subordinating what is left of the constitutional republic of the Untied States into their “communo-fascist totalitarian” system they call the New World Order.

    • Ranger_Ric

      Look at the bright side, CA, WA and OR will be hit hard and the only ones hit without warning. Next to The Big One happening to exterminate the massive numbers of illegal alien animals and liberals in that region, I can’t think of a better way to get rid of them!

      • Err Amerika

        You are a conservative pig. Wrong on absolutely everything, but it has no impact on your ignorance or ideology. I live on the west coast, and it is you and your ilk who are the animals. Your Gawd will fry you in hell, since you don’t know.

        • JustRewards

          At least believing in God tempers the tongue and makes people more charitable than non-believers.

          • Err Amerika

            The guy I replied to was celebrating the extermination of our west coast. Doesn’t sound like God tempered his tongue, and it doesn’t appear to me you even read his post. Take a break and put down your bible for a moment.

        • Ranger_Ric

          I don’t know if there is a hell to fry in and to be honest, I don’t care what God would do with your soul once I free it from your body.

          A civil war is coming lib scum, you and “your ilk” will see no mercy.

          • Err Amerika

            I’m ready when you are, big boy. Let me know when you can get off Brokeback Mountain and come visit me.

          • guest

            You guys are hysterical, but “task at hand” and all that…

  • elle pavlova

    Do they consider whole bodies biomedical waste ? Those are rather large dumpsters. Virus ? Cancer ? Political purge ? Some event that causes people to be in a zombie like stupor ( electronic frequency pulse) ? Army “trains how they fight”…interesting the drills using zombie actors…

    Worst part is historical precedence regarding governments purging their own people ( Mao..Cambodia…Hitler etc…). Hopefully people have learned from history so that no such tragedies ever repeat themselves.

    • S.Lynn

      They don’t teach history in schools anymore.

  • Erin Tarn

    This is gonna sound very shill-y, but has anyone ever pondered that an emergency response agency might want to have supplies on hand for real disasters?

  • OsamabinBush

    They are getting ready for aftermath of fracking.

  • Raymond Irrer

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    • Andy Fife

      stuff your corporate ads

  • Andy Fife

    IT’s great to be alive for the end of days. Awesome.

  • Zakath

    It seems that the concept of “just-in-time” inventory just gets more ridiculous. FEMA has been trying it for years and it still doesn’t work any better now than it did in the late 70’s when FEMA was created.
    The organization has been pilloried (rightfully so) for being unprepared for a number of major regional disasters (including Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina). I think they’re merely trying to cover their collective posteriors when the next disaster strikes… and there’s ALWAYS a next disaster.

  • Margie

    Are they getting prepared for all the disease coming across the open borders now?