FEMA Camps? ‘Warming Centers’ to Open On East Coast

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NEW YORK CITY — As many as 40,000 residents of the city are left with no shelter or power as a winter cold front moves in with the potential for snow.

It has been reported that the elderly, women, and children have been left to freeze out by the government as the crisis could worsen.

Heat is a major concern amongst the people. Fuel shortages have also plagued the city in what has been described by some as a “Gas-Pocalypse”.

Residents fortunate enough to have back-up generators are running low on fuel as their free government allotment has dissipated. National Guardsmen and law enforcement officials continue to work around the clock to handle the increased workload left in aftermath of the storm.

Officials have announced that some “warming shelters” (a prelude to FEMA camps?) will be opening in various parts of the city while the White House sanctioned 12 million more gallons of gas to be shipped to parts of New York and New Jersey’s National Guard armories.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has warned that there is a “massive, massive housing problem” and has mentioned relocation of the displaced population.But where would such a population be sent?

FEMA Camps

By now you may have heard of the many FEMA camps located throughout the United States which will serve as holding centers for US citizens during times of disaster or civil unrest.

The camps are no conspiracy theory and they happen to be popping up at a rapid rate in the Continental United States (CONUS). In fact, Infowars recently reported on a new detention hub located at the Los Angeles Airport (LAX).

But what about the fact that every stadium is a FEMA camp hiding in plain sight, awaiting their grim use one day in the near future? (Think New Orleans Super Dome)

The roots of this diabolic agenda trace back to the Reagan/Oliver north era and theREX84 Program.

However, modern-day Congress is still approving these camps under the guise of terror provisions set forth by the staged attacks of 9/11 and USA PATRIOT Act which was signed into law by Bush in 2001 but created years before to be implemented after the Oklahoma City Bombing, which, to this day, has been covered up by corrupt FBI and Southern Poverty Law Center operatives.

 Katrina – New Orleans Super Dome

FEMA Camps are and have been a reality for sometime. Take hurricane Katrina for example, makeshift camps were made out of sports stadiums.

After Sandy, FEMA has been reported to be nearly nonexistent in most cases, leaving people hopeless in times of disaster.

However, chances are they will come through with a few camp facilities as they have already been logging victims into the system with mobile FEMA vans.

In fact, RFID tracking measures have already been implemented in New Jersey.

Aaron Dykes reporting for infowars.com wrote;

Presciently, the State of New Jersey announced a 5-year contract for RFID tracking technology used to assist in evacuation by identifying and monitoring the location of evacuees and emergency assets during hurricanes or other disasters just four days before Hurricane Sandy began to form.

press release was published October 18, 2012 announcing that Radiant RFID, based in Austin, Texas, would provide the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness (OHSP) with the RFID technology it has already used during disasters in Texas and other locales, as during 2008′s Hurricane Gustav.

From the press release:

Radiant RFID will provide the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness (OHSP) with an RFID-based managed evacuation solution that tracks evacuees, pets, emergency transport vehicles and commodities deployed at state shelters in preparation for and in the event of a hurricane, natural disaster or other incident to assist in reunification of families.

Will New York Sports Facilities be set up as makeshift camps, or will the displaced evacuees be bussed out and relocated?


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  • MIchael Scott

    I was just talking to my wife about this. She is awake to things but does not like to talk about them. I asked her where they would put all the displaced people and she looked at me kind of funny like and said maybe all the FEMA camps thay have been building. See the spouses do listen.

  • Camps? What happened to all of the foreclosed homes?


      Those homes are owned by the Chinese Govt. Americans are not aloud to use them anymore. Why let the needy use them when they would rather resell them for less than they would have gotten if they just rewrote the mortgage payments?!?!?!

  • ButterknifeBrigade

    Consider hockey rinks, look at them closely, do the have architectual profiles that suggest smokestacks on top of them ? They might. where to store bodies in a “mass casualty” event ? A hockey rink where the bodies can be stored temporarily until cremation perhaps? No mass graves to contend with, lower risk of disease,a place to preserve corpses until proper identification can be made.

    • SKIP

      If the gubmint gets to the bodies early enough, they could be forced to simply walk into the furnaces unaided. ODDLY, referring to furnaces, it is just so odd that the Jews in America support a muslim loving president and his regime KNOWING what the muslims have planned for Jews makes the NAZI plans look like party favors.