Feel Safer Now, America? The TSA Just Confiscated a CNN Journalist’s Pimento Cheese

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It’s hard to believe people still fly in this country… still consent to putting up with this crap.

The TSA just confiscated CNN journalist Campbell Brown’s pimento cheese.

Because if the TSA is anything, it is tireless in protecting America from a paste made of cheese, pimentos, and mayonnaise… the real terror. What’s worse is, we live in a climate in America where you can’t even be sure these people are joking.

This one probably wasn’t.

Or this one.

In fact, that’s the first thought I had when I saw the Tweet. Somewhere in the back, a bunch of TSA agents were chowing down on Pimento cheese like little mafia goblins.

It really is like they gave a bunch of adults with the mindset of 12-year-old schoolyard bullies who have no common sense whatsoever a costume and a little authority and just set them free to be horrible jerks to innocent Americans in airports across the country.

Don’t you feel safer from the dreaded terrorists pimento cheese, America?

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  • BostonLiberty

    Too bad only 3 airports in the country run their employees through metal detectors or security screening on their way into work every day. And all of the hijab wearing muslims have ‘passed’ security and been ‘thoroughly vetted’ so don’t worry, they won’t be the ones blowing up the next airport.

    • Occams

      They make good patsies, and Amerikuns are now trained to hate Muslims, so there’s many benefits here for governments running False Flags and phony wars to gain from.

    • Why would they blow up an airport when they have never done so, provably, yet? Since when are muslim women allowed to work in airports?

    • Razedbywolvs

      There not the only ones ‘thoroughly vetted’.

    • Angelo Caiazzo

      Exactly. That’s how you get things on a plane, just give the food guy or a cleaner 100 bucks. That’s how the originial infamous “boxcutters” got there.

  • SimonSays

    TSA are rapist murderess child molester’s terrorist!

  • He should make sure to deduct it as a business lunch, or a bribe, as appropriate.

  • mike1458

    He’s packing a pimento. From Better Call Saul.

  • desertspeaks

    IF you people would stop flying until the TSA is removed, the airlines would force the government to yank them out within two to three weeks!
    BUT you won’t do that because it’s too hard and we’d rather bow and scrape and get molested and irradiated at the airport.. MORONS!

    • Zaphod Braden

      LAND of the BRAVE ….. MANLY MEN.

    • Frank

      The best kinds of protests are economic. If people would stop flying, and make it known in no uncertain terms that the TSA is the reason, the drop in airline revenue would force major changes almost overnight. Unfortunately, one of those changes is that the airlines will cry to Uncle Scam who will then proceed to bail them out, a la Wall Street. Either way, we pay.

      • Elizabethtwilliams3

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    • PJ London

      No, the purpose of 911 and the TSA and the police goons, is to get people to stay home and NOT fly or move around.
      You don’t let sheep wander around the farm as they like. You put them in little fields and control how and where and when they move.
      The airlines did not make money, they do not make money and if they stopped tomorrow TPTB would not care one tiny little bit.
      Real people have private jets and Air Force One to move about in.
      Internal Border checkpoints 100 miles from the border.
      VIPR on every station.
      Better to stay home and watch the box. OH look Trump is on.
      Soon you will be required to produce your papers comrade and only allowed to move around on the road or air with their permission and a passport to move from one town to another.
      For your safety of course.

      Stay home or the terrorists will win.

      • desertspeaks

        this isn’t about terrorists or terrorism.. you clearly have your agenda! I’m talking financial warfare! The airline stocks would tank, they would hemorrhage money IF EVERYONE stopped flying in protest!

        • PJ London

          I do not have an agenda, I am merely paying attention.
          Of the top S&P 500 , 3 are airlines. (there are as many Gyms) Of those 3 most of the profit comes from freight not from passenger. The vast majority of passenger services lose money. That is why they were “National” airlines subsidised by taxpayers. Taxpayers still subsidise by paying for airports and infrastructure.
          If the Airlines cancelled all passenger services and had only freight (like UPS and DHS etc) then they would be far more profitable.
          Money does talk, and the airlines are saying “we don’t want passengers” we want freight. The takeovers and mergers are building up. Virgin selling off “Virgin America” losing too much money, not worth the investment.
          Passenger numbers are flat or down except in places like Belarus and Mongolia.
          Airlines were a “glamour” industry. I am a pilot, Wow. I am an Air stewardess. Wow. Now those professions are considered the same as bus driver and waitress.
          If you were to invest, as Buffet, for 10 – 20 year holding how many airline stocks would you hold?
          Money talks as you say, and it is saying Walk away, no profits here.

  • Stewpedaso

    Have you ever tasted Pimento? Shits horrible

  • Zaphod Braden

    POISON it ….. the TSA often EATS what they “voluntarily abandon confiscate” ….. if it is full of, say, MAALOX …… might be very funny
    If I was really rotten I would deliberately take things I knew ………….

  • Zaphod Braden

    DOMESTIC TERRORISTS are trashing the political process all over America and the borders are wide open so NARCOTERRORISTS operate at will and MIGHT be smuggling SURFACE to AIR missiles across the border …………. and these TWITS are worried about CHEESE SPRED.
    As they PAD their overtime pay, and steal from the “confiscated” bins.

  • RadPrepper

    Ah yes, the almighty TSA! This and countless other reasons is why my family and I do not fly. Besides, I have no desire to leave the country. Been there, done that and I like America better.

    • PJ London

      Where the Heck did you go to? Haiti?

      • RadPrepper

        HA! Close…Iraq.

  • tomw

    As long as they didn’t touch the snowflakes arm.

  • Angelo Caiazzo

    These uniformed monkeys, and their equipment often paid for by the People, have yet to apprehend one airline hijacker or even prospective terrorist. Their existence as a deterrent is countered by their overall incompetence and slow, slow, SLOW speed of working. You could fire all but one of them, put a decent scanner for everyone to go through (clothed, with shoes), and the process would for most be like walking through a door. Think self checkout at the grocery. Instead, we get slow, slow, SLOW incompetence, astronomical delays, and ridiculous strip-downs entirely unnecessary given modern technology. And for it all, we pay in higher ticket prices. Makes me not want to fly anywhere anymore.