Feds Identify 300,000 Americans as Terrorists

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Do you hate paying taxes? Are you fighting foreclosure? Do you feel like no one should be allowed to commit violence against you and don’t always blindly follow the commands of the authorities? Do you film encounters with police or believe gold makes better currency than Federal Reserve Notes? Well you might be part of a domestic terrorism movement and not even know it.

On Friday, the Los Angeles Times posted an article attempting to define a domestic terrorist movement consisting of as many as 300,000 Americans. Some are even labeled as non-violent “paper terrorists”.

Is there a more Orwellian term than “non-violent terrorist”?  If you can think of one please share it in the comments below.

They refer to this so-called terror group as “sovereigns, zealots who refuse to recognize government authority in virtually any form.”

When attempting to further define and identify individuals in this movement, some very broad and dangerous stereotypes appear.

“Sovereigns believe U.S. currency has no value but recognize precious metals as valid currency,” wrote the LA Times, much like the US Constitution does.

“A central tenet of the sovereigns movement is that its adherents believe they owe no income taxes,” also much like the Constitution forbids.

What’s more, federal and state law enforcement are being trained that anyone who disobeys their commands falls into this terrorist movement and may pose a violent threat to them.

“Sovereign citizens are more likely not to obey their commands and more likely to commit violence during a traffic stop,” said Detective Rob Finch who’s made a cottage industry of anti-sovereigns police training.

“They refuse to recognize your authority, and that creates a dangerous situation,” Finch emphasized.

The LA Times piece points to a handful of colorful examples of people who defended themselves against police aggression, or who were plain crazy, as to why the movement should be considered violent.

But they don’t stop there. The FBI has even invented a new form of terrorism committed by nonviolent sovereigns called “paper terrorism”.

Even nonviolent sovereigns can cause headaches through what Finch calls “paper terrorism.” Some squat in foreclosed homes and file phony deeds claiming ownership, “paying” with photos of silver dollars.

Who knew fighting foreclosure was a form of terrorism? Paying taxes and mortgages with hand-written notes and photos is just funny, not really a threat to anyone.

However, self-described “sovereign citizen” James Turner faces “a potential maximum prison term of 164 years, a maximum potential fine of $2,350,000, and mandatory restitution” to the state for the nonviolent act of paper terrorism.

A blog for law officers, PoliceOne.com, also tries to help cops identify sovereign citizens, saying they’ll “likely to be argumentative with police authorities…may attempt to videotape your encounter…may refuse to give you their name or documents…”

To his credit, the article’s author states that the “Sovereign Citizen movement is not an organized civil or criminal enterprise. It’s a fractured series of loosely affiliated individuals who adhere to anti-government ideologies.”

It should be noted that the Feds and local law enforcement all received these characteristics and tactics from one original source: The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The SPLC has been on a publicly-funded partisan crusade to demonize so-called rightwing or patriotic extremists.

In 2010, SPLC put together a short documentary about “sovereign citizens” and the threat they supposedly pose. To help identify potential sovereigns, they warn about certain bumper stickers and challenges to authority in a professionally produced propaganda video.

Significantly, the video below has three times as many down-votes on YouTube as up-votes.  Watch it below:

Many believe that SPLC gets paid to make mountains out of mole hills to keep the terror-industrial complex thriving. After all, when are bumper stickers and paperwork a threat to anyone? And only an extreme minority react defensively when they are threatened by men in costumes they don’t worship as authority.

What’s confusing is that either those who would try to lump people with these characteristics into a collective group are either operating out of ignorance or with an agenda, or a little of both. The adjective “sovereign” when referring to a citizen or a state is defined as “enjoying autonomy, or independence”.

The most extreme sovereigns would certainly not adhere to the authority of any collective that aims to define them as a group. And just because one person who adopts this philosophy ends up shooting a cop, doesn’t mean all people who hate taxes or fight foreclosure are violent threats. To think otherwise smacks of a demonization agenda, nothing more.

The few examples of “terrorists” who committed violence are used as examples in every single article about Sovereign Citizens clearly aiming to smear the entire ideology as inherently violent. Yet, in every case, who initiated force against whom?

Some may argue that if an armed stranger forced you to pull over your car, or demanded entry into your home at the threat of shooting you or putting you in a cage, it could be considered an act of aggression or violence against you as a free and sovereign human no matter what assumed authority the aggressors think they possess. Strip away labels and you are defined by your actions.  What does that say about actions of the cops or the feds?

Is that really too complicated to add to these articles? The problem with doing that of course is that too many people may then sympathize with these people and the label of terrorist may not stick very well. In fact, it may expose the entire war on terror as a complete fraud, looking under cracks for perceived threats against people who just want to be left alone.

It’s unclear where the Feds came up with number 300,000 for potential terrorists wrapped in this label, but the number may not even be half of it.  Now, anyone who protests the government can be considered anti-government which is also now considered domestic terrorism. And, apparently, everyone fighting the banks in foreclosure with creative paperwork are also terrorists.

This begs the question, who isn’t a terrorist?

If the fraudulent banks and the guys with the badges, guns, armored vehicles, drones, surveillance equipment, and torture cages are the good guys in this plot, while foreclosure victims and advocates of individual liberty are terrorists, our society is in very big trouble.

1984 is here.

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    • RickE.

      @Buddy, good question! The answer, a person who isn’t a terrorist is a person that worships Obama bin laden, worships government goons of all kinds, loves gay marriage, believes that cops do serve and protect, hates guns, and believes that gun free zones will stop crime.

      • Bill Smithingell

        What,exactly, does gay marriage have to do with any of that? You think people should leave you alone to your own affairs, but still feel the need to stick your nose in others affairs that have zero affect on you? You are a hypocrite and complete moron. People like you are a big part of the problems in this country. While I believe the federal government has no say in the gay marriage debate (or marriage at all, since it is outside of the limited powers granted to the federal government), I also believe everyone should be free to live their lives as they see fit, as long as their choices do not affect others. Who one decides to spend thier life with affects nobody but those two individuals who made that choice for themselves.

        • the dude

          Bill Smithingell, it’s not about “who someone wants to spend their life with”. there’s nobody stopping any gays from spending their lives together. This is about benefits and tax breaks plain and simple.

          • Princess

            There is NOTHING stopping the government from passing a law for gays to be united. Many are united by a civil union. My employees can insure their significant other no matter if opposite or same sex. WHY would someone want to bastardize what someone else believes in so that they will feel accepted. Why do liberals in general who call religion a fable, a story, who do not believe in religion ever get married? Marriage is a religious ceremony. Plain and simple. The vows are: Do you take this man, and then do you take this woman. In religion, marriage is between a man and a woman. Easy. The government could pass a law saying that gays can have a Garriage. Come up with whatever made up word you would like and afford them the same government benefits. Who cares? But do not bastardize someone else’s beliefs. The fact is, is this is just another way for them to try to put a wedge between people. Don’t fall for the con.

      • Political Fodder

        I think you overestimate the power of President Obama the current rise of fascism began long before president Obama even went to college. Our presidents have been undermined since the urders of JFK, RFK and MKL. President Eisenhowser warned us about them when he said “Beware the Military Industrial Complex”. I suggest you look at Cheney, Bush, Rumsfedl and Rice. Look at the history of Iran-Contra, SNL scandal, Johnson’s tape from the oval office talking about the treasonous agreement made behind his back in Korea. Austerity moves world wide are once again those who want empire, now instead of a particular country they are corporations led by sociopaths. Obama is just a figure head that they used most especially to rile up the rascist base who are more of their tools.

        • Former Marine

          But none of those people are in seats of power now, are they, And it is hard to be racist against a person who is only 6 black heh heh

      • Anonymous

        Finally some one with common sense!

    • Princess

      now there are 300,001 ; )

  • Baba Bombay Beetle from London

    For years on end post 911, visiting Islamic websites was enough to put you on a no fly list despite the majority of posters asking for advice on for example how to avoid temptation to eat during the Holy Fast of Ramadan.
    Eventually realising most Muslims are no trouble whatsoever the anti tear a wrist (purposely code word to avoid automated flag ups) goon squad will be out of a job unless they think on their feet and act quickly.
    The new ‘terror’ is the people who believe in the American Constitution. Don’t make me laugh.
    Yes I am Muslim but I still loved watching Little House on the Prarie as a child. And I read my History.
    God will continue to bless America only if she continues to obey the painfully obvious direction shared by all who have eyes to see.

    • Jean

      F*ck you for saying we’re doomed.

      (I’m joking, I hope it’s obvious.)

  • I thought a terrorist was a person who acted violently toward others?

    • Jean

      The government never sees theri force as aggression.

      We should always remember that.

    • David Sheridan

      A terrorist is someone who has a bomb but not an air force.
      — Wm Blum

  • RickE.

    Their playbook is to demonize all that do not worship our government and their goon squads.
    It first started out incrementally, now they are full-on forceful about this crap!
    They are dehumanizing we “terrorists” in preparation for the roundup.
    300,000??? NO, more like half of the population!

  • GrandpaSpeaks

    The Homeland Security version of the Gadsden flag says it all. They now have a palette of many colors to paint us with any term that suits their purpose. Freedom and Liberty will soon be found only in history books replaced by corruption and greed championed by apathy. Realize that the Phoenix that arises from the coming ashes will not resemble any Eagle. Ask yourself why the state of the economy and this new world order were not mentioned during the presidential election campaign. Thusly, they have no mandate. Terrorist or useless eater, the polarization is almost complete.

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    and what do we call thugs with badges who go around shooting completely innocent unarmed citizens simply because their vehicle somewhat matches a suspects vehicle?

    If refusing to put up with government stupidity means I am a terrorist, then so be it. If our forefathers were here, they would be shooting already. LOCK AND LOAD.

  • al

    The DHS is an illegal agency with no purpose at all. We already have an army and Local Police. So what role does DHS really have? Other than arrasing civilian with false claims of terrorisrim. They should be disbanded because their existence is unconstitutional.

  • I consider cops and politicians to be domestic terrorists.

  • Apex predator

    anti goverment!?….well lets see…your trying to unarm me,rob me,lie to me,and poison me…anti goverment?….yes that about sums it up for me…

    • MC

      Amen Apex…I say we all work at making that 300K go up significantly!!

      • Jean

        AND make their numbers decline, especially WRT future generations…

      • SKIP

        Not to worry, da gubmint be addin mo of us ever day.

  • yeah…because thinking that gold and silver is worth more than a piece of paper is just TOTALLY INSANE. *facepalm*

  • It is sad when the Americans who have fought and died for the freedoms that Americans have enjoyed for over 230 years are now spinning in their graves while the elitists and their minions known as Bankers and lawyers have infested our government government and perverted the system to derve their NWO agenda. They are communist/socialists and have no respect for the this country or its founding principals or of GOD for that matter. History is repeating itself and the question beckons once again…Are we going to stop this before millions more die an suffer? When are we going to expose these satanic forces of evil for what they truly are? Evil prevails when good men stand by and do nothing…



    • Jean

      Like they did for the last 50 years or so? (Stand around and do nothing.)

      It will ALWAYS be “too soon” to start shooting them.

  • True “sovereign citizen” groups are not remotely the same as Tea Party conservatives. Sovereign citizens believe that the government has no power over them at all and they refuse to pay any government fees or taxes, refuse to register their vehicles, will not have government ID, etc. Small government, constitutional conservatives are a completely different topic. Law enforcement is well aware of the difference, even if the Southern Poverty Law Center (Obama’s shills) are not.

    • Jean

      I’m not so sure… I think the cops are just as subject to the scare-tactic brainwashing, and won’t hesitate with ANY mundanes.

  • Ken

    what a complete line of propaganda- brainwashing- BS!!! since when are patriots the bad guys – The government is not America- they confuse the issue- the Constitution and we the people are the highest law in the land and they are the servants of the people – Not the overlords and its not a crime to be against government criminal corruption- youre not an enemy to youre country if youre a patriot- they are- for NOT being patriots!!

    • Exactly. America is us the people. The government does not rule us as a king or dictator, the true traitors are those in power trying to disarm, rule us who need to be held accountable but are not. We are traitors in their eyes because the true American patriot does not follow their agenda.

  • But buying a cup of coffee with change you scrape up in your car makes you a terrorist?
    Humm, sounds like banks and corporations are fabricating the list.

    • Jean

      Dealing with cash (harder to track) instead of credit….

  • Individual Sovereignty is the fundamental principle that this nation was founded on. That the term “Sovereign” is being used to identify someone as a Terrorist is the most disturbing thing I have seen yet. If you are not sovereign then you are a slave. Fine, if being a free man makes me a terrorist, then put me on the wall and shoot me for all to see! Tell the world my crime is the desire to be Free! I am Guilty!

  • Henry Bowman

    But there’s some lemonade to be made here as well. After all, having the “terrorist” label officially attached to your name is equivalent to being given a free hunting license for tyrants. Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.

  • Anonymous




  • roger

    Janet Fatassitano needs to remember;

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

    her fuggin job

    • AZNana


  • More Orwellian Draconian terms? “Statist,” and “Progressive Liberal.”

  • Robert Fallin

    Yeah, Janet and we have identified the traitors and you are on the list.

  • Michael Nappi

    The real terrorists have already infiltrated our government at the highest level: The Presidency

  • Patriot

    Some colonists refused to recognize authority in 1776. Some Jews refused to recognize authority in WW2 Germany. Some governments refuse to recognize the Sovereign authority of “WE,The People” and impose their illegal/unConstitutional authority by armed force on the World and their own citizens.

  • eggdescrambler

    I guess Gandhi would have been a “non-violent” terrorists from the British’ perspective AND HE WAS RIGHT to be isn’t it! How Orwelian they are getting indeed

  • Realistically I think the number 300,000 is way to low. It’s more like 100 million and growing. Just keep this up and it will be 200 million real soon….

  • Bill Otinger

    I Regret to See Officers Killed, However, RUBY RIDGE Gov Paid 6 million for the Murder of the Boy and Pregeant Woman, Gerry Spence was the Attorney , CAVANAUGH Help MURDER 100 Women an CHILDREN at WACO, I give the M21 Series B-Squad of Delta Force used at WACO, The 4 Agents Killed were Former Body Guards of BILL CLINTON that Were Running thier Mouth about BUSH Sending DRUGS and CASH to Clinton see CIA TATUM CHRONICLES, THE NEW CLINTON CHRONICLES and WACO By Dr TABOR RULES of ENGAGEMENT and WACO a NEW REVELATION by FBI WhiteHurst,
    B-Squad Also Set a SHAPE CHARGE over the Bunker where the Women and Children were Hiding Blowing their LITTLE Bodies into LITTLE PIECES,

    Oklahoma City FBI Furnished the Bombs used at Oklahoma City 2 did not Explode see PATCON, SPLC is Financed by ZIONIST JEWS and JESUITS etc in 1526 AlUMBRADOS ILLUMINATI JeWS help Loyola Start the JESUITS see Jesuit Oath see Protocols Elders of Zion they Match they tell how to Take over the Whole World and set UP COMMUNISM, JeWS still Control JESUITS, see my youtube for more Truth, and my Face Book for more TRUTH, All we need is for One Good SGM or GENERAL to Step Forward and ARREST the TRAITORS and RESTOrE our CONSTITUTION and Money System See How they Stole our Money System with a BRIBED and BLACK-MAILED President Wilson video SECRET OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE , and FIAT EMPIRE we have given them TRILLIONS for only printing our Money,

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  • Scott Tinch

    All this bulls down to the FBI don’t like it when people catch them breaking the laws that are put there to protects us from them like searchinh you’re home without a warrent like they and DHS and other law enforcement has done numerous time which is a felony charge

  • Rick23

    Those badges melted down will be good revenue.

    I’m going to repeat what my friend said, “cool, pest extermination and financeing in all in/with one shot!!!”

  • josh noltensmeier

    anyone else notice that they showed 32 people instead of twelve

  • SKIP

    I believe 300,000 is more than all the active military now.

  • mijj

    terrorist: an individual, spotted from the state watchtower, who may be attempting to escape.

  • Reading the criteria. Wouldnt everyone be on the list? Even politicans did not pay their taxes.

    • Jean

      Do politicians EVER pay taxes?

      • SKIP

        NO! wish I had bigger font for that!

    • SKIP

      Dem tax rules be fuh dem, not fuh us.

  • LOL There is definitely more to people like this than what you are attempting to describe as them being simply non conformists. People who willfully commit fraud, who think that stealing is nothing more than a practical joke, etc- are criminals, not simply non conformists. If someone doesn’t want to go into foreclosure, here’s a thought- pay your mortgage. Look, I have worked with a real estate attorney before fighting foreclosures- and yeah- there are some hairy cases where the homeowner is not at fault (not as common now that robo-signing is illegal) but most foreclosures are because someone’s not paying. Sending a picture of money doesn’t stop foreclosure- hiring a lawyer can stall the process, and sometimes stop it, if the owner is in the right- but sending pictures of money is immature, stupid, and not a defense against foreclosure, lol.. This is also not patriotism. Stealing people houses doesn’t make someone a patriot. All this “anti government anarchist” crap is exactly that- a bunch of idiots who think that being an anarchist is patriotic. It’s so stupid. That’s not to say that we don’t have a fight on our hands- against the banks and companies, especially- but we can fight them easier by NOT USING THEM than we can by sending them pictures of silver dollars. Ridiculous.

    • David Busener

      Yours is the best advice = NOT USING THEM! No one says a person can’t buy a car or house without the bank.

    • sivlia

      I recommend you take extra LOGIC CLASSES. Faulty logic always mixes apples and oranges. But I see where you stand in your belief system. We are one. White collar crime is masked and sheltered by faulty legislate laws’ loopos. MANY are terrorists; sending false allegations of debt by third party collectors is a small example. What do you know about SECURITIES instruments? I bet little. Long lives the queen.

    • Think you missed the point they were making when sending a picture of money.
      Not claiming it was right or wrong but they clearly had a point in ti.

  • Wildstar

    Eh, no. These guys are, in part, a little loony. While they aren’t terrorists by any stretch, they are fundamentally anti-authority, of any stripe. Whether the police checking to see if you have a license- sorry, they are allowed to do so- or paying taxes- sorry, that’s the law- they try and refuse any authority over themselves. That is either stupidity or narcissism. Live in a country, follow its rules, plain and simple. Yes, the original Constitution didn’t have this- but it didn’t have the 14 amendment either, or the 13, or the 18, or 21, or… I can keep going, but that’s enough. It also didn’t have the entirety of the Bill of Rights- those are add-ons. The Constitution was meant to be added on to, plain and simple. It is the law, and everyone who is a citizen here MUST follow the law. That isn’t Orwellian, that is basic common sense. We are not a lawless nation. We are not a everyone-do-whatever-the-hell they want nation. We have freedoms, but we have rules too. The Sovereigns think themselves, well, Sovereign- like the aristocrats of England, above the law. No one is.

    You are trying to argue that laws and rules should not exist. That is anarchy. That is not the Constitution. The feds are going extreme, I’ll agree, but you are going extreme in the other direction. They are not terrorists, but they are pests, and hardly in the right. And yes I feel very sorry for someone foreclosed on, but law states they cannot camp in that house. You cannot swindle the feds to give you money (that’s what the paperwork is for). You cannot just ignore the police or threaten them. Its. Against.The Law. We all agreed on that a long time ago. Don’t like the law, change it legally. Being a rebel will never help anything, and rebels always cause anarchy.


    • Wildstar, I think your comments are spot on. I couldn’t agree more. just do not know how the two extremes have come to:-)seperate

  • wolfman

    America is loseing it’s values

  • Apex predator

    you are wron wildstar..rebels are what built this country,i try to pay very little attention to the world at large..and i ask it doe the same to me,i dont bother anyone and i follow the [rules] as it were..but if i keep getting poked in the chest…eventually im going to kick your ass…get it?

  • Conservative Mark

    Barack Obama is the #1 terrorist of this country today. His economic policies (or lack thereof) will lead to the downfall of this nation unless congress steps up to impeach him soon. HE IS AN UNDOCUMENTED WORKER AND CLOSET MUSLIM!

  • Megan

    The Constitution does not prohibit income tax. See the sixteenth amendment

  • Little Johnny

    You morons! There is nothing “Gay” about homosexuality. When you use that term you are using :THEIR” term and are promoting their agenda. STOP IT! If child molesters wanted to be called “Young Lovers” I bet you wouldn’t do it. Words have meaning and power. Using the SLANG term “GAY” promtes homosexuality. Is that your intention?

  • Sick of the Traitors

    I wonder what he has to say about all of the abusive cops that kills people every day. I bet he will have some nonsense to say about whats going on in NY with the police getting orders to harass law abiding citizens. USA is in big trouble specially because many of these “head” of the governmental agencies are a bunch of illiterate idiots.

  • Noelle

    It is better to be ‘labeled’ a “Paper Terrorist” than a “Useful Idiot” who ‘Enslaved themselves in Welfare’. Sorry, but the whole, I’m not responsible for how I was raised attitude so therefore I’ll continue to behave like a child while demanding assistance and the continued stupidity of people to accept substandard behaviors is RIDICULOUS!! Grow up, take responsibility for yourself and your action. Own it and get over yourselves. You owe it to yourself, no one put you in your position besides YOU!!

  • People cannot pay when they are not working. The mortgage bubble was planned.
    If preditory lending caused collapse, why is it still being legally allowed.
    This does not make a better economy for any one. Remember of course, the taxpayer picks up the tab.

    • Princess

      Predatory lending is another one of their useful words Evie. If you couldn’t figure out that there was no way you could afford that mortgage. If you bought into the interest only loans and take the rest on the back end of your mortgage, If you kept taking the equity in your home out of it to keep up with the Jones. Then you got what you deserved. If you didn’t understand the financing you were getting, you should not have bought the house. I watched my friends, co-workers, many of them do all of the above while i didn’t take vacations, run up credit cards taking the family to dinner at $100/pop 3 times per week, didn’t buy new cars or lease every 2 years, mortgage my house so my kid could go and party at college after never saving a dime toward it themselves or not making them get a job, etc, etc, etc. Most, like I said, most of those people are right where they are suppose to be. I went without so I could afford what I have and I am not about to give it up to them because they didn’t have a brain to use.

  • the government IS a terrorist organization. We are supposed to live in fear of the government or be imprisoned or in the near future… Dispatched.

  • david brown

    3000,000 & 1… PLEASE add my name to the list…. thank you.

  • ok i have a few issues with this “aetical” ones these so called public service officers, first pos·se co·mi·ta·tus [pos-ee kom-i-tah-tuhs, -tey-] Show IPA
    the body of persons that a peace officer of a county is empowered to call upon for assistance in preserving the peace, making arrests, and serving writs.
    a body of persons so called into service., so just because they have a bumper sticker that says posse comitatus dont mean they are part of this so called home grown terrorist, and What is Sovereign Citizenship? Sovereign Citizenship is the status held by our forefathers. George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and everyone else who won their freedom from the British Empire had this status. It was the birthright of all Americans, and we were generous in extending this most important right to foreign-born persons through the naturalization laws. With this status, our unalienable rights of life, liberty, and property couldn’t be infringed. During the Civil War a method was discovered by the leading attorneys, financiers, and politicians of the day to deprive us of this status. Fortunately, we can get it back, it sound like to me that they are trying to demonize all of us that believe in what our founding fathers believes in, links : http://www.civil-liberties.com/pages/art1.html http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/Posse%20comitatus

  • All part of the war on words and the demonization of anyone not willing to submit completely. Anyone who has Libertarian tendencies is automatically labeled a PaulBot and anyone who questions government authority is lumped in with the Sovereign Citizen movement and made out to be radicals as well. The only acceptable form of citizen to this regime are those who are willing to submit to complete totalitarian rule. We must all become heavily involved in local and state politics because if we do not, we may sadly discover that we end up taking our homes back block by block instead of at the ballot box on the city and state levels.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    okc bombing was not the worst terrorist deaths. wounded knee. fed. agents murdered 200 indian women and childern


    We hope the above so called home~grown terrorist list of our various Americans mentalities also includes Texas Governor Rick Perry’s threat to break away his State from our United States if he does not approve of Uncle Sam’s behavior ..

  • Bob Marshall

    The most dangerous individual to our freedom and liberty sits in the White House along with his 40 self appointed czars. Too bad so few understand what Obama meant by Dreams From My Father or how the proposals of Barack Obama Sr. are related to what has taken place in America since Obama first became president. Barack Obama Sr’s paper in 1965 titled (Problems Facing Our Socialism) East African Journal.This has been Obama’s blueprint.

  • Defender of the republic

    We need a deck of cards showing the top 52 terrorists in our government.

  • “The tragedy of the police state is that it always regards all opposition as a crime, and there are no degrees.”
    Robert Vansittart GCB, GCMG, PC, MVO (1881-1957)