Federal Judge Says Public Can Legally Be Kept in the Dark on Dakota Pipeline Spill Risks

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The Dakota pipeline’s parent company, Energy Transfer Partners, has argued in court that the public must be kept in the dark about the Dakota pipeline’s spill risks because it might be “useful to vandals and terrorists” or others “with malicious intent to damage the pipeline”…

…Surely not because a company that’s invested $3.8 billion in the pipeline wants to hide its liability of knowledge before the fact if that pipeline does indeed poison the drinking water of 17 million people as members of Standing Rock Sioux and Cheyenne River Sioux indigenous American tribes claim it could.

But last Friday, U.S. District Judge James Boasberg ruled that the public has no right to know about those potential risks, stating, “the asserted interest in limiting intentionally inflicted harm outweighs the tribes’ generalized interests in public disclosure and scrutiny.”

As Mint Press News reported, the ruling comes despite that fact that pipeline safety experts have repeatedly found the environmental review of the Dakota Access pipeline to have been “seriously deficient.”

Not only that, but North Dakota apparently manages an average of not one or two, but four oil spills every year and has since the mid-90s.

Surely someone will do something to stop this insane potential poisoning of the people and their environment, right? Surely that’s more important that corporate interests, isn’t it? With the drinking water of millions at stake?

“Yeah right, good luck on that” said Flint, Michigan.

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  • jimmy joe

    What a very crooked country/police state in which we live!! Big oil=big govt and everyone that was for this pipeline are also, obviously, for big, corrupt govt. I hate you all!!!

    • Exactly. I am leaving this summer and fucking off to another country. I am done with Amerikkka.

  • Arrow

    “Federal Judge Says Public Can Legally Be Kept in the Dark”
    Not surprising. The so-called judge is merely an administrator that works for the U$ corporation (28 USC 3002 (15)). “Ruling” against the entity that cuts his check would be a conflict of interest. No? The “Public” is a fiction… a concept. No soul, no body – no standing, no interest… but the attorney knew that. He’s in the club.

  • Uncle Sham

    Pipelines are still the safest way to transport oil

    • jimmy joe

      What in the fuck is that supposed to mean??? You know, weed/bud/marijuana is the safest drug on the market? Yet, some very little punk-ass man, that has very little man syndrome, with a whole bunch of power over us Amerikans has some really STUPID idea it ain’t??? You know that, right??? Safety is a moot point partner!! Big govt/ big oil DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE POPULACE, THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT MONEY/POWER AND THEIR FAMILY, NOT YOURS!!!

      • Uncle Sham

        ok. i hope you don’t drive cars. is your keyboard made of plastic? oh so you’re a hypocrite, what a shame

  • Donald Holland

    An Obama appointee…

  • Simple_siloque

    Yep, the reason why it’s “Legal” is because ALL “U.S. Citizens” were declared the “enemy” under the 1933 Emergency Banking Relief Act and the Trading with the Enemy Act. So all people in the U.S. are considered “persons” (aka the 14th amendment federally created citizenship status of “U.S. Citizen”) and persons have NO RIGHTS under the Constitution. The only way to get this to stop is to claim American National status and sue these corporations in Equity courts. Nothing can be done from the military jurisdiction Roman Civil Law courts. “U.S. Citizens” are mere “citizens of Rome” and have no rights other than what is bestowed to them under the Federal, Roman Civil Law. So until y’all start claiming your status, as the American National, the “walking dead” (i.e. Corporations) will continue to rape and pillage b/c there is “no living man” with superior title to stop them.