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Federal Appeals Court Ruling: Obama Appointments Unconstitutional

Ed Thomas
The Daily Sheeple
January 25th, 2013

U.S. President Barack Obama Visits Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

In aĀ unanimous decision, a three Judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals said the President did not have the power to make recess appointments in 2012 to the NLRB (National Relations Board). The decision is an embarrassmentĀ and setbackĀ for Obama.

CBSNews.com reports:

The ruling also throws into question Obama’s recess appointment of Richard Cordray to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Cordray’s appointment, also made under the recess circumstance, has been challenged in a separate case.

The President claims that the appointments were justified because the Senate was away on a 20-day recess.

If the decision stands, it means hundreds of decisions issued by the board over more than a year are invalid. It also would leave the five-member labor board with just one validly appointed member, effectively shutting it down. The board is allowed to issue decisions only when it has at least three sitting members.

via CBSNews.com

Recently the President signed Executive Orders that could re-write the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. ConstitutionĀ to push his agenda on the ban of Ā “military-style” semi-automatic weapons. The actions of Obama during his 1st term and now entering his 2nd term are starting toĀ revealĀ that he is not a President of the people, but more of a man whomĀ believesĀ he has absolute power and that laws and rules do not apply to him.

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  • The Arizona Patriot

    Why should he obey this court ruling?? He does not obey the constitution, the bill of rights, or anything else that places a limit on his power. Obongo is not a king, emperor, or the second coming. He should be thrown out of office and executed, that is what we do with

  • The Arizona Patriot


  • crazycaptain

    What can you say chairman Barak will get his way the repubicans are spineless and the courts will kiss his ass

    • SKIP

      Right you are Crazycaptain.

  • Julie

    Mark Levin talked about this on the radio tonight . He said the chairman of the NLRB reportedly said they would ignore the ruling. It’s pretty much what Salazar did when a judge ruled the permatorium on oil drilling was illegal ! Dirty Basta@ds.

  • Cody

    We have a gay commie negro in the white house telling us to give up our guns.

    Have you had enough yet ?

  • Bobbi

    I’m sure you’re aware that CJ Roberts has agreed to a full hearing on Obama’s eligibility before the Supreme Court. Feb 15th.

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