Fearful College Students Cry and Call for a Safe Space Because Someone Chalked “Trump 2016” on a Sidewalk

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You’re gonna think this came from The Onion, but I assure you it didn’t. This really happened here in America. This is the level we are at.

People are always talking about how they are afraid of terrorism. Or economic collapse. You know what I’m afraid of?

The younger generations of college students who have apparently been socially engineered to be complete and utter pansies who run crying to authorities any time someone disagrees with them and who beg to have everyone stripped of their First Amendment right to free speech because they apparently have the backbones of garden slugs.

These are the young adults of America’s “future”??

Look at this picture from the Emory Wheel, Emory University’s student-run newspaper:


You would think just by glancing at this that someone died.

Nope. This is a student response to someone chalking campus with “fear-inducing” pro-Donald Trump messages like… wait for it… “Trump 2016” on the campus of Emory University.

Check out this harrowing tale… if you dare!

The chalkings that generated such controversy appeared overnight throughout Emory’s campus. College junior Harpreet Singh said that, initially, he did not find the chalkings significant. “I saw one big one, ‘Trump 2016,’ so I thought it was an isolated incident and I didn’t think much of it,” he said. “I thought, ‘Okay, it’s just a guy who wants to write whatever he wants to believe in for his political campaign.’ I was like, ‘Okay, I’m fine with that, to a certain extent.’”

Singh reported having seen multiple chalkings that read “Trump 2016” between Cox Hall Bridge and the Dobbs University Center (DUC). “What I also saw on the steps near Cox [Hall] Bridge was ‘Accept the Inevitable: Trump 2016,’” he said. “That was a bit alarming. What exactly is the inevitable? Why does it have to be accepted?”


“I’m supposed to feel comfortable and safe [here],” one student said. “But this man is being supported by students on our campus and our administration shows that they, by their silence, support it as well … I don’t deserve to feel afraid at my school,” she added.

And also this:

How can you not [disavow Trump] when Trump’s platform and his values undermine Emory’s values that I believe are diversity and inclusivity when they are obviously not [something that Trump supports]” one student said tearfully.


This story, in all actuality, has nothing to do with Trump. Or even politics.

These are adult-aged manchildren and womenchildren who apparently cannot handle it when people have opinions that differ from their own, opinions which fall outside of the sphere of allotted politically correct opinions they have been propagandized and programmed with since their tiny tot days in the brainwashing centers that pass for American public schools these days.

Back to reality, we’re talking about CHALK.

Chalk writing on university sidewalks.

Chalk that disappears with the first hint of rain or eventually just wears off on its own.

Instead of getting their own chalk and writing their own message, or just simply ignoring someone who they disagree with politically, these college students began a protest and ran crying to the university president in fear trying to shut down free speech — a common scene on college campuses these days.

The students demanded that the university to publicly, officially disavow Trump (meaning, they wanted a university to openly take a political stance) and everything Trump stands for. The university would not because universities are not supposed to endorse political ideologies.

Here’s a picture of the meeting about it in the president’s office:


Look at how serious they are, as if sidewalk chalk is a real issue.

The university did respond by changing the campus chalking policy, however. Now if a student wants to write something on the sidewalk at Emory in chalk, they have to reserve the right through an online platform so it can be pre-approved. Way to uphold the First Amendment there, Emory.

In addition, the university is reviewing security footage to attempt to find the dastardly devil who dared to chalk “Trump 2016” on the sidewalk and terrorize these precious little snowflakes.

One wonders what happens to these “adults” once they leave the hallowed safe space that is their campus and they have to deal with the real world where no one cares if they are scared of chalk. A world where someone might — GASP! — put a “Trump 2016” sign in their own front yard, for example? A world where the news media might show pro-Trump rallies in the 2016 election coverage.

Do they fall down on the sidewalk and ball into a fetal position and weep? Drive their cars into a tree?? Do their heads explode like in the movie Scanners???

On a side note, these students are okay with seeing the words “Trump 2016” physically together without bursting into tears and cowering in fear so long as the word “stop” is with them.

Then that’s okay, apparently.


Notice the word “gently” in this paragraph… Better wrap up the meeting gently. Better not hurt these poor darlings by wrapping up the meeting like adults…

(Hat tip: My mom, who sent me this story absolutely horrified at what is happening to this country.)

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  • bosunj

    When chalk is outlawed only outlaws will have chalk.

    • Ray


    • Amerrikasfinest

      OMG look out…..he’s got a really big stick of white chalk in his hand…..call the police to disarm this evil person so I can continue to suck my thumb!

      • Elizabethscoleman3

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      • Major Solutioil.com

        That white chalk is RACIST! Whaa

    • lordpeckerwoodfive

      “I’m supposed to feel comfortable and safe [here],” one student said. ”

      did somebody tell you that, or is that a personal opinion?

      • mokopit

        i don’t think anyone is forcing them to stay there but if all of this type of nonsense continues I think it will be determined that people like that will be herded of nicely to the FEMA camps

    • mokopit

      If it’s white chalk you might be a racist outlaw !

    • Reverend Draco

      Guess I should scroll to the bottom before posting. . . I just posted the same thing not 10 minutes ago. . .

      Well played.

  • Asylumsix

    Chalk full of boring…

  • sunshine ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

    Hahahaha! What a bunch of pussies! Are there any normal people at colleges any longer? How can the normal people refrain from mercilessly mocking these losers?

    • Ingold Inglorion

      This is university. “Normal people” aren’t allowed there anymore. In fact most males aren’t allowed either.

      • Amerrikasfinest

        It seems that only stupid people go to college anymore. The smart ones don’t……. and shouldn’t considering all the leftard crap they are force fed.

        • nimbii

          They surrender their common sense for an education.

          • UnknownRider

            Education is incidental to indoctrination.

          • Education is integral to indoctrination.

    • Helluva3ngineer

      Yeah. There’s one about 7 miles down the road from there that thinks these idiots must be from another planet.

      • Amerrikasfinest

        I live on planet Stupid as there is a college in my town. The inmates (both men and women AND their visiting parents no less) all seem to wear flip flops in winter with their shorts and jaywalk in front of cars just wanting to be run over.

        • nimbii

          Gosh, that’s just like Pullman, WA and Washington State University and OMG Idaho State is just 5 miles west and the same thing there!!!

          • Amerrikasfinest

            What? Idiots who live in flip flops and shorts all year round? Must be contageous!!!! I live in Ohio.

          • nimbii

            Me too.

          • Amerrikasfinest

            Do you live in a nutso college town, too?

          • nimbii

            Yup and there’s another one about 5 miles east in Moscow, (pronounced Moscoe) Idaho.

          • Silvertone

            In Boston, we’re surrounded in every direction with these zombies. I’m really considering moving.

    • Major Solutioil.com

      I could “reuse and recycle” these kids into my garden via my woodchipper. They might make ok fertilizer, other than that they seem like a fairly big waste of organic material. What do you think?

      • Padraigin Eagle

        Done. How much do you charge for a one month season ticket, front row seats?

        • Major Solutioil.com

          Already sold the rights to the video to Massengil, but maybe I should have a live studio audience also. You sound enthusiastic

          • Padraigin Eagle

            6th Mass Extinction: ‘Twas the woodchipper that done it

            You should hear me sound the last post, especially when the last libtard is interred.

      • sunshine ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

        I like it! If that doesn’t work maybe hog feed?

        • Major Solutioil.com

          Not sure hogs could stomach something so spoiled rotten

          • sunshine ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

            True and there are laws against animal cruelty.

      • bosunj

        Feed them to the hogs. No evidence.

  • Ingold Inglorion

    Students? Safe Spaces? Let me guess…university feminists and their neutered white knights.

    • They don’t have to be neutered, they’ve been chemically castrated by GMO soy products.

      • Ingold Inglorion

        Don’t forget the massive amounts of “birth control pill” hormones in the water that feminized them from the get-go. Oh but that’s the one taboo subject the feminarchy won’t let us talk about.

        • You must not know much about how birth control pills work.

          • Padraigin Eagle

            Your ignorance is showing; and what pill be ye on, 3Bro!

          • I be not on no pill..

          • Padraigin Eagle

            No charge, no bill, The Eagle even appreciates run-of-the-mill

            Not, no pills, no, not pills, then it must be all those girls, estrogen accommodates the no risk thrills, and don’t drink the water lest ye wish to be a hermaphrodite not on no pill.

          • It is way too late for hermaphroditism to be an issue to me.
            I don’t drink anything that hasn’t been steam distilled or passed through at least five stages of non-distillery purification.

        • Padraigin Eagle

          Put them all in the Major’s wood chipper, start with the LGBTQI feminista agenda types, and I’ll pay extra for the privilege.

      • Helluva3ngineer

        Dude, I can’t figure out which side you are on. Maybe that’s your script.

        • whisperingsage

          Look up Sally Fallon, the Ploy of Soy. It damaged my rabbit herd such that they were permanently infertile. I had to start over with new rabbits. It was just a supplement, not a staple.

        • That has been abundantly clear in most of your posts to me.

          • Helluva3ngineer

            You make it sound like changing your side every day requires intelligence. Good luck with that. I really don’t give a shiz.

          • You make it sound like you are smart enough to figure out which side anyone is on in a day.

  • nobody

    I never heard of the school from this article until now…had to look it up myself.
    Now that I have seen where it is, it makes perfect sense.
    it just goes to show how low people go to get attention.

    What a bunch of pussies.

    • HarpDiem

      Emory University is a large and famous university in Atlanta, Georgia. There is an important medical center/hospital there as well.

      • Amerrikasfinest

        God help any patient of a graduate from that institution.

      • Padraigin Eagle

        Atlantis: Under water and around the bends

        Infamous shan’t go amiss, or a mister, chalk dust, the Tribe pays and plays the studunce as they must.

  • This is way beyond stupid. Hard to imagine how it’s all going to turn out.

    • It already turned out. No need to wait. Just look around at a school board meeting.

    • Amerrikasfinest

      Somebody quick put a Bernie for President 2016 on the sidewalk so we know the libtards are alive and well at Emory.

    • Padraigin Eagle

      Way beyond the far side: Indeed

      “Tis the Tribal Protocol, all bought and souled, the only stupid’s be they who believe this isn’t phony, a scam upon the white man, libtards and those of darker hue, sheep corralled by the usual crew, pretending they’re offended, they get paid to be blew (blowing optional), the LGBTQ Feminista milieu.

  • I forgot

    That’s sad.

  • desertspeaks

    who allows these pathetic excuses for humans, outside without a leash and a cone of silence?

  • knifemare69

    Notice how these fake progressives keep their mouths shut about Obama carpet bombing and killing tens of thousands of brown people in Libya, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan and killing over a quarter of a million brown people in Syria.

    Apparently if your president is brown then killing brown people is no problem. But actually *killing* brown people is a much smaller crime than saying ‘mean things’ about them like Trump does. Damned hypocrites and bloodthirsty empire enablers, every last one of them…

    • Cluster bomb deployment is still a crime against humanity, and the US is the only country still making and using them.

      • farmerdave

        and Israhell!

        • I can’t find any evidence that a single cluster bomb maker is based in Israel. You?

          • knifemare69

            The manufacturers may or may not be based there; however Israel uses cluster bombs like it’s going out of style:


          • They probably get most of them from us, like Saddam did most of the WMDs he’d already used on the Iranians before we went looking for them.

          • rhondareichel

            white phosphorous too
            how about the depleted uranium….that is the gift that keeps on giving….also a war crime

          • farmerdave

            I did not say they were making them, but they sure as hell are using them. I have pictures from their last attack on Pals.

          • Nahh, they’re white phosphorus folks!

          • mokopit

            Is that a racist remark ?

          • My mere existence is racist, mokopit, didn’cha know? I’m white.

          • mokopit

            I guess white people like us should just commit suicide but then who would be around to watch what happens next and I’d bet a paycheck (before taxes) that society would deteriorate immediately .

          • Yep, if the host dies so does the parasite(s)

      • kookooracharabioso

        Really? Well that’s funny because supposedly Russia has a new version that they deployed in Syria. Maybe TPTB are trying to blame the Russians? And then it follows that ours was also just used in Belgium?

        • Russia, China, and we are not signatories to the treaty.

          • kookooracharabioso

            Ohhhhh. . . .thanks for that.

      • Michael Johanson

        What in the hell does cluster bombs have to do with the immoral use of chalk?!

        • mokopit

          Immoral use !

      • mokopit

        Also the United States government is the largest arms dealer on the planet.
        I think that the involvement in the drug trade must be right up there and just in case the drug part doesn’t seem believable before the U.S. invasion to Afghanistan with the Taliban in charge Afgahanistn supplied 10% of the poppy to the planet. Since the U.S. involvement it is now over 90%. Just the poppy in the ground not harvested is a billion $ a year business.

    • Helluva3ngineer

      Mohamed says killing people lighter than you is no problem. Also have fun with their wives and daughters.

      • mokopit

        Might work in the countries where the citizens aren’t armed but I know that B/S won’t work in the United States

        • Helluva3ngineer

          I can think of a few states where it would

    • Michael Johanson

      And there we go, from chalk all the way to this comment..

      • knifemare69

        If the butthurt in you is strong, then it was probably well deserved…

  • Since the flags are flying at half mast because of the “terrorist” attacks in Brussels, we may as well leave them at half mast instead of wearing out the hardware.

    • Amerrikasfinest

      Why bother flying flags anymore as they are meaningless. Just fly the Rothchilds red shield flag and keep it up 24/7.

    • mokopit

      Since the first gulf war the flag on my house has been at half mast and most likely that won’t change until they carry me out in a bag and someone else takes over the property

  • Anonymous

    These emotionally-retarded imbeciles are in for a world of hurt when they leave the safe cocoon of their day-care center and join the workforce. What a pathetic joke they are!

    • They will transition from college to welfare or federal lockups, depending on whether they pay their student loans or not.

      • Amerrikasfinest

        I predict that 99% of them will be heroin addicts within 5 years of leaving their day care center a/k/a college.

    • anon55344

      A man at work will say “Hi” to one of the female graduates and she will sue for sexual harassment.

    • Clementine

      Cheers to you!

  • Harold4321


  • Publeus

    — Schools selling and teaching immaturity…

    Some people will buy anything.

  • SimonSays

    Grow the Fuck up you are, College Students Now.


    Dear Emory University Students: WTF!????? THIS IS LAME YOU DUMB FLOCK OF SOCIAL JUSTICE WEEENIES! LAME! LAME! LAME! So get some chalk and write “BERNIE 2016” all over the place you useless pathetic idiots! We can see right through your authoritarianism. Stretch any opportunity out to its limit in order to criminalize those who disagree with you. And don’t try to hide behind the race card or the sexism card. You have overplayed those hands and they do not work anymore to hide your own authoritarianism.

    These social justice weenie types are not real liberals or progressives but cultural marxist authoritarians. That much should be clear by now.

  • kookooracharabioso

    If they want to be able to pay off their student loans they need to vote for Trump. Anyways youth is a time for exploration and trying new ideas. These brainwashed twits need to foot the bill for reviewing the footage to find the free speech exerciser. Then they can apologize to everyone for wasting time and money trying to kill the 1st amendment. Every time I read one of these articles to my SO I hear “Shut that university down! “

  • Paul Thomas Yoder

    We should send R. Lee Ermey out there to go “Full Metal Jacket” on their pansy asses.

    • Amerrikasfinest

      OMG the kids would certainly poop their didees for sure!!! Love R. Lee!!!

    • bosunj

      Didn’t turn out too well for his character in that movie though did it?

  • Marsha

    These kids need to be drafted into a big war. They need their arms and legs blown off. They need to see blood and face lifelong disability. Doing away with the military draft is one of the biggest mistakes this country ever made. We spend a fortune on mercenaries when it should be these kids in the military.

    • knifemare69

      “These kids need to be drafted into a big war. They need their arms and legs blown off. They need to see blood and face lifelong disability.”

      So says a person the wrong gender and age to be drafted. Why don’t you sign up to fight your own wars there tough girl? Or can you only be a blood and guts badass from behind your keyboard?

      If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s cowards expecting others to fight their battles for them…

      • Helluva3ngineer

        I agree with you. Chances are there will be a war in everyone’s back yard soon. People can fight or hide in their basement.

  • Nathan Togain

    These are probably the same jack-holes that go to TRUMP rallies and sucker punch people that aren’t causing any trouble.

  • L Garou

    Red Alert! Red Alert!! RED ALERT!!!
    College kids at play .. Teeth gnashing hand wringing pranks in progress! OMG!!

  • Helluva3ngineer

    Yeah, these kids will do great when the EMP lights off. Lots of praying to Baal and Molech in front of their president should help them.

    Btw, it’s been about 65 degrees here so judging by their parkas they won’t make it past next winter.

  • Mr Reynard

    The BEST ?? The BRIGHTEST ??
    God Save America !!

  • Guillotine_ready

    I work at a college and I have to admit we are seeing peek dumb and pampered ramp up every semester. I hope to not work there much longer it is intolerable.

  • M_111

    BAHAHAHAHA!!! I think I may send them a box or Midol and some maxi-pads. Or is that sexist? Okay, diapers.

    • SP_88

      How about a binky for them to suck on.

  • randy wellman

    you can pry my chalk from my cold, dead HANDS!

    • SP_88


  • Marschall Clark

    proof positive of the brainwashing of college students. they dont have a problem with clinton who is responsibe for the death of millions muslims. she is not racist. but mr.trump is racist because he wants secure boarders. when the communists infultrated our universities in the 50s no one dreamed that cultural marxist would succeed. we now have 25 million manchurian canidates out to destroy anyone who goes against marxist political correctness in the usa. god help this country

  • Jackie Puppet

    Are they so afraid of the chalk, that it never occurs to them to step on the chalk, or pour a drink on it, and erase the message?

    • mokopit

      That requires thinking

      • bosunj

        Requires common sense.

      • mokopit

        Most that don’t have it are breeding and overrunning the planet !

  • Amerrikasfinest

    This proves to me beyond a doubt that just going to college does not require ANY brains whatsoever!!! I know a hellava lot of downright stupid people who attended college. Geepers do we have to provide day cares for these infants now as well? Guess so. I’d hate to see what they do in the dorm rooms at that rate. Anybody have a spare diaper they can send to these poor misguided infants so they will feel safe? OMG in your dreams you stupid shits….in your dreams. Just how coddled do you have to be considering you are not paying for your overpriced socalled educations……your parents are!!!

  • nicu78

    Mentally disturbed comes to mind.
    Harpreet Singh – back home the police would kick your ass for the smallest infraction.
    Great to live here in a democracy where you can be afraid from a legitimate presidential candidate.
    You need help.

  • Amerrikasfinest

    Apparently their career job of choice once they are out in the big bad world of you have to work for a living will probably be a drug dealer…..which is one of the easiest jobs there is….lots of money, spend some quality time in jail to write your memoirs about how liberal you are….and retire with a lot of money….provided you don’t touch the merchandise and have paid you lawyer his fees. I hear the heroin and meth dealer union is now looking for a few stupid guys and gals to fill the gaps……. looks like you folks at Emory would fit right in……

  • SP_88

    These people are not going to be able to function in the real world. The real world doesn’t always agree with them, and it never will. In fact, I don’t think that there is a single issue that everyone unanimously agrees with. I don’t even think that you could get everyone to agree that the sky is blue, let alone who should be the next president.
    How are these babies going to work with people who disagree with them about something they are working on at their jobs or anything else they might be doing? How are they going to deal with the real world where there are pro-Trump signs and bumper stickers and tv ads? And what about the ads they don’t agree with on buses and in magazines and on milk cartons and billboards and in the mail and printed on their receipts and on t-shirts and flyers and newspapers and written in the sky?

  • anon55344

    “by their silence, support it as well ”

    No, by their silence they neither support it or condemn it.

  • Reverend Draco

    I think I’m going to have a case of Huggies sent to this school. . .
    …with a note reading, “For the next time someone writes on a sidewalk with chalk.”

    If the whiny little bitches get rump-ruffled. . . tough shit.
    My inalienable right to speak trumps (pun intended) their non-existent right to not get butthurt.

    • bosunj

      Feminine napkins would be more apropos.

      • Reverend Draco

        Maybe some Desitin ointment for their hurt butts?

  • David

    Their parents probably voted for terrorism and will soon vote for a liar and murderer, hillary. Go figure.

  • David

    Trump 2016

  • stephen joseph

    Pathetic! We have gone too long between biblical floods to weed out the brain dead wet their pants tranny generations that emerge if unchecked by nature or god.

  • Jonny rRingworm

    You gotta love todays lib’s.

  • Maxx Headroom

    Milquetoast pansies that were raised by milquetoast pansies, that is what our colleges and universities are filled with these days. Kids that always got a ribbon, whether they participated or not. These chumps are clueless and are ready to be lead to the slaughter. These are the future brown shirts and mindless masses, devoid of common sense, discernment, and any reasoning skills.

  • h1b_go_home

    You poor souls. Have a twinkee.

  • Mike

    The feminization of our nation’s youth is almost complete. They whine, cry, moan and groan at the least little thing. IF WE DO NOT STOP THIS NOW WE WILL END UP LIKE EUROPE.

  • jw

    I remember when writing “nuke the gay whales” in the bathroom at the food co-op was considered darkly funny or stupid but NOT a hate crime.

    • bosunj

      The bumper sticker I saw on a VW Bug said: “Nuke the gay unborn whales” Still a classic in my mind.

  • AhhhhhYeah!

    Heaven forbid if someone streaks in front of them. I wonder what would happen then?

  • Jeffersonian

    what idiots! The kind that will never get a REAL job in the pathetic degree they obtained that is as valuable as toilet paper thanks to libtardia idiots like them!

  • S. Bee

    Another Publicity Stunt for weak minds.

  • Richard Wahd

    (puts on a superman outfit and gets a big sponge and a bucket of water) “Here I come to save the day!!! Watch as I wash away this benign deviltry! (Oh yeah, if you want the liberal babes, you’d do exactly this, they’d give you their phone number and demand your number) It’s chalk – just squeeze a watery sponge over it!

    • davidkachel

      “Here I come to save the day!!!”
      That’s Mighty Mouse, not Superman. Which is more appropriate considering these timid little mice doing this ridiculous crying and whining.
      Parents: jerk these useless children out of school and tell them the gravy train is over.

  • I bet they used assault chalk to scribble those hate filled messages too! Damn terrorists!

  • clearmind

    Wow,…..and this is the up and coming generation?! They will never be able to cope with real life off campus..or maybe they will stay on campus their whole life. These are the type of people the govt wants American society to be…self centered, its about MY feelings, please govt do something, and give us something so we can FEEL safe……..

  • dentss

    Giving every kid the trophy or ribbon even though he finished last has finally reared it ugly head .

  • zarcon zarconinni

    I see why the comic Seinfeld doesn’t perform on campus anymore. You need a flexible mind to enjoy humour.

  • wilson

    A new low!
    What drugs are these idiots taking?
    It must really suck to live life perpetually offended!!!!!!!

  • bv

    Chalk up another one for the cry bullies.

    • Reverend Draco

      Attack of the Crybullies – rated G so as to not offend the special snowflakes. . .

  • mokopit

    So I guess they like Bernie but will settle for Hillary.

    • Gordon Klock

      All the Bernie supporters that I’ve talked to say that they will bail on voting altogether if Hillary has ANY connection to him….
      ( the ones I’ve talked to anyway,..)

  • Gordon Klock

    These kids are beyond exasperating, but I only hear of them on the internet, college students that I’ve spoken with, find these kids laughably stupid &/or tragically messed up, leaving us to wonder just who are these kids, & what kind of past educational background rendered them so hypersensitive to the point of destructive stupidity ???
    (& why do I have weird “anti-Semitic” suspicions ?)…
    A lot of kids think Communism is “cool” as well…..

  • mokopit

    And it’s going to get insanely worse before it ever gets better

  • mokopit

    Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law. (jobs going to Mexico then China or where ever that slave wage labor is available) Apple.
    The was something called the Glass Steigal Act that Bill Clinton signed out of existence so the banks wouldn’t have any restrictions stealing money which caused the economic meltdown in which the taxpayers bailed out PRIVATE COMPANIES
    It worked out so well for our economy ?

  • Badger Badgerism


  • ComeOn1

    What if you are offended by Hillary, or Bernie, or Hot Dogs because its a symbol of Male “Patriarchy”? Will this Faggotry Ever Cease

  • Pamela Roberts

    What a bunch of wusses.

  • AnotherLover

    HA HA HA HA HA HA! “What exactly is inevitable?” “I should feel safe.” Holy cow. It’s come to this. Don’t trust anyone under the age of 30.

    I wonder if they’re going to make a horror film out of it, Blair Witch style. You’re bumping through the campus with your first person camera shot, you see chalk, you turn, slowly… and suddenly you don’t feel safe anymore.

  • I sure hope not, so far they have stood strong against the zionist destabilization of nations via immigration.

  • rhondareichel

    the dean should be fired

  • rhondareichel

    why would people pay so much money for their kids to go to this panty waist college?

  • Mark Wilson

    You all joke,but seriously,these are the pussies who will be running our country someday.Think about that.

  • Mark Wilson

    Oh wait,they already are.

  • freebird4533@yahoo.com

    Get a CCL ! Concealed Chalk License

    • Reverend Draco

      When chalk is outlawed. . . only outlaws will have chalk.

    • bosunj

      Only after you fill out the necessary forms, get them signed by the Sheriff, get five sets of fingerprints, five photos and send them off for approval by F Troop (BATF) and MAYBE get them back in six months to a year. Then of course there’s the five day waiting period. Never forget you can only purchase ONE chalk every 30 days. Any chalk over 100mm is forbidden. Additional forms and approvals required for any chalk above 80 gm or any chalk not otherwise described in this rule. PINK chalk is expressly forbidden and carries a fine of $250,000 and 10 years FOR EACH PIECE. Transfer of chalk without a chalk dealer license is a felony.

      • freebird4533@yahoo.com

        I’m guessing you don’t live in Texas. You can walk in and get chalk and walk out in 20 minutes (after a background check). But you can avoid the background check if you purchase the chalk at a
        Chalk Show.

        • bosunj

          You’re obviously talking about non-NFA Chalk. I agree.


    Oh government protect me from thought for it is painful when it invokes synapse to fire against my will or your will for I cannot contemplate the difference. Please guide my steps as they continue in my controlled fall on the path of my totally dependent subsistence. continue to block any strange thought of freedom that comes from the masses who provide the efforts that go to support us by government generosity.
    Such goes the gospel of the Omnipotent progressive ruling classes

  • I_P_Frehley

    This is laughably stupid. Who are these snowflakes gonna run to when the thundering horde of zombie strippers from Mars or drooling HillBernBarry zombies come looking for a meal and couch and your warm house they feel entitled to?

  • straight shooter

    Yep, an entire generation bred on getting trophies whenever their team lost, coddled by a mommy and daddy afraid to ever hurt their precious little feelings, and this is the harvest. Pathetic.

    • Reverend Draco

      You’re not a loser, nobody ever loses! You’re the 8th Place WINNER!

      I wonder how long until the SJWs contaminate the Kentucky Derby. . .

      *Wavering dream sequence begins*
      “I’d like to place a $100 bet on Sivlie’s Pride to win, place, show, edge, net, cap, settle, and seal.”
      “Very well, Sir – Here is your receipt.”
      *wavering dream sequence ends*

  • Heather Dodge

    I guess the kids won’t be playing any more hopscotch at Emory.

  • nimbii

    While my son was attending Georgia Tech, they had a visiting professor from Emory during a summer session. At the end of the term, he commented that Tech students were very different from Emory students.

    He said Tech students would pursue a question to it’s conclusion no matter where it took them but the Emory students would not. They only pursued an answer as long as it fit the preppy world of the students.

    It is heavily funded by Coca Cola hence the local reference, Coca Cola University. If you don’t like what goes on at Emory, boycott Coke.

  • UnknownRider

    The Chinese refer to USA Millennials as “strawberries” because they are so easily bruised. Some day soon they will likely call them serfs.

  • Hollywood

    LOL the future of Murica. LOL

  • walcon

    You can’t fix Brain dead.

  • Robert Raulerson

    guess these punks will shit their pants when trump become president ha ha ha waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Pat Collins

    A crying sheeple goes…… BAAAA, WAAAAAA.

  • Padraigin Eagle

    The agender Agenda: Let the buyer beware, neutered it shall ye render

    Julia Munslow, executive Chosen Tribe editor, ‘diversity and exclusivity’, read “no real white men or women welcome here, as they tend to threaten our mindless mental midgetry and we need a safe space to be full blown libtards”.

  • NAAWP2016


  • Synickel

    These little dip-squats need to be lined up and given a paddle-boarding once a day for a month. What at bunch of studied, looks of distress.

  • Tom Tom

    When they “protest” scare ’em and tell’em when the Donald
    takes over they will be cut up and used for fish bait.