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FDA Soon Ready to Approve Genetically Modified Salmon for Human Consumption
December 24th, 2012

By Shepard Ambellas

The release of an FDA drafted “environmental assessment” pertaining to genetically modified salmon could inch us one step closer to having dangerous GM meat on the dinner table. The assessment, originally dated to be released May 4, 2012 may have encountered resistance or release planning behind the curtain, as the new hybrid species of salmon is prepped for human consumption.

After a public comment period the FDA will likely grant approval for the product to be sold in AquaBounty, of Maynard, Massachusetts.

This decision if made will surely cause controversy with activists and concerned citizens alike.

An excerpt from reads;

Anti-GE groups still have a long list of concerns. Lovera would like to see more studies done on the potential health risks of the salmon, published in peer-reviewed journals and conducted by scientists with no affiliation to AquaBounty. However, it’s not clear where the money to conduct such tests would come from, as federal research funding rarely supports GE animals.

The GE salmon are currently kept within enclosed, inland tanks to prevent the small risk that the nearly sterile females will breed with wild salmon. But Lovera still worries that once the fish are approved, manufacturers will file for permits to keep them within nets in the open ocean in order to lower costs. “This is basically the final step and we think the FDA has given a strong signal that they will accept the fish, and that is a mistake,” she says.

Get ready for Frankenfish.


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  • http://T Evie

    It is amazing, even when shopping in high end stores ocean caught fish is next to impossibke to find. Watch the labels, wild farm raised, natural farm raised. So even if you have the money you cannotbuy real fish, the price is the same or even higher. Shrug, I do not need it included in my diet. Many people who take fish oils will not recieve a benefit.

  • Asura Madza

    I sure Hope “They” know what their doing. The whole humanist race has gone off it’s rocker.

    • Lutz

      These morons know exactly what they’re doing. Maximum profits, and population reduction through the manipulation of purging organic foods of their health benefits.

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