FDA Shuts Down Largest Organic Peanut Butter Factory in America

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JG Vibes

In the past few years organic food has become a very serious priority for many Americans, much to the dismay of big agriculture industry forces.

One of the primary unspoken functions of the FDA is to prevent this kind of competition from threatening the entrenched companies who have special interest privileges through government relationships.

Since Monsanto dominates the food market worldwide and have many representatives appointed to high places in government this company is the main special interest in Washington when it comes to the food industry.

The most obvious example of this collusion is Michael Taylor, who currently runs the FDA and is actually the former vice president of Monsanto.

The mission statement of this company is to monopolize the food chain and eradicate organic food altogether, so it is not an exaggeration to say that they will use their power in Washington to stomp out their competition, especially with the FDA.

This shutdown of an organic peanut butter factory is just the most recent case of the FDA going after local farms and organic food.

According to mainstream reports this shutdown is related to a string of salmonella infections that were allegedly tied to the peanut butter.  However, even if this is true, an FDA shutdown of this nature is on a very slippery slope, granting the agency even more power over the food market than ever before.

The peanut butter factory even voluntarily shut down after infections were reported, with hopes of reopening under stricter conditions and closer attention paid to this specific problem.  Despite these efforts of retribution, their license to operate was still suspended.

The associated press reported that:

“The food safety law gave the FDA authority to suspend a company’s registration when food manufactured or held there has a “reasonable probability” of causing serious health problems or death. Before the food safety law was enacted early last year, the FDA would have had to go to court to suspend a company’s registration.

Sunland had planned to reopen its peanut processing facility on Tuesday and a spokeswoman said before the FDA’s announcement Monday that the company hoped to be selling peanut butter again by the end of the year. The spokeswoman didn’t have immediate comment on the suspension.

The company now has the right to a hearing and must prove to the agency that its facilities are clean enough to reopen.

Michael Taylor, the FDA’s deputy commissioner for foods, said the FDA’s ability to suspend a registration like this one is a major step forward for the agency.”

There is definitely a need to ensure the safety of our food, but a government agency is not the solution.  As a result of public ostracism, this company was ready to restructure their whole factory anyway, on their own, but the FDA picked an easy target and took the opportunity to exercise their new powers anyway.


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J.G. Vibes is the author of an 87 chapter counter culture textbook called Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance, a staff writer and reporter for The Intel Hub and host of a show called Voluntary Hippie Radio. 

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  • johnd24

    Monsanto wants us altered…

  • IN some countries in europe,ITS been mandatory for a number of years to get down on your knees and kiss the government officals ass,OR face 1yr in prison,BUT here in america,WE do it in the name of saftey,most americans dream of being in line waiting to kiss the governments ass,something they love to do,AND all they have to do in government is say “ITS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD”…and don’t worry when the anti-christ and the police gang come for your GUNS,IT’LL be to protect you from your neighbor who’s so crazy he don’t trust the government………………

  • SOON,all the jobs will be gone,for your own good of course,and the ones who resist obama the anti-christ,death will be their future,the fema camps will be over flowing with willing sheep,after everyone gets the mark,then they’ll fire up the ovens,and punch your ticket for the bus ride to HELL…americans love death,and there going to love the FEMA DEATH CAMPS,cause no one will be leaving alive………….

    • furious

      you are so right!

  • Silverback

    European countries raise hell when the governments try to mess with their food. They want import the garbage Americans are forced to eat because the people won’t eat it.

    • Europeans do not “raise hell” for anything, especially not for food. Roundup is being used all over Europe, Monsanto are all over Europe, most Europeans just don’t know it, they think they are far too clever to fall for such a thing, but it’s silently been pushed through EVERYWHERE!! This isn’t just about America, for fucks sake, it’s the whole fucking WORLD. I wish Americans could realise that. Europe is even more fucked than the USA, does anyone even know the name of the president of Europe? Most Europeans don’t! Does anyone know that he only answers to a council committee of 12? And even those 12 can’t overrule his say? That’s right, 500 million Europeans don’t even know who is in control and what he can do. At least most Americans know who the enemy is. Over here in Europe it is truly hopeless!!!

  • Reasonable probability? It is a reasonable probability one will hit the powerball lottery too.

  • Big M

    Uhh, look. There is no constitutional authorization for the FDA. Every state should inform them that their agents will be tossed in jail without trial, if they are caught trying to enforce ANYTHING on state citizens. Period.

    • Tom Brown

      Big M:

      I like it! I LIKE it!! May it happen soon.
      Thanks for a great point.

  • biada

    Americans are just stupid. Look at California. They voted NO on the food labeling of GMO foods and they voted YES on income and sales tax increase.

    These are the same idiots who cried about Chinese tainted dog food and Obama raising taxes if he is re-elected….

    • John C

      We voted yes on labeling of GMO foods. They stole the election.

    • uss liberty

      the electronic voting machines were rigged. over 60% voted for labelling of gmo food. a return to paper ballots is a must to avoid everything being stolen.

  • FDA = Fukin Dum A$$es

  • JON

    Biada, it is apparent that the votes are being rigged.

  • ButterknifeBrigade

    Who is to say that a payoff wasn,t made to a worker in the above PB plant to spread salmonella around the plant, offer someone 100k who is making 10 bucks an hour then make sure he has an accident a little while later. The FBI would be wise to investigate this methinks.

  • natty strangelove

    oh yeah, cuz the FBI is on the people’s side.

  • Christian Rene Friborg

    I don’t get this. People should be eating organic food.

  • Joe

    America is f**king itself in the ear by allowing this agency to continue to evolve this once great country into a massive company town. And when its all done, natural selection will cause America to be subjugated in every conceivable way by healthier, smarter nations who didn’t fall for the big agriculture scam.

    And America will deserve every last bit if they let the corrupt FDA and the likes of Monsanto go on with their agenda unchecked.

  • Ceep

    I was going to say “when the crap hits the fan”, but really, it already has. I think the heads of these mega corps and top Gov officials are living on borrowed time. They’re so wrapped up in their power trip, they don’t even realise it. I certainly wouldn’t want to be them in this day and age. Boycotting only gets 10% of the message across, protesting maybe another 10%. They need a real wake up call. Stop paying income tax, and do not comply to the system they control. They’d be well and truly screwed then, as thats their bread and butter.