“F*ck you!”: Secret Service Agent Chokes a Journalist at Trump Rally

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A Secret Service agent pushed a Time magazine photographer to the ground on Monday during a rally for Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

After stepping out of the designated press area at a Trump rally in Radford, Virginia to take photographs of people protesting the event, Christopher Morris of Time got into an altercation with a Secret Service agent.

The dispute turned violent when Morris bumped up against and said “f*ck you” to the agent, who then grabbed the photographer by the neck and slammed him onto the nearby table.

After getting up, Morris can be seen putting his hand on the agent’s neck, which he said was a demonstration to show what had been done to him. “I said ‘he choked me,’ so I put hand on him and that’s when I was arrested,” he told reporters while being escorted out of the event.

Morris said he would not press criminal charges against the agent, according to Vice News.

A statement from the Trump campaign directed reporters to ask questions to law enforcement, saying that they are not aware of “all details surrounding the incident.”

The scuffle came amid repeated disruptions of the rally by pro-immigration protesters and Black Lives Matter activists. Trump himself took the incidents in stride, saying “isn’t it fun being at a Trump rally?” as groups of protesters were ejected from the premises. The Secret Service released a statement on the altercation, saying that they are working to determine the details of the incident.

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  • bill lopez

    “Morris said he would not press criminal charges against the agent, according to Vice News.”
    Hmmm..maybe because he doesn’t have a charge to file? One thing I know for sure – you don’t fuck with Secret Service agents EVER. Talk about a group of people with immunity from prosecution, best to just do as your told with them, not bump them and tell them to fuck off.

    • Christine F.

      Yeah, best to be a little kowtowed bitch. For sure.

      Should he have bumped him and told him “fuck you”? No, but he should stand up for himself when it came to that puffed up fascist. But that sort of thing is for those of us with backbones and self respect, I guess.

  • jbstoner43

    That liberal reporter should have gotten his head bashed in. Reporters think they can do whatever they want, write whatever they want and not expect any consequences.

    • Razedbywolvs

      Well they defiantly don’t think they can do what ever they want, because they sure as hell can’t wright about whatever they want.
      I’m afraid liberal reporters are just assholes.

      • I’ve worked as a reporter on numerous occasions, and I never had any trouble when I’d wright (sic) about anything that I could corroborate.

  • Chef Sp

    Normally I’m against violence but I have been on the receiving end of bad treatment from reporters/media and I am all to happy to see this guy get his just deserts.Media liberals are the most toxic substance in nature.

  • Suppo

    Paparazzi mentality at it’s finest! These jerks think they are immune to the law (along with manners and good sense) and I applaud the secret service agents self restraint for not breaking the goofy assholes neck!

  • breakawaymotorsports .

    Assault with a shod foot.When that photographer went down, all I saw were his flying shoes directed at the agent. Lucky that secret service man didn’t lose his temper and bash his ass into the floor.

  • RobertFl

    1. You don’t say F…you to a secret service agent.
    2. You don’t grab a Secret Service agent by the throat.
    The guy is lucky he has two working hands.

  • bill lopez

    You’re wrong. Google is your friend before putting your foot in your mouth.

    What is the history of candidate/nominee protection?
    Candidate and nominee protection was expanded to include major candidates for president and vice president in 1968:

    Major candidates and their spouses began receiving protection after the assassination of Robert Kennedy in 1968. PL-90-331 was passed June 6, 1968. (Language since adopted into 3056).
    Prior to this event, candidates and their families did not receive Secret Service protection
    Protection of a candidate/nominee is designed to maintain the integrity of the democratic process and continuity of government

    • In what way does protecting a candidate maintain the integrity of a democratic process? Continuity of government is FEMA’s reason for existence, but I’ve never seen any FEMA people at an election rally.

  • People who don’t know better than to touch a LEO deserve to get their education immediately and convincingly.

  • It is part of the subsidy that all major party candidates get from the government.

  • Herman Nelson

    Hmmm.. The video shows more than what the story says. Nothing was said in the article about kicking the SS guy in the chins. Hence the reason why the reporter could not press charges.