FBI Rushes Into Home of Maryland Family and Shoots at Unarmed 18 Year Old Girl

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by JG Vibes

This Thursday morning in District Heights, Maryland, an FBI swat team rushed into the home of an average, innocent family and shot at an unarmed, 18 year old girl.

According to ABC News:

“An early morning FBI raid has a District Heights family in fear. The agents came into the house and drew their guns at the family’s daughter, but she wasn’t armed.

“They almost hit my daughter, man,” says Emory Hughley. “If I hadn’t told her to go back in her room they probably would have shot her.”

Hughley says he was asleep in the basement when he heard a bang at the front door.

His 18-year-old daughter Myasia was upstairs in her room with two friends who were spending the night.

Around 6 a.m. he says he came up to the living room and saw 15 FBI SWAT agents coming inside, guns drawn.

“I’m shouting ‘Nobody is armed, nobody has a gun!’ and then all of a sudden I heard ‘She’s got a gun!’ and they just opened fire,” he says.

Hughley says he looked up and saw his daughter standing outside her bedroom in the hallway.

Then he heard gunfire.

“I’ve got eight holes in my wall. One bullet went past my head, almost hit me, ricocheted off my brick wall and some of the shrap metal hit my little daughter in the back of her neck, all for nothing.” says Hughley.”

The family and the whole neighborhood is stunned and traumatized by the attack, and the FBI has given no explanation aside from saying that they were “exercising a search warrant”

The girls mother is still demanding answers, “They tried to kill her,” she said. “They tried to kill my daughter.

18 year old Myasia has since been treated and released from the hospital and has now fully recovered.


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  • Cnsay

    Why would this information be news worthy when most of the details remain unknown?

  • Milo Mindbender

    What was the warrant for?, were they at the right address?, and why did they need 15 officers?. These questions are very relevant, and need answering.
    Somebody owes the homeowner this courtesy if nothing else.

  • Tex

    Folks it was a Drug rain and this was just one search warrant that was ran on app 12 homes at the end of the investigation.
    Tex .

  • Red Scare

    Thank goodness no one there could shoot worth beans.

  • Jean


    Police have no limits – punishment must be pre-emptive lead posioning, without reason. (I.E., Random Killings.)

    Won’t stop them – most of the sheeple will request MORE government – MORE “protection” – until they’re “protected” out of all they own.

    Either way, it works: no one wants to be a cop any more, fewer people we need to fight to regain our freedoms. More calls for cops on every corner, surveillance up your @$$ even while you take a , and collapse of the system as events like this become common.

    And every event like this causes people to WANT to injure cops.

    Funny how that works…

  • SKIP

    The fact that these police types can’t shoot well is indeed encouraging, make me optimistic because I CAN shoot straight and fast! Unlike current military training, I keep my finger on the trigger.

  • Jean

    Because you keep your finger on the trigger, you’ll be charged regardless of anything else – such things show “intent”. (Like a soldier coming into a room with his finger off the trigger has no intent. Seriously? There is NO lower limit to human stupidity.)