FBI Releases Fatal Shooting Video of Oregon Rancher

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The FBI has released video from a surveillance plane of the shooting death of rancher Oregon rancher LaVoy Finicum. Finicum is seen with his hands up, then according to the FBI, he reached for his weapon.

What do you think?

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  • Rob Anderson

    Murder…that’s what I think

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  • Molonlabe

    His hands went down to balance himself in the snow.

  • Let us wait for further on the ground video. History teaches that the FBI is trigger happy and enjoys wasting people

  • frankw

    Coveniently blurry images which don’t actually show anything.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    The FBI has wasted little time in releasing the video that shows LaVoy Finicum “rushing” them, thereby justifying his assassination. I wonder how long it will be before they release the names of the trigger men?

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    There’s nothing more threatening than a man with his hands in the air.

  • Mike

    Murder plain and simple. No weapons what so ever. Arrest the murderers NOW.

  • cmb

    Hunters… Refuge now target rich with LEOs … just saying

  • Dan Morgan

    Is there any audio?

    • No, because it would contradict their version of the one-sided story.

      • Dan Morgan

        I’ve watched this several times and I think that he was either shot with his hands up and the movement we see is LaVoy attempting to defend himself, or he was ordered to disarm. As soon as he reached for his weapon, he was fired upon. They had to kill someone to make an example. Let’s remember this was a good man who died opposing tyranny.

        • I think that he was reflexively reaching for the wound from the shot that couldn’t be heard in the absent audio track.

  • As a Former LEO this looks ALOT like a straight up Murder to me. Lots of people have Lots of Opinions but How about this for Fact- REGARDLESS of whether the Idiot “Oathkeepers” or any other “patriot” networks or anyone else thought this was the “Right” fight or not, Regardless of whether Mr Finicum had a weapon or not- REGARDLESS OF ANY OTHER FACTS IN THIS CASE remains one, ONE steadfast fact that could have prevented ALL of this- ** THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHOULD NOT OWN LAND OR CLAIM CONTROL OVER LAND THAT IS OWNED BY THE STATES** FACT, PERIOD, END OF STORY!!! Some Asshat Bureaucratic HACK in Washington who got his job because he is someone’s Cousin by Marriage SHOULD NOT be able to dictate how the People of Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona Or ANY OTHER STATE Utilize THEIR LANDS by a MEMO with NO LEGISLATION AT ALL OR INPUT FROM THOSE PEOPLE OR THEIR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE!!! If there were Not so much corruption among Harry Reid and his son, The BLM, and the Federal Government in general and IF the Federal government simply followed the Constitutional Rules and IF the States FORCED them to follow the rules NONE of this would have happened. This man would be home with his 11 Children and 19 Grandchildren Farming to provide food for the Citizens of this country. FACT!!!!!

    • I guess you are unfamiliar with the “10 square miles” verbiage in the Constitution? Why would the state need to own the property any more than the federal government does?

      • Where in the costitution does it allow the federal government to own land in a states borders without just compensation and OTHER THAN very specific circumstances? According to you the federal government should own all land?? I know about the 10 sqaure miles of DC. Do you kmow of the 10th amendment???Why should Washington DC bureaucrats tell states and citizens of those states what to do on their land? Explain, in detail please, you reason why the Federal government should control land within the boders of any State as opposed to the citizens of that state controlling the Land??? Explain for the group or shut up.

        • It doesn’t, and your misunderstanding of what I wrote doesn’t help you understand why you don’t understand what I wrote. I don’t believe that any government should own any property for any reason, and I never wrote anything different.

  • Doyle Grizzle

    I see this as be warned, we “the FBI” have more guns and ammo and a literal disregard for human life!

    • You must have missed their testimony to that effect outside Waco, Texas a few years ago.

  • whiteberry

    Sadly… that is just a glimpse at all of our futures…

  • Frank

    Did he actually have a gun? What was he reaching for? The video is not good enough to see. Even if he had a gun, they didn’t have to shoot him. He wasn’t going anywhere and was obviously out-gunned. It doesn’t appear that the FBI shooters allowed enough time to make effective voice commands – and he was obviously well covered from two sides (bad tactics by the FBI). He reached for “something” – again, did he actually have a gun on him? If he didn’t have a gun, it can be shown that the FBI shooters were too eager to pull the trigger – a symptom of immaturity, lack of experience, and a reckless disregard for life. If he was unarmed, his family should file a Wrongful Death lawsuit against the FBI and each individual Agent that had any involvement in the shooting. A tragedy.

    • More than two sides, even though two were opposing, and so, unusable.

    • Frank

      CORRECTION – the shooting was done by the Oregon State Police, not the FBI.

  • Haywood Jablome

    I don’t automatically believe anything I read and very little that I see, unless it is in person. Add the Government to the mix…..

  • Mark Williams

    Shot in the back from the bushes, he instinctively grabs at the wound location. Did he point a gun at anyone? was it seen in his hands? The FBI are lyin’ murderous low life pond scum!

  • He reached for the gun that they threw down beside him after he was dead?

  • Rob Anderson

    I have a slowed down version of the LaVoy murder here: https://youtu.be/A5BPkIKf6xs

  • Frank

    The shooting was done by the Oregon State Police, not the FBI – just FYI.

  • Razedbywolvs

    Cut 3 min out of a 8 min video, If your going to do that, why would you not cut the first 3 min instead of an important 3 min.

  • Beelzebub

    I love it. Too bad I can’t see this lawless POS getting his face blown off by the FBI.

  • Unapologetically White

    After some creative editing, of course. Legitimacy requires credibility. And the FBI has neither.

  • Annie Maymen

    I love the FBI, the police, the army and every organization that the VAST majority is trying to do good. Only a conspiracy theorist can justify hating a whole group because the actions of the exceptions. What LOSERS you are! Defiantly the nerds at school.