FBI Employee Admits to Leaking State Secrets to China

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Kun Shan Chun, who was also known as Joey Chun, worked as an electronics technician for the FBI between 1997 and 2016. But last March he was arrested for acting as an agent for the Chinese government. On Monday, Chun pleaded guilty to those charges in a federal court, and admitted that he had handed over sensitive information to a Chinese official on multiple occasions, between 2011 and 2016.

Chun, who was born in China and became a US citizen before working for the FBI, revealed that he had given the identity and the travel plans of a FBI to the Chinese government. Chun also took photos of secret documents that pertained to surveillance technology.

Chun was initially charged with lying about being in contact with Chinese officials and a Chinese printer manufacturer known as Zhuhai Kolion Technology Company Ltd., which like most Chinese companies, is backed by the government. In exchange for providing research and consulting to the company and providing state secrets to China, he was given free international flights and prostitutes in China.

Chun was released on bail and is expected to be sentenced in December. He will likely face no less than 27 months in prison.

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  • Mike

    Even this person that admitted to leaking secrets has more integrity than killary klinton.

    • Jim


  • MorganThePirate

    Chun was actively spying for the Chinese and even took pictures of classified documents and sent them to his Chinese handlers…and he’s now free on bail? And he could face only 27 months in jail? The son of a bitch committed treason and should be put to death. Unless he was doing this under FBI orders and giving the Chinese false information. With this kind of thing you never really know.

  • SexualMustard

    Drop in bucket compared to what Hillary did.

  • j.hendricks

    The last time I went to the USPO, patent office, in Crystal City, “Alexandria, Va. I noted the tables were filled with Chinese college students going thru patent absracts, all day. We have no secrets ! We are wide open to anyone. Myself , I gave up on filing for a patent.

  • none

    Thank god he was given bail! Now he can get his affairs in order, finish up any spy business. And even squeeze I in a small get_a_way vacation of sorts.