FBI Agents Involved in LaVoy Finicum Death Are Being Investigated for Misconduct

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On Tuesday, members of the Deschutes County Sheriff’s office and a Malheur County prosecutor, determined that the shooting of LaVoy Finicum was justified. According to District Attorney Dan Norris “I have concluded that all six shots fired by the Oregon state police – the three into the truck and three that shot Mr Finicum – are justified.” However, this ruling has been overshadowed by an investigation of five FBI agents who were involved in the death of Finicum.

One of those agents fired two shots at Finicum, both of which missed and were never reported by the agent. What’s worse, is that four of his teammates have been accused of helping him cover it all up. One of the shots missed the truck that Finicum was driving, while the other struck the roof and shattered the rear left passenger window. Both are believed to have come from the same FBI agent, though investigators aren’t sure about who it was. What’s so problematic about these two shots, is that Finicum clearly had his hands in the air when they were fired.

One can’t help but wonder how differently Finicum would have acted, had he not been shot at with his hands up. Depending on what the investigation finds, it’s possible that these agents will face criminal charges of misconduct. But even if they aren’t charged (and who are we kidding, they probably won’t be) there will forever be doubts about how the authorities conducted themselves that day, and if LaVoy Finicum really needed to be killed.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

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  • federalist46 .

    Misconduct my baggety old a$$, how about murder, They murdered Mr. Finicum as an example to us surfs, so we don’t forget who’s boss.

    • Mark

      Expect another whitewash like the Ruby Ridge and Waco whitewashes… er… “investigations.”

  • James Bennett

    It. Was. An AMBUSH.
    They murdered this rancher.
    A look at the footage confirms this.

    They shot at the truck as well.

    Once dozens of trained officers are in position, have their weapons pointed –
    they had control of the situation.
    There was NO need for murder.

    This incident represents another historic low point in our history.

  • Smarty

    Wow. Just WOW. This is fucked up on so many levels. With the equipment these assholes….oh…sorry…I mean “officers” had, my dog could have shot at LaVoy twice and hit him. THEN, one of the assholes (officers) managed to MISS the fucking truck. HOW DO YOU ACCOMPLISH THAT ??? And to add more confusion/suspicion, initial reports said that the truck was shot up like Swiss cheese (Bonnie/Clyde style) and now there were only TRHEE shots at the truck? And lets not forget the lying “officers” covering for the douchebag that can’t hit the side of a four car garage from 12″ away. LaVoy was murdered. I saw the video. There was no reason to shoot this man. It could have been handled with no violence whatsoever. The local DA drank the Kool Aid…..

    Do you know that in the entire history of Iceland, the police have only killed TWO of it’s citizens ????? We accomplish that every half hour around here….

  • Arrow

    Investigated for misconduct? Were they acting in his best interest? Did they act according to their oath(s)? Did they violate their fiduciary responsibilities? No cause for investigation.

    • fuster

      it’s a little more complicated than that.

      misconduct covers a vast array of actions and inactions.

      • Arrow

        No… it’s not more complicated than that. The public servants murdered one they were supposed to protect. A vast array of actions? No. It’s really very simple. What are the parties contractual obligations?

        • fuster

          not at all. there’s no duty to protect a man who refuses legal commands to stop his car or to submit to lawful arrest….

          when such person instead attempts to draw a gun, the responsibility of police officers is to protect themselves and not the guy trying to pull a gun on them.

          • Arrow

            Legal commands? So you are a troll… or ex spook.

            Blacks Law defines command as: To direct, with authority. Please explain how a corporate (USC 28 3002 (15)) agent (State Trooper, etc.) has any authority to command “to stop his car or to submit to lawful arrest”. Such that the United States is a corporation… the FBI perps are nothing more than hired guns. Did the decedent have a contractual arrangement with said killer? Doesn’t appear that he wanted anything to do with the hired guns (FBI, State Troopers). Did the killer have a warrant that was signed by an administrative judge… cuz that’s the only way to make a “lawful arrest”.

            Why do police officers carry firearms? To protect themselves, since they brandish them to force those that have caused no harm, to contract with them. Guess that’s why they aren’t referred to as Peace Officers any longer. Isn’t the “investigation” ongoing? Why do you contend that the decedent was “trying to pull a gun on them”, which is “legal” in most states if one is in fear for his life.

            So it’s your contention that the killer was justified even though there was no contractual agreement in place? The alleged authority is either by the Law of the Land, the Constitution or by contractual agreement. It appears that there was indeed a contract in place… a contract killing, which is unlawful. Your reasoning will be interesting, Spook.

          • fuster

            child, you are one of those internet idiots who think that they understand law and fact when all they do is talk out their bungholes.

            if you don’t understand that state troopers have the authority to place people under arrest for violations of state law then you can do what so many others of us have done and arrange to get accepted to an accredited law school.

            or perhaps you could just ask a grown-up to explain it to you.

          • Arrow

            Hmmm… well the last state trooper that assumed he had the authority to arrest me is now un-bondable and is no longer a candidate to work in the “law enforcement” industry. So why don’t you just answer the questions Spook? C’mon.

  • Razedbywolvs

    I don’t think they realize what they have done. They have pretty much shown that putting your hands up does not increases your odds of living.

  • Guillotine_ready

    The local, county, state and Federal pigs all have each others back.The courts and the prosecutors will never try to convict them because they are all on the same team and they are team players.

    Police are there to keep the plantation running smoothly and to quash any uprising among the slaves. Look at NY they have thousands of cops who just do what they want and get away with it.
    The only proper way to address this situation is to disband all of the police dept and for the people to set up their groups for defense and to deal with real crimes.

    Abdicating any responsibility to the pols give them the power they want to do the nasty disgusting stuff they love.

  • Mike

    none of the shots were justified. the man did not have a gun unless of course they planted one on him which they do to cover their butts.

  • doucyet

    Misconduct is what the FBI calls murder these days……..but only if they are the murderers..

  • Dave Ovason

    This whole Oregon event is a staged event to draw out angry Americans. it’s all part of the gun grab. They only need a good reason to implement marshall law and suspend the constitution then they will take your guns & or your life. This is one of many events aimed at inciting violence and building anger in the public. Make no mistake they are coming for your weapons.