False Terror IEDocy Ramps Up

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This will be quick. You have to laugh at these guys. I don’t know how many are in on the game and realize it’s all staged, but this is so over the top it’s just stupid.

You mean to tell me they’re gonna go from underpants to landmines in one leap? While this stooge talks fertilizer (i.e. bullshit) the inference is clear.

There hasn’t been a noteworthy incident since the mother of all deceptions on 9/11. And now bombs are everywhere, just waiting for us to accidentally detonate them? Or suddenly massive repeats of the false flag Oklahoma City government sponsored bombing?

Give me a break!

And point your finger at the picture behind you, jerkwad. No one out here is guilty of anything. It’s you and we all know it’s you and your ilk.


“The global proliferation of IEDs and associated technology is pervasive,” Barbero says.  (..and we’ll make sure of it! -Ed.)

IEDs increasingly a U.S. threat

“Roadside bombs have been the U.S. military’s worst enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, a top general is warning that our enemies are increasingly trying to use IEDs in the United States.

“The global proliferation of IEDs and associated technology is pervasive and continues to threaten U.S. interests at home and abroad,” Lt. Gen. Michael Barbero, head of the military’s Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization, told a congressional hearing on Thursday.

Barbero sounded the alarm before a partially closed hearing of a subcommittee of the House Homeland Security Committee titled, “Securing Ammonium Nitrate: Using Lessons Learned in Afghanistan to Protect the Homeland from IEDs.

In prepared testimony beforehand, Barbero called the threat “one of the enduring operational and domestic security challenges for the foreseeable future.” Source

And by the way, they never define once what IED stands for, as if we’re all able to talk “warspeak” now. Improvised Explosive Device.

And WHO is “Securing Ammonium Nitrate” Now?

Suzanne Posel and others at Activist Post caught them with their pants down:

Is DHS Preparing an Oklahoma City Style False Flag Before November Elections?

“Recently the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) placed a solicitation by way of the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) for 700 pounds of High Density Ammonium Nitrate and 700 pounds of A-5 Flake RDX. With the delivery date scheduled for August 31, 2012, could DHS be planning a false flag attack involving a planted ‘homemade’ bomb?

When creating a “makeshift terrorist bomb” ammonium nitrate is an integral ingredient. The DHS was given oversight of procurement of ammonium nitrate after Congress requested they “regulate the sale and transfer of ammonium nitrate by an ammonium nitrate facility…to prevent the misappropriation or use of ammonium nitrate in an act of terrorism.” Source

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Maybe that’s one good thing the Scottish Rite Freemasonic game of golf can teach. Only in their idiocy everything goes down the drain.

We connect dots and links for enlightenment, encouragement and empowerment, not for score and conquest.

Our world is one of rebirth, love, joy and sharing.

They deal in power, conquest and fear.

Know the difference and don’t fall for their scams. If you stare too long it’ll get to you.

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