FALSE FLAG ALERT: Craigslist Ad Asking for CRISIS ACTORS in Houston For JULY 4th

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In a Craigslist ad posted about 17 days ago, our Federal Government is looking for crisis actors for July 4th through July 6th.

“We are looking for crisis actors for a government emergency drill between July 4-6th. Actors will be responsible for portraying different emergency scenarios in a simulated government terror drill. No experience is needed. Confidentiality agreements are required. Pay is $200. Please message for details.” ~Houston Craigslist

This isn’t the first time that they have advertised on Craigslist for “crisis actors” though. It seems to be a major deal, paying decent money if you can catch it before the post is removed from Craigslist. One such post even made the news on Infowars shortly before the LAX Shooting.

These ads are nothing new it seems. Amazingly enough, it always seems to proceed some type of disaster that involves real lives being lost and sometimes just actors, of course, to make it look real. Will this administration stoop to anything to try and enact Martial Law?

I’m sure this won’t be the last one they try to fly under the radar without the American public’s knowledge. Only time will tell how many more of these will come to light.

UPDATE: Craigslist has removed this post since publishing as this story has gotten national attention.

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  • Richard Einstein

    They get away with everything anymore so it doesn’t matter if people know ahead of time. There will never be a true investigation, just as they did at other false flags like Sandy Hook and Boston Bombing.

    Anybody who looks at the evidence knows but 99% of Americans are too brain damaged or too apathetic to care as long as it doesn’t affect them directly.

    My god, its been 13 years since 9/11 and still most Americans are not aware it was an Israeli attack with help from zionists inside our government. Most Americans are ignorant zombies.

    • Thomas Parker

      Einstein: And you think you’re in the 1%?

      • Brad Dueringer

        He is

    • Desi Realstrongtou Washington

      Amen @richardeinstein:disqus , I couldn’t have said it any better myself. We cooked, because we acquiesced to long, and now they are going to get their NWO. I just hope there is mercy in it for the good people.

    • 4thetruth

      So true my fellow truther, and now look at the big shooting in Roseburg only the truthers question, the rest give thousands to crisis actor Chris Mintz and don’t question the narrative one bit!

    • terry7289

      man, I love these nutter conspiracy theorists…

      and this conspiracy-theory website is the worst web design I have seen in years……. what a joke….. I’m outta here…..

    • aubreyfarmer

      Freedom of speech on the internet is coming very close to extinction. All of the Zionist Jew owned papers have a policy of banning you from posting if you say anything that exposes the Zionist coup of 911. They will absolutely try to take over the narrative 100%. Some are lighting candles instead of cursing the darkness and they can not have this. When their attempts to censor all truth fail they will burst forth in open rage. We the people have never faced a more perilous future. They have the technology to kill millions and millions of us but it appears they don’t have the technology that allows them to control what all of us think but I can assure you they are working on it.

      • Bob Jones

        The CIA is run by the Royal families and the Vatican. The people they put in front are jews because they know you will be so stupid to lynch the frontmen while not caring about who really is in control of this planet. The zionists terminology was cleverly created to make sure you focus on the people the Royal families put in front to run the banking system THEY control and the media too. You people are very dumbed down and believe whatever the Royal families put out for you sheeple to devour. You guys don’t realize the internet is the new mind control device for those who gave up on watching tv. They are brainwashing you still into thinking the people you see running these media companies are really in control. The CIA decides what goes on tv and gives orders to the media companies and they are controlled by the Royal families.
        Your income taxes get sent to the Royal families and NOT the bankers directly or the Zionists. Proving the ROYALS and the demons who control them are really in control. See the website of Superior Court Judge Anna Von Reitz who says your income taxes get sent to the Royal families!!! They control the frontmen you call Zionists. The Zionists are NOT in control, the Royals only WANT you to believe that so you continue to point fingers at the lower level people. The CIA is controlled by the Vatican and Royals and THEY decide what goes on your tv.
        Truthers are turning into SHeeple 2.0.

    • Bob Jones

      Actually Einstein, you are the problem in this world. Blaming an entire country for what the illuminati stage. That is still the deception. The people in Israel are the same as the people in the United States. Both being setup by the illuminati so that we people all over the world want to kill us.
      Let put it in another terminology that maybe you will understand. If people in Syria or Iraq want to kill your parents because of what the illuminati stage with the U.S. military. Is this fair to them? Well, you and others are doing the same thing to Isreael who are in the same boat as the U.S. people.
      You prove that even people who think they are awake, are still brainwashed and mind controlled by the illuminati who WANT you to point fingers at countries. The illuminati get away with mjurder when you ignorantly fuel hatred for an entire country based on what the Royal bloodlines and other illuminati factions do.
      The people who think they are awake are still dumbed down and brain damaged too! I have sadly noticed this over the past years and realized that we are in trouble. Not because of the illuminati, but because the entire population cannot be trusted to not hate others based on what the illuminati stage.
      The biggest lie that you idiots are spreading is that the zionists are the cause of everything. The Royal families and Vatican use them as puppets and front men. And you dumbed down stupid idiot truthers who think you are so smart, are just being played for the dumbed down brain damaged idiots you are!
      The illuminati stage everything and to blame countries is not right. That is the old way that the illuminati have used to get us into wars to kill us. Wakeup you sheeple. You think you are truthers and so smart, you are almost as dumb as the sleeping masses.

    • Brad Dueringer

      “Most Americans are ignorant zombies.”

      So true….the Mossad had agents that were caught in NY that day. They used micro nukes from artillery shells to bring the buildings down.

  • jay l

    This is one of the dumbest articles ive ever read.
    Craigslist…. seriously.

  • Joseph Lizak

    They need a few hundred actors to pretend they signed up for O’bama Care and are really happy about it.

    • DontLikeWimps

      Haha…they already did that….but they could only find a few people gullible enough to claim how wonderful Obamacare is!!!

  • Steve

    Your a fucking retard lol, you smelly European.

  • Barn Cat

    It was a scam. The federal government isn’t going to place an ad in public for that.

    There’s no such thing as crisis actors. People died at Sandy Hook. People at the Boston Marathon lost arms and legs.

    • clete

      Spoken like a paid govt. shill.

    • Mark Robertson

      You drank the Kool-Aid, didn’t ya?

    • DontLikeWimps

      Keep drinking the Kool Aid! So I bet you still think you can keep your Doctor? And Obamacare is wonderful too right? Your head is in the sand!!!! Wake Up!

      • Thomas Parker

        Elaine, how ya doing?

    • Angela

      Everything they do is written, read the foreign Military reports (their OWN reports!) on how the CIA is a PRODUCTION COMPANY (see Intelligence Production link): http://www.aarclibrary.org/publib/contents/church/contents_church_reports_book4.htm

      • DontLikeWimps

        These people like Barn are too ignorant… They can’t wrap their head around the truth because its too scarey for them..it overloads their gray matter!

  • Rick E.

    Actually Arizona, Putin threatened us with nukes if we invade Syria, NOT Iraq. There is a significant difference!

    • Ken, Megapolis

      Arizona is not just a silly troll, he gives honest arizonans a bad name. Similar to the claim that some idiot put up some stickers claiming Arizona to be a Sharia free zone. Muslims here not perturbed because they saw the internet hoax for what it is.
      But back to the subject I had no idea previously how pasties were hired but whatever you do, I re-itterate my point that the only good thing that came out of intelligence was Snowden. Take that spook Gareth Williams who was discoverd dead locked inside a holdall. It grieved me to read about it, no joke.
      Take it from me the intelligence profession is swimming in human misery. Join ANY profession but this and may God guide current jobseekers to the straight path.

      • ZX Rider


  • Mandy


    • DontLikeWimps

      Oh because you don’t believe the Bible is literal truth??? Foolish PERSON…..

      • Mandy

        Foolish because I don’t believe in something that doesn’t exist. Yep. I am the foolish one. You go on giving all your money to those scammers. I’ll just continue donating food, clothing, and items that really help other people.

        • Thomas Parker

          Ignore Elaine, she ain’t right.

          • DontLikeWimps

            Oh…its the creepy stalker that threatens to call peoples jobs and tell them what you post online!!!! This guy is a true scumbag!!!

        • DontLikeWimps

          Guess you will find out the truth one day..

        • DontLikeWimps

          Fool Fool Fool….I don’t give money to a church… I also help people in need….but you cannot get to heaven by good deeds alone..you either serve God or Mammon.

          • Mandy

            You can’t go somewhere that doesn’t exist. Fool must be your favorite word. Mine is naive spelled N.A.I.V.E. People believe in a book that some intelligent man/woman wrote. If you don’t give money to a church, then according to the book you follow, you won’t go to this heaven place you talk about (since that seems to matter to you).

          • DontLikeWimps

            You will go one of 2 places when you die little girl….you shouldn’t be so quick to ridicule or down play something you know nothing about nor have studied….

          • Mandy

            Yes, either my body will be donated to science or buried in the ground. Simple. People fear that after they die, they will be just that. Dead. So they think it’s better to believe their is hope of them living on in a wonderful place. I have to get back to studying now, so I won’t be responding anymore. I know you probably will post one more time as you seem like one that has to have the last word. Good luck in life and don’t have such a negative attitude all the time. Enjoy life and share your joy with others.

          • DontLikeWimps

            If you think you just end up in the ground and that’s it…there would be no reason nor purpose in life and no reason to try and be good verses bad if there were no consequences at the end of life…you should think about that.

          • DontLikeWimps

            I enjoy life tremendously already… I live in Hawaii…Paradise everyday… My life is great and happy…just because I am blogging on here doesn’t mean, I am Angry or sad or unhappy… That’s a cop out and an assumption on your part.

          • Brad Dueringer

            Personal attacks are usually a sign of someone who lacks logic or facts to back up their position.

          • Trick Daddy Flash

            I will. If Iam wrong I am dirt if you are wrong; especially due to your own arrogance then you may repent in torture for eternity. No more Mom bringing you hot pockets and Kool-Aid and asking if you had a chance to look for a job today.I only have to tell you. I am not held responsible of you choose to sizzle in your own excessive body fat for eternity. Ciao and Good Luck with that.You have spoken it.

          • Mandy


            Miranda McClain

          • DontLikeWimps

            Sorry but there are several Miranda Mc Clains you have to be more specific…

          • Jim

            DontLikeWimps you are very right I know I have been in touch with god

          • setfree

            I wouldn’t even try to make him understand. He cannot understand things that are spiritually discerned. Arguing with a fool on the road to hell serves no purpose.

          • Trick Daddy Flash

            It’s like wrestling a pig; you both get filthy and the pig don’t give a damn.

          • Trick Daddy Flash

            Nobody but a moron spells in capitals and periods. n-a-i-v-e. There you go. I think I hear your Mom calling you. She has Kool-Aid ready and wants to know if you looked for a job today.Again….

  • Jim Fowler


  • Alleged Comment

    How come the actors that participated in past events are not SPEAKING out???

    Surely they would being retarded liberals. Unless all of them were paid and made very wealthy. But as retarded liberals they don’t care and would of opened their big mouths.

    Unless, they have been murdered already?

    • DontLikeWimps

      They have to sign contracts not to talk about it….

    • ledbetta

      My point exactly! This time lets make sure we have inside info… And then I read Laughing at Serfs comment below… He has a point. But even still, they told Bergdahl’s platoon to shut up and they still came forward. I just don’t see that many people keeping their mouths shut on an incident where a drill becomes real.

      • DontLikeWimps

        ledbetta…those military men that came forward about Bergdahl didn’t sign contracts and get paid to lie and put on a show!

    • andrea mitchell

      my guess is this, you do know that the internet itself as well as google , facebook ,etc are DARPA funded projects right? there is no doubt that the system has created social networking, well social networking= social engineering , why do you think they want to spy on everyone? i am sure there are a multitiube of different reasons , but come on you are being naive if you dont think that one reason is social engineering, one specific example is that they are monitoring certain people , like maybe people who are the staunchest pro gun control people, they could be watching these people for years ,recording all their online activities , social networking ,email ,purchases, every aspect of their lives, then they have a psychologist /criminal profiler , psychoanalyst come in select people who will not spill the beans , they are probably using all this massive data they are collecting on people to select participants for these “events ” ,they will select the most exhibitionist types, the kind of fucking moron who post on twitter every time they take a shit , that is the 1st criteria probably, then the next one is , are they a pro gun control activist, or maybe they just find dirt on them an dblackmail them to go along, or maybe they use people who are in trouble with the law and court system, chris manfredonia(not sayin i believe this theory about him per se,, just an example) or glen fraiser miller cross, or the millers from the vegas shooting , lots of people involved have been in trouble with the law, and that is just what we know about ,maybe they use all of these criteria to select participants , and then on top if it they are to sing a non disclosure agreement, it is really not so far fetched as people try to make it sound , they have spent BILLIONS ,maybe even trillion who knows constructing this massive surveillance state and internet and social networking machine , they didnt do it for no good gad damn reason you know , they are not just doing it to listen to you call grandma for her bluberry muffin recipe ,to listen in on mundane conversations , they could set up CP honey traps and then wait to entrap people ,tell them they will be charged and made to register as a sex offender if they dont go along ,so many ways i can think they could accomplish this,these are sick people

  • DontLikeWimps

    Yep he threatens to call people’s jobs and tell them what you post…that’s what he did to me last article I posted on!!! He’s a psycho!!!

  • DontLikeWimps

    Don’t engage this sick psycho!!! He just likes to fight and threaten people online…he has nothing of value to contribute on here or Society in general!!!

  • Angela

    Revelation is actually talking about the revelation each one of us have when we find out it is the “lord god” (the false god, the state) that is killing us, just as it has since ancient Rome. THAT is what the whole New Testament is about. The Old Testament was a manifesto for state (their government to enslave us) and the New Testament is the way to see it and abolish it. Dissent now, stop patronizing satan (the attorneys) in power running everything through their courts of Ba’al. chooseyourside.org before it’s to late

    • Trick Daddy Flash

      NO….it’ talking about the revealing if the events that will precede and accompany the end of the age and the eventual return of the Messiah to reclaim theearth;pawned as it was so many thousand years ago. That’s OK.Ignorance may be an excuse before the Great White Throne

  • Angela

    Congress is your transgressor (attorneys), stop patroninzing the thing that is killing you.

  • Andrew

    If you’re considering “crisis acting,” I would implore you to reconsider.

    • ledbetta

      Wouldn’t it be good to have some of us on the inside? So we can call bullshit the next time they say “drills? what drills?” like the Marathon incident?

      • Andrew

        Assuming you survive the “drill” and don’t have any “accidents” thereafter when blowing the whistle. Dead men tell no tales.

        • ledbetta

          I figured they use their own people for these things anyway. Like that lady that’s done interviews at 3 incidents to date.

          • Andrew

            Well, if someone has an individual passion for getting on the inside to keep these “drills” honest, I won’t stand in their way. But, of course they should be aware of the risks. Aside from that, I am aware certain trained specialists are used more than once (though spread out by at least a number of years) to professionally paint the narrative.

  • Thomas Parker

    I was a crisis actor once at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds. This was back in 70s. We were dressed in blood and were to simulate disaster victims to test the response abilities of first responders. Nothing sinister about it.

  • Thomas Parker

    Boy, you two sure know a lot about how these things work. Are you conspirators who have suddenly got a conscience and are on the lam? Or are you just morons? I favor the latter.

  • Thomas Parker

    Gosh, what a mature observation. Hey, laughing boy. Do you want DontBitches address? Don’t have her home telephone number yet. She’s supposed to be a real tiger in the sack. The boys in the Fifth fleet still talk about her.

    • DontLikeWimps

      You are pretty sick…go stalk on some other website..no one on here agrees with you about anything and several people on these websites have called you a leech or troll…everyone has your number now….

  • ledbetta

    Anything to back up your gov’t confession statement? Links? I follow this stuff pretty darn closely and would LOVE to see any proof of said confessions.

  • ledbetta


  • VVV

    Because, you know, it must be true if it’s on CL.

  • Chrissy Bangs

    Ok so this is where the show Squidbillies gets all of its crazy right wing redneck ideas for crazy characters. I didnt know that people like that existed til now. Interesting.

  • dan

    If G M O, (Whatever that is) makes food taste better, leave it in.

    • Trick Daddy Flash

      You’ve apparently already had too much already.

    • Michelle Lee

      Its frank-in food, if you seriously do not know what gmo is, go back to watching the corp media and eating your poisonous food and oh don’t forget your fluoride water and your killer vaccines! OR get your head out of your a** and come back when you know something about anything of importance that is going on now!

      • 4thetruth

        So well said, it’s just too bad the poisons and gmo and flouride aren’t working fast enough, there are just too many idiots in the world!

        • Brad Dueringer

          The spelling nazis usually point out things like “flouride”…fluoride…

          But your points are great!

          Monsanto (mount satan) is doing their damdest to kill all of us

    • Brad Dueringer

      I prefer radioactive cesium myself…but thats just me 😉

      • I find it a little hard on the gum sockets…I mean of course, when they soon becone empty and exposed bone makes them hard to cleaan…LOL….a little polybiphenolchloride is also very nice. Good old transformer coolant oil.

    • Justin

      Depleted uranium is good for you too.

  • Andrew

    If you’re being paid as a professional agitator, you make people angry like a 12 year old throwing a temper tantrum. That is, you are merely a nuisance to others. Your writing lacks originality, good content, and the even most rudimentary appreciation of the most unintelligent adult readers I think you would be hard pressed to find.

  • Jim

    he is here in spirit but we just can’t see him with the naked eye just the same as those that have died and didn’t go to heaven

  • Andrew

    I didn’t bother to read seventy-five percent of what you wrote, mostly skimmed. I couldn’t mentally follow your conjecture and deductions. It’s simply not logically fluid. I don’t assume you’re going to behave here, so I won’t bother replying to you anymore.

  • Trick Daddy Flash

    YES! They are morans! and shall Shirley die. when Marshall law gets here….LOL sorry I couldn’t he’p myself.

  • Trick Daddy Flash

    That’s Old Testament. While most of it remains relevant this was superseded by the New Covenant/testament. You would have to actually read it, seek to understand it, actually do some reference work in ancient Hebrew culture if you really wanna know the truth. it’s quite enjoyable once you get your feet wet.

  • Trick Daddy Flash

    I think he just holds them in his mouth until they eventually shoot and go soft. That’s what i guess him at.

  • Justan American

    You all do know anybody can post anything anywhere on Craigslist.They do not verify what your are posting.I can post the same exact ad on my local Craigslist, if I wanted to.

  • Tim David

    I’m just as suspicious of our government as the next guy, but you all do realize that anyone can post a craigslist ad as anyone they want, right? And the fact that we only just heard about this recently, yet the ad was “up for 17 days” and then suddenly removed. I’m going to have to call BS on this one. Don’t we have enough real stuff to worry about from this criminal regime?

  • some.guy from.texas

    “Will this administration stoop to anything to try and enact Martial Law?”

    With Cloward-Piven the tactic on a large scale, ML would be natural outcome.

    Hope and change.

    Keep your powder dry, patriots,

  • public_servant_watch

    The lady in the turquoise shirt is a crisis actor and we have a name. She actually belongs to a clan of them; all related by blood and marriage. You can see her specifically at about 5 or 6 post down. All the post relate to this clan. http://friendfeed.com/uncle-scam

  • Wolfdaze

    Here we are, 4th of July…lets see what happens

  • anon
  • technobrat

    Adam Curry from the No Agenda show regularly speaks extensively about his theory about the “6 week cycle.” His theory is pretty much dead on, as are most of his ideas and opinions. The show is good for some shits and giggles alongside info analysis from a different perspective than most alternative media.

  • Holly Bubu

    me dos, lol

  • Daniel

    Not that I don’t believe the government is shady, but seriously- If you were staging a false flag event, would you ask for actors on CRAIGSLIST? They’re a little more discreet than this. Nothing here, move along..

  • jeffhalmos

    Prove this: “Amazingly enough, it always seems to proceed some type of disaster that involves real lives being lost and sometimes just actors, of course, to make it look real.”

  • Anonymous NTX
  • Rogoraeck

    Houston ! We have a problem !

  • Cliff Webb

    This website is bullshit Jewish fiction.

  • john smith
  • Cassandra DeCourcy


  • Dave Richter

    Typical libtard comment when they get butthurt.

  • Dave Richter

    Skeptics,debunkers…I’ve been one. Just because you can debunk one or two does not mean they are all disinfo.

  • Don Payson

    Only $200? Thats highway robbery.. cheap bastards

  • Brandon English

    Since it is over a few days, don’t expect it to be in Houston. Houston is a hub airport so any city is a potential “target”.

  • Sandy-Hook part II.

  • Patriot Girl

    WHY are you sending this out today, July 2, 2015, when the date of the article says it is from A YEAR AGO!!!?? BAD JOURNALISM.

    • FalconMoose

      Well, looks like you blew this up. Thanks.

  • Desi Realstrongtou Washington

    You think he might really be a shill? I know they exist; so I can’t say you’re wrong. Just know what side you’re on and pray that, our being informed, is enough to keep our suffering down. I thought I would die before they got their NWO, but it looks like I may live to see it after all. May God have mercy on us. Peace to u and may you always be safe.

  • jpnplspap

    I wouldn’t worry too much about this, it sounds like an Emergency Preparedness Drill. I’ve done FX make-up in them but, never got paid for it. Where do I sign up?

  • The goonvermin don’t worry about exposure.
    They simply claim that the crisis actors were hired for a “drill”, not a false flag op.
    It’s hard for us to prove otherwise, so they get away with murder.

    • Plus they know the sheep will believe anything ‘their’ government tells them.

  • 441019

    It should not be “it always seems to proceed some type of disaster…” It should be “it always seems to precede some type of disaster…”

  • RayOne

    The Internet servers personal perspective,the villains change clothes, or just exchange them like NBC and the DNC.

  • jhnjdy

    What a crock of shit, but i love a good satire…LOL

  • Richard Einstein

    You are right, good thing libtards hate firearms and refuse to defend themselves… I think some of their finer bitches may need a little help from real men… give the hogs what they have coming…

  • John M
  • NellieJ

    Hey! Where do we sign up? I need a JOB! And, I can act better than B.O.!

  • Fed Up

    Why are there post to this article with today’s date on the top from over 2 years ago?

  • Matthew Clark

    maybe it was there to try and discredit conspiracy theorist… or some dumbass posted it to fuck with conspiracy theorist… i dont believe anything will happen now due to they got caught and exposed. however the government now believes they can do what they want cause no one is holding them accountable. i bet if the american peopel declared war and did a terror attack on one of their establishments to hold them accountable they may start to think twice… liek attack a fed reserve building or the irs or the social security administration. one of those 3 that are the reason we are enslaved to the fraudulent court system that enforces a statutory jurisdiction not authorized by the constitution… and forces the police to enforce those unconstitutional laws upon the people instead of doing their constitutional duty.

  • Matthew Clark

    the map shows the marker in a residential area… i know that area. either thats where the poster posted from or thats the attack location?

  • Bob Jones

    People – We are all being deceived. The Royal bloodlines, Vatican and the other illuminati controllers around the world are playing us all. They know the ancient secrets from the mystery schools. They know the secrets of this world. And they know that everything is energy. Your thoughts are what is creating this reality. Look up the book “holographic Universe” and learn about the laws of attraction which is scientifically called Quantum Mechanics.
    Your thoughts are radio waves that travel into the atmosphere, what you put out is energy and it effects the world around you. When your neighbor is sad that energy can be felt by you and may cause you to feel sad. When people are hurt, we can all feel the energy.
    Now, if great spiritual masters say that we create our reality with our thoughts, and the world you live in , is just a holographic manifestation of these thoughts..then what you see in this world, is what YOU the human race is creating! The governments and situations you see is a result of the collective energies that the human race is putting out. In other words, the world you see is because the human race is putting out TOXIC thoughts and energy.
    Just look at the comments below and see the toxic thoughts and energies. The energies of blame, the energies of hatred, the energies of barbaric primitive juvenile coments. Your world is being created by what you put out!!
    You people are creating your reality!!! Many scientist are talking on youtube about the holographic nature of reality! It’s been hidden from us for eons because the illuminati do not want us to know that we can influence our world with our thoughts. If everyone had kindness and compassion, we would not be living in the world we are living in! That is the real AWAKENING! Truthers who think they are awake because they know about the illuminati, most likely are not REALLY awake! They are no different from ancient man in the dark ages blaming countries or races or groups. They do not understand the TRUE nature of our holographic reality.
    If you want to continue with a disgusting world, then keep on spreading your nonsense. If you want a good world, then realize we are all responsible for what we see and the only way to a better world is to do the opposite of what has been done throughout history. Love thy neighbor as thyself instead of throwing around blame for countries or the front men that the illuminati put in front of us to lynch. Everything is energy, and the dark cannot exist if we all put out energies of love and compassion. The Schumann Resonance of our planet is an indicator of whether the energies are moving higher or lower. The dark forces are trying to drop the Schumann Resonance and destroy this planet. And you are helping them if you spread hate and blame. Stop implicating innocent people in what the illuminati do.
    The U.S. made a huge mistake in occupying Iraq b/c of lies of the illuminati. Now people all over the world want to kill U.S people. The illuminati is also setting up Israel the same way they set up the U.S. to be hated. We live in a toxic soup of hate. Stop the hate and turn this world around by unitying humanity in compassion. It’s the only way. If you spread hate, you are helping the NWO and helping the dark forces. Everything is energy, it’s quantum physics, laws of attraction. And people who are religious and don’t want to believe this, the dark forces manipulate religions as well to keep people from changing this world.

  • David E

    me tu

  • René Martin

    There was an ad on Graiglist looking for black actors to play victims of police brutality.

  • Pam Johnson

    I say since you can’t trust anybody, disband the police and it’s every man for himself! All of this is making me want to buy a gun, so holding these false flag events is backfiring on them if the intent is to take people’s guns away. The police force was proposed by Benjamin Franklin to be a neighborhood watch, anyway. Every man for himself, neighborhood watch, and private security ought to keep people safe without unarmed people being murdered by people who get paid with their victims’ tax dollars.

    • Jennifer

      Buy one ASAP before they take our last rights away b/c our govt is BEYOND the point of tyranny. The POTUS signed a propaganda bill and a series of execute orders that go COMPLETEY against our Constitution.

      The sleeping public believes EVERYTHING the media tells them as fact and never research for themselves. In this information age, ignorance is a choice.

  • Brad Dueringer

    It just is with some people/psychopaths

  • Brad Dueringer

    Spelling and grammar fall far short of a human who lacks logic or ethics. People who myopically focus on grammar and spelling are the people I detest. Did you know that Albert Einstein was a poor speller?