Fake News On Steroids: CNN Published Fake Bombshell Story Attempting To Connect Donald Trump Jr. And Wikileaks As Media War On All Things Trump Continues

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The openly anti-Trump news network CNN misreported numerous key details in a fake “bombshell” news story that pathetically tried to connect Donald Trump Jr. and Wikileaks by quoting an email that was randomly sent to Trump that contained a link to a Wikileaks data dump file.

CNN originally claimed that the email was sent on September 4th, 2016 which in turn allowed the propaganda network to insinuate that Trump Jr. was given hacked documents from Russia before they were publicly released by Wikileaks 9 days later.

The problem? The email was actually sent on September 14th which changes the entire story into literally a nothingburger about a random email sent to the Trump campaign by a concerned voter that contained nothing more than a link to publicly available information rather than some explosive revelation that Trump Jr. was receiving intelligence straight from Russia days before it was actually released to the world.

The Washington Post reported:

The date matters. CNN’s report indicated that the Trump campaign had been fed hacked email files belonging to the Democratic National Committee and former secretary of state Colin Powell more than a week before the files were released publicly.

“Interestingly,” CNN reporter Manu Raju said on the air, “the same day that Donald Trump Jr. received this email was the first time that he appears to have tweeted about WikiLeaks.”

CNN presented the timing of Trump Jr.’s tweet as a possible reason to doubt his claim that he never even saw the email.

The later email date reported by The Post means that Trump Jr.’s first tweet about WikiLeaks could not have been prompted by the email, since the president’s eldest son did not receive the message until 10 days after tweeting.

More important, the later date means that the email did not provide the Trump campaign with early access to WikiLeaks documents after all.

The DNC files shared with Trump Jr. via a link and a “decryption key” on Sept. 14, 2016, had been posted online and advertised on Twitter by WikiLeaks the day before. And the Powell files had been posted online hours before Trump Jr. received the email from a person who identified himself as Michael J. Erickson.

This truly is fake news on steroids.

A lawyer for Trump Jr., Alan S. Futerfas, not only destroyed the notion that the email was anything nefarious, he also made clear that the sources for the original fake news story by CNN were most likely Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee who leaked confidential information about Trump Jr’s testimony in yet another obvious attempt at further hurting the president.

“The email was never read or responded to and the House Intelligence Committee knows this,” Futerfas said in a statement. “It is profoundly disappointing that members of the House Intelligence Committee would deliberately leak a document, with the misleading suggestion that the information was not public, when they know that there is not a scintilla of evidence that Mr. Trump Jr. read or responded to the email.”

“We are concerned that these actions, combined with the deliberate and misleading leak of a meaningless email, undermines the credibility of the serious work the House Intelligence Committee is supposedly undertaking,” Futerfas continued.

Amazingly, another noted anti-Trump news outlet, The Washington Post, were the ones to first report CNN’s error in a move that allowed them to pretend that this was an accidental error while laughably claiming that it also proves that the mainstream media can and does police themselves.

In fact, after their report proved that CNN had published fake news, the Post actually published another article that decried the fact that the president had picked up on the disinformation and was once again using it to attack the mainstream media.

You could practically hear the cry of “fake news” building in President Trump’s lungs before he took the stage in Pensacola and let it rip.

The “fake news” label suggests intentional deception, but there is no evidence that this was anything but a mistake. Plus, The Post’s report on the true date of the email is an example of how the press often polices itself — contrary to conspiratorial notions of a “corrupt cabal,” as Sean Hannity calls the media.

Still, a week after ABC made an even bigger error that also involved the inaccurate reporting of an event’s timing, CNN’s slip-up played into Trump’s effort to cast the media as unreliable and out to get him.

Yes, you read that right. Despite the fact that The Post most likely only published their report that exposed CNN in order to get ahead of a conservative news outlet doing the same, one of their reporters is actually claiming that this proves that there is not corruption or bias in the mainstream media against Donald Trump.

This is of course absolutely laughably as both CNN and The Washington Post have been some of the leading anti-Trump news outlets who have not only published direct lies about the president, but have also been selectively leaked classified material in order to build up the fake narrative that Russia specifically helped Trump win the election.

The fake CNN story is only the latest example of the direct propaganda war that the establishment media is currently conducting against both the president and the American people as a whole.

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  • John C Carleton

    Trump is the property of Israhell.
    The Demophiles and the Republiphiles are the property of Israhell.
    Trump, Congress, Supreme Court, Pentagon, FBI, CIA,HLS, FDA, AMA,FEMA, are all Israhell property and do their bidding.
    The three ring Circus in Sodam and Gomorrah on a hill, by the Potomac is to keep the American Sheep distracted while Uncle Sugar wearing only RED-WHITE and BLUE sneakers, and Nitwityahoo, wearing only an Israhell flag like a cape, sneak up on the American sheep.
    A threesome without America’s consent.
    I do believe that is called gang rape.

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  • KreepyJoe

    WTC Building 7, Sandy Hoax, Guy in a cave defeats NORAD on 09/11/2001, no plane debris in the Pentagon, no video, cops wear military gear and murder black people every day, CNN, 21 trillion in national debt, the Plan for a Greater Israel..and Disqus just got sold…


    The US government DOES NOT EXIST

  • SP_88

    How much longer must I listen to this nonsense about how the Russians supposedly hacked our election? Nobody who voted for Trump did so because of anything the Russians did. They voted for Trump because they either liked Trump or Hated Hillary. And those who hated Hillary hated her because she is so thoroughly corrupt and dishonest. And nobody needed any help from the Russians to see that Hillary was/is corrupt. She took care of that herself.

  • Alleged-Comment

    Everything about them is FAKE. Remember the candidate they endorsed and vouched for – the Negro sodomite obama??

    Turns out he was never qualified constitutionally but was a foreign Moslem operative and total PHONY, and still free.

  • Jim Estes

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