FAIL: State Dept’s Marie Harf Blames $50 Billion Iran “Bonus” in Nuclear Deal on Treasury Dept Calculation Error

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Someone has obviously been studying their common core math.

After Jay Solomon over at the Wall Street Journal pointed out that there was a whopping $50 billion difference in the funds Iran was supposed to get after the sanctions release in the administration’s nuclear deal and what Iran is claiming to have, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf took to Twitter to “clarify” to him publicly that it was the Treasury Department’s fault… as if that somehow makes the government look less ridiculously inept.

Harf is the Senior Advisor for Strategic Communications to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry at the U.S. State Department, leading the Iran nuclear negotiations communications strategy. So now America first finds out the news that Iran gets $100 billion in the nuke deal — from Iran, not our government — but it’s actually $50 billion more than what our Treasury Department determined when they “did the math”??? Even John Kerry admitted last month that some of this money will go to fund terrorism. Guess now they’ll just have a whole lot more to work with than what Americans were told by our own government.

Americans are used to, and maybe even numb to, incompetence and stupidity leaking out of every crack in this government, but the sheer level of fail involved in this $50 billion math error managed to actually shock people.

The stupid burned this guy’s eyes:

Others wondered why she even made the distinction since it’s all the same administration being this dumb. Harf then clarified her clarification, managing to make it worse.

Bottom line?

Yeah, pretty much. Then there’s this:

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  • Ed

    Is there nobody left in gov’t jobs that is competent ? Maybe they should have had Jonathan Gruber from MIT run the numbers before turning all of those Billions of $$$$ over to Iran; but then again we may have gotten Gruberized even worse than with ObozoCare !

    • Reverend Draco

      Bureaucrats always rise to the level of their incompetence – the “Top Men” have got to be as incompetent as is humanly possible. . . or they’d never have gotten promoted.

      • Ed

        It’s all about what I call GOBS : Good Old Boys Society—Once you’re in, the politicos protect you whatever the cost in the publics’ sentiments—Just look at Eric Holder, HildaBEAST Clinton, the IRS criminal activities ,,,,,etc… How long will this all persist and go on—-seems as though the people in power get more BIZZARO on a daily basis.

        • Reverend Draco

          It will persist until either A) it collapses under the influence of it’s own off-kilter physics or B) we put an end to it.

          Neither end will be pretty.

          • Ed

            Just this morning a good friend and I were having a coffee discussion. I commented that WW 111 was on the horizon; he replied that we are already there and have been for awhile, but nobody as yet has declared war on one another.

          • Reverend Draco

            It’s a proxy war. . . sad thing, the US gov is sorta conducting a proxy war against itself.

  • Jon Geissinger

    Her knee pads got in the way of the calculator.