Facebook and Instagram Will No Longer Allow Private Gun Sales

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For the most part, Facebook has looked the other way when it comes to buying firearms from unlicensed dealers (or so-called private gun sales). All manner of firearms and accessories could be bought on the website if one knew where to look. But Facebook recently decided to put an end to this market after caving to pressure from anti-gun groups.

Retailers and licensed dealers will still be able to advertise firearms, but won’t be allowed to conduct sales over the website, or through Instagram. Private sellers however, won’t be able to advertise or sell at all. Facebook placed restrictions on advertisements in 2014, but largely refused to yield to the demands of anti-gun groups, until now.

Gun control advocates who had criticized Facebook in the past applauded the decision. Shannon Watts of Everytown for Gun Safety, who had called on Facebook to stop private gun sales two years ago, stated that Facebook “Was unfortunately and unwittingly serving as an online platform for dangerous people to get guns.” The President of the Brady Campaign added that “It is simply too easy for virtually anyone to buy any gun they want online without a Brady background check. Facebook just took an important step in addressing that challenge and we call on others to follow suit.”

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .

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  • Donna


    dont use facebook or instagram

    Stave them of $$$$$$

    • Since they are free to the users, how will that work?

      • Reverend Draco

        No traffic = no advertising dollars

        • I doubt that more than a single percent of their users would ever let go of the social media teat, so they’ll have growing market for a long time. The world will never suffer a shortage of ignorant fools. I’m surprised that Disqus isn’t more popular than it is, being relatively immune from advertising. Unfortunately, there are some devils in their details…

          • Reverend Draco

            No doubt. . . just when everything is made foolproof. . . along come bigger fools. . .

          • If it is tailored to fools, why do so many non-fools let it make fools out of them?

          • Reverend Draco

            Well. . . I’d have to say a predilection for foolishness. . .

          • I’d attribute it to gross and almost criminal ignorance.

          • Reverend Draco

            Same thing in practice.

          • Criminality is the same thing as foolishness?

          • Reverend Draco

            Well. . . most if not all criminals are fools. . .

            It’s a Venn diagram with a BIG overlap.

          • Mark Owen

            That’s OK Obama will give another gun control speech and sales will go through the roof again, best damn gun salesman I have ever seen.

          • jim_robert

            Please clarify what devils are in the details. Thanks.

      • Donna

        simple if you use them they datamine you for $$$$
        they sell your info

        • Since they datamine everything that passes through their portals, and much of what appears online does, they are datamining the entire web. How do you refuse to use them, given that reality?

      • Ellenssimmons1

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  • Reverend Wingnut

    FB who?

  • morecotwo

    The sickening part is that at least half of the dailysheep post on facecrp.

    • Unapologetically White

      A good thing, as it makes them easier to identify and find.

  • Unapologetically White

    What is this “Facebook” of which you speak?

    • Smarty

      I call it Sheepbook, and will never have an account…

      • That is the best approach since it has been well documented that Facebook accounts can never be closed or erased, just ignored by the initiator.
        It is my hope that patriot hackers will one day ravage social media outlets into oblivion.

      • huntress

        Excellent post. I like it.

  • whiteberry

    Further controlling of the masses…slavebook…

  • Razedbywolvs

    .223 can opener for sale.Open multiple cans at long distances. Very energy efficient.

  • Mark

    Oy veh! With all the publicity about Facebook’s CIA funding and Zionist agenda, anyone who continues to use that platform deserves to be abused. Boycott them. Scroll down to “Jews and Gun Control—a hostile elitehttp://judaism.is/perpetrators.html


    Israel attempts international control of internet content
    “The participating countries would be part of a loose coalition that would keep an eye on content and where it was being posted, and members of the coalition would work to demand that the platforms remove the content that was posted in any of their countries at the request of members.”

    Israel eyes world coalition to force social media platforms to block incitement
    by David Shamah, The Times of Israel, January 19, 2016

  • Infidel51

    More unenforceable pie in the sky lefty nonsense. Just like obamas ridiculous executive orders.

    • Unfortunately, it is the largest branch of the federal government, the executive branch, which can be compelled to enforce executive orders, making them very much enforceable by those who work for that branch, through administrative law courts.

  • breakawaymotorsports .

    I’ll sleep better tonight! Was this really a problem? I don’t use either social service anyways.
    I like to buy my guns the old fashioned way..in a gun shop.

    • Where did the colonists buy guns before there were sporting good stores? Obama’s new executive orders treat all gun sellers as if they were gun stores with respect to regulation enforcement.

    • huntress

      Is your philosophy also,…”i have nothing to hide, so i’ll give up my 4th amendment right”? You are what they call a useful idiot.

      • breakawaymotorsports .

        You post stuff on a public forum..and cry foul?It’s not your private domain, it’s THEIR website,so they make the rules.Has zip to do with your 4th amendment rights. I suppose this makes you a useless idiot?

  • none

    Nice expensive old high grade shotgun. Double barrel, does that mean only two shots before reloading?
    And yes the FBI did use fasual reconisual technology, to identify anyone with a drivers licence.

    • Reverend Draco

      “Fasual reconisual.”

      Is that magic?

  • knotjammin2

    Make sure you shut down the port they use on your router. I did that a while back. My friends that come over and try to access FaceBook are surprised when I tell them it’s not allowed on my network. FaceBook = Big Brother!!

  • Shut the full cup

    Like anyone on this site would use Facebook for … anything. But it’s a great political move as it shows Facebook to be with the narrative while risking nothing.

    I don’t expect Amazon to follow suite anytime soon, as I expect they are making some money on optics, slings and other gun paraphernalia.

    • Amazon will never follow suite (sic) as long as they would be forced to deliver through a licensed federal firearms dealer.

  • huntress

    Stop supporting these kikes. Suckerberg had his corp. tax reduced by agreeing to ban private gun sales. But, as usual the dimwits out there will blindly follow this hymie right off the cliff.

  • Mike

    Don’t use either, and now just one more reason not to. Not to mention the fact that advertising on those sites puts a freaking bulls eye on you.

  • jim_robert

    I dumped FB years ago. Not interested in freely supporting the Orwellian state, compromising my privacy OR wasting time posting stuff no one will see anyway.

  • If foolishness overlaps with criminality, why aren’t there more fools on death row?

  • Sam Nelson

    Probably best since doing anything online is like leaving a business card for the whole world to see. I cannot believe people have been so dumb as to buy and sell firearms within the framework of organizations like Facebook and etc.. Why not just write the head of the FBI, CIA, and their ilk, tell them I am buying or selling a gun – that’s what happens when people use the Internet to do gun business, everybody in D.C. knows about it…

  • disqus_q0fJBDaGHm

    We need a “Freebook” to replace that asshole website