Eyewitness Claims Rancher Was Murdered as Feds Surround Wildlife Refuge

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With any controversial event, it’s usually safe to assume that the first accounts to reach the public are the least accurate. With enough time, the truth always rises to the top, and often stands in direct contrast to the initial version of events. What transpired yesterday between law enforcement and the leaders of the militia hunkered down in Malheur, is no exception.

The first sanitized reports arrived yesterday evening. Ammon Bundy and his brother, along with several other militia members and supporters, were on their way to a community meeting when the FBI and Oregon State Troopers pulled them over. They told the press that they were attempting to arrest the men, and one of their officers was forced to shot and kill LaVoy Finicum who had refused to surrender. Though reports vary, only a handful of shots were fired, which also led to the hospitalization of Ryan Bundy.

Now compare that with the account of Victoria Sharp, who was in the vehicle when this all transpired.  According to her, there were two vehicles, and law enforcement was pre-positioned on the road before intercepting the group. Over a hundred rounds were fired at the first vehicle as its passengers tried to step out, but not the second vehicle, which contained Ammon Bundy.

Finicum tried to drive away but crashed into a snow bank. He then left the vehicle and approached the agents with his hands up saying “Just shoot me! Just shoot me!” which they obliged. He was shot 6 times as he stood, and another 3 times after he fell to the ground. After that, the vehicle was again “bombarded with bullets” and Ryan Bundy was shot in the arm as he sat in the truck.

Instead of leading with that account, the media has since cited the driver of the second vehicle, Mark McConnell, because his version of events mirrors the story provided by law enforcement. They completely ignore the fact that he has admitted that he didn’t really see anything and was 200 yards away from the first vehicle.

After the two vehicles were stopped, Finicum “took off” towards another roadblock, about a mile down the road, where he stalled in a snow bank, according to McConnell. While the federal agents were detaining militia leader Ammon Bundy and his bodyguard, Brian ‘Buddha’ Cavalier, Finicum got out of his truck and “charged” the roadblock.

“He went after them. He charged them,” McConnell said, citing the account of events given by Shawna Cox and Ryan Payne, both passengers in Finicum’s truck. It is unclear how he heard the accounts, however, since both Payne and Cox were detained by the authorities, while McConnell was let go.

His account could not be confirmed, but “several details matched accounts from law enforcement sources,” according to the Oregonian.

Regardless of what really happened, the situation at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge is still ongoing, though for how long is anyone’s guess. Shortly after Ammon Bundy was arrested, law enforcement surrounded the area and set up checkpoints in an effort to starve them out. Now the only people who will be allowed in are ranchers who own land in the area. In a recent press conference, a FBI spokesperson said that the remaining militiamen are “free to leave” the refuge.

Still, many of them seem intent on staying put until their grievances are addressed.

At the refuge Tuesday evening, occupier Jason Patrick reported no unusual activity. “It’s pretty quiet here,” Patrick said. He said no one was leaving as of 6 p.m.

Hours later, Patrick said the refuge remained quiet but “we’re all standing here ready to defend our peaceful resolution.” He wouldn’t elaborate.

However, there’s a good chance that the militia will start to dissipate over the next week, if not sooner. Ammon Bundy has just released a statement through his lawyer, urging the remaining protesters at the refuge to go home, and asked federal authorities to let the men leave without charges.

“To those remaining at the refuge, I love you. Let us take this fight from here. Please stand down. Please stand down. Go home and hug your families. … Please go home,” Bundy said in a statement read by his attorney, Michael Arnold, following a court hearing.

Jason Patrick, who remained at the refuge following Bundy’s arrest on Tuesday told Reuters by phone that some protesters were leaving on Wednesday afternoon through checkpoints set up by authorities, but rejected the word “surrender.”

“I don’t know what surrendering looks like,” Jason Patrick said. “They’re walking through the checkpoint and going home. That’s what I’ve heard unless I’m being lied to.”

Patrick added: “It’s getting emptier over time, some people leaving, some people still there holding onto what they’re holding onto.”

It appears that the situation is finally de-escalating, but it’s hard to say what the final holdouts will do. Some of the men seem determined to hang on no matter what. Will there be a showdown between themselves and law enforcement as many observers have feared, or will they too eventually call it quits, and go home to their families?

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    • DebbieCaldwell


    • infowolf1

      sounds like more of that legally ignorant and constitutionally ignorant sovereign “de jure” and/or “common law court” crap. you people don’t even know what common law is. In England it was the law enforced on all in common decreed by the king. in America is it case law. a body of legal decisions by judges.

      • berrybestfarm

        Common Law in America is defined as the common law of do no harm to others or their property and as modified by state statutes. A lot of the patriots will disagree with this definition due to the unconstitutionality of the statutes but it is what it is.

      • Your Majesty is referring to the Anglo-Saxon Common Law ? Case law is all crap,,,based on puke and vomit statutes / acts / bills / codes / policies / promulgations and all such trash. Nothing to do with law, just with legal.

        • infowolf1

          you don’t understand what law is. law is what a king or legislature or some committee with enforcement power (goon squad, army police) declares is law. the committee in the case of a plebescite like CA does sometimes for an amendment to the state constitution or voting on some measures can be the people at large.
          “law” is not some divinely rooted whatnot. There is God’s laws which are few and do not support any one form of government (except monarchy, king forever Jesus when He comes back) or economic system. Some are obviously worse than others, though it depends on the situation they are operating in.
          Anglo Saxon Common Law is what was enforced on all in common (hence “common law”) by the king’s decree, later with Parliament playing a role. it didn’t mean something handed down from the mists of antiquity and often had to evolve. To stop murder and blood feuds, the king had to claim everyone as his property so that it was his business if someone got killed. to stop mayhem (mutilating damage inflicting fights) the king had to claim all men as potential army so that the king had a vested interest in their physical condition, and a person subjected to severe injury could get justice.
          I studied law for two years or so and there was a lot of old history in the books I had.

          • You conflate law with legal.

          • infowolf1

            no you think of law as some mystical whatnot then write your own ideas into that. LEGAL IS WHAT IS IN ACCORD WITH LAW. “right and wrong” are supposed to be guides to making law but are not the same thing.

          • Typical confused omniscient type…. enjoy your fog

          • Reverend Draco

            “Lawful” and “Legal” are not the same thing.

            “Legal” is just Newspeak for “drug-addled whim.”
            “Lawful” means in accordance with the Supreme Law of the Land.

          • infowolf1

            first off, what group are you a reverend with?
            secondly, the Supreme Law of the Land aka The Constitution is not quite what you self appointed constitutional experts often claim it is. some of the stuff you consider unconstitutional is explicitly in it, some other things are an outgrowth of what is in it, some things are unconstitutional, and as for SCOTUS creating law that some say they do, this is false, their constitutionally defined purpose is to interpret the Constitution. There have been some decisions, like misapplying privacy in the marital relationship to individual privacy to make Roe v. Wade, that are what some judges have called bad law, and can be overthrown on that ground.

          • Reverend Draco

            I’m not going to show you my penis no matter how many times you ask.

          • infowolf1

            I didn’t ask to see yer damn penis not even what religion just what organization. Anyway, I guess your choice of phrasing in refusing to deal with this indicates you are with a sex cult.

          • Reverend Draco


            Let me guess. . .

            u lernd ur critycl thkng sklls frum a bag uv craker jak?

          • roger

            if the constitution needs to be interpreted by the nine robed wonders, it is void for vagueness. I don’t need anyone to interpret what is written in plain English.

          • infowolf1

            typical of you people. never read the part that validates all this. article III sections 1 and 2. The SCOTUS has jurisdiction in precisely the disputes in which the Constitution has been interpreted to settle them, and which built the body of interpretation we have now.
            Have you ever read anything of the Constitution except what appeals to you, out of context filtered through some demagogue’s blather? or read some but skimmed anything that takes close reading?

          • roger

            how true

          • roger

            any “law” that is not allowed by the powers of the constitution are not law, and are null and void on their face.

          • infowolf1

            exactly why some laws were thrown out when brought before SCOTUS whether you liked the laws or not, and why some were retained whether you like it or not.

  • doucyet

    Well…………the SOBs got the blood they went there to get. Now they can go home with their d i c k s all swollen and jack each other off.

    • Razedbywolvs

      It’s the blood that gives them the hard on. So this was more the equivalent to taking Viagra. Fun at first but after awhile it turns into a big problem that wont go away.

    • DebbieCaldwell

      The onl blood they need is the BLOD OF CHRIST

      • Reverend Draco

        Ah, yes – ritual cannibalism by proxy. . . that’ll fix everything!

        • DebbieCaldwell

          Not the blood of man by but the Christ it’s th LAMB OF GOD inside me.

          • Reverend Draco

            Ritual cannibalism is ritual cannibalism. . . playing semantics changes exactly nothing.

          • infowolf1

            with that name and logo, you are part of a paganism thing that whether it practices it or not whether it wants to admit it or not, included such behavior in its past. There are several motives for cannibalism. the ritual motive is usually to acquire the characteristics you admire about the person who is eaten. This is the motive for eating respected elders during their funeral rites in New Guinea and elsewhere, and for eating enemy warriors who impressed the eaters with their courage.

          • Reverend Draco

            The operative term is “in the past.”

            Time to grow up, join the modern world.

          • infowolf1

            the modern world’s humanitarian values were shaped mostly by Christianity. give credit where credit is due. Christian thinkers, writers, poets, lawmakers, all contributed as well as the Church itself officially promoting some things and opposing others.

          • Reverend Draco

            Yeah. . . mostly shaped by christianity – and have you noticed how fucked up the world is?

            Coincidence? Nope.
            There’s the credit that’s due.

        • DebbieCaldwell

          The devil has blinded YOU SHEEP

          • Reverend Draco

            Let’s see. . . you blindly follow a Judas Goat into the waiting shears of your Shepherd. . . and I’m a Sheep?
            Like Shepherds have the best interests of the Sheep in mind, anyway. . . “C’mere, Baa Ram Ewe – you’re tonight’s MUTTON!”

            Do you even read the incoherent nonsense you post, or does it just fall out of your head like diarrhea?

          • Haruka Wind

            I couldn’t agree more Jesus Christ = Horus Krst = Prince Diamond = Liesalot because he Lies a Lot

          • Haruka Wind

            If anyone has been deceived around here ITS YOU FOR BELIEVING IN THAT MONSTER!

            I bet you have no idea that Jehovah is god the father Cronus/Saturn?

            Are you aware that islamic Sharia law is taken straight from the old testament?

            Are you aware that the burqa worn by Muslim women comes from 1 Corinthians 11?

            You also are unaware that the Sabbath is Saturn day, Christmas is Saturnalia, The church worships Horus the risen sun god on you guessed it Sun day.

            The twelve patriarchs/disciples are the twelve Olympian gods that correspond to the zodiac.

            Honestly would you want to stand around for all eternity chanting Holy Holy Holy TO SOME DESPOT?

            Worse still that Krst/Christ compares his relationship to mankind as marriage. Seriously do you want to end up in his bedchamber?

            In ignorance i used to believe in him myself but i awoke from the nightmare when i discovered the truth about the Saturn cult that rules this world.

          • Reverend Draco

            You do know that they’re all mythological beings, yes?

            Saying “Jehovah is god the father Cronus/Saturn” is the same as saying “Saurman is Sharkû/Sharkey,” or that Sauron is the Disciple of Morgoth, who is Melkor “He Who Arises In Might.”

          • sunshine

            Can I ask what you believe?

          • Reverend Draco


            I don’t wave my man-penis around in public.
            I don’t wave my religion-penis around in public either.

            Put like that. . . it does explain why so many leaders of the “revealed” religions have such trouble keeping their man-penises in their pants. . .

          • sunshine

            OK no problem, I wasn’t asking to be shitty about it though, just want you to know that 🙂

          • infowolf1

            pagan fleshly inclinations not submitted to Christ and eradicated. nominal Christians. When a Christian or Jew behaves like that, they are in violation of the words of God. When a pagan of any category does so, it is either in imitation of one of their “gods” or at least not in violation of authoritative scripture. At most it is violation of some group tradition that itself came from the more morally inclined agnostics and poetic esthetic paganism attracted Victorians and later in the early to mid 20th century, whose values were shaped by the Christianity they rejected (or were shaped by people who were so shaped a few centuries prior) and/or reflected some “human decency” which itself is left over from after the Fall when our first ancestors went against our Creator’s directives.

          • Reverend Draco

            Nice incoherence – did you pull it out of your own ass, or did some cretin in a purty hat tell yuh wut ta say?

          • Haruka Wind

            I never said i believed in christianity.

          • scottsacco

            Who are you to criticize and insult a person’s faith? Why do you invest so much into a rant that has nothing to do with the article subject or content under which you are posting?

          • Haruka Wind

            Who are you to put me down for exposing a monster like Christ who has lied to humanity since square one. At least I’m doing whats right rather than hiding behind some phony religion. Do the research and find out the truth about the origins of religion and how it has caused more harm to humanity than anything else. So called holy books are nothing but a pack of lies to keep people in bondage. Check it out the truth is there.

          • infowolf1

            you have bought a pack of lies. and the ancient false gods you like were often into demanding human sacrifice and such like they demanded to be fed but Christ feed us.

          • Haruka Wind

            First off i hate those evil gods that have preyed on humanity for millennia. Where on earth did you get the notion that i like those monsters when i was trying to expose them all? You are the one who swallowed the biggest lie ever when you mistakenly believed that Christ came to save you when in reality he is Zeus who just happens to be the second most wicked god ever next to his old man who tops the list as the most jealous monster to ever set foot in this universe.

  • Enough is enough

    The damage has been done. The out come was if you stand up for your rights against a treasonous government. They will kill you or put you in jail.

    • Doom On You

      This is what needs to be taken away from all of this. There is very little difference between the governments here and Russia or China. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more draconian laws to put an end to more of our disappearing rights.

      • Only so long as the citizens allow it. Governments Don’t differ between the places you’ve mentioned and the US, the PEOPLE Do.

      • sunshine

        The difference is Chinese and Russians don’t think they’re free. We stupidly do.

        • Doom On You

          Wow, perfect summation (no sarcasm)! +1

      • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

        Wouldn’t be surprised? You can count on it!

  • D.Moore

    Would seem maybe McConnell is not who he may claim to be, he was let go because maybe he is an undercover mole…So it was a road block basically that went wrong or should I say entrapment

    • Agent provocateur no doubt. Many of them that have left through the “checkpoints” are likely his accomplices

    • roger


  • 2016usaofzimbabwe

    it all good by WDC group think=
    dead white people=Check
    Goyim quelled=check
    Govt pensions/Tax revenue rollin in =check
    end of this chapter….check

  • patriot156

    as the guy who came in from Irrigon he rode a horse over the Hills.
    Ammons plea is more likely the FEDS coercing him. So is Mcconells second plea. Because he said in his first video he said don’t let Lavoys death be in vain and we still have shit to do….
    Don’t let Fed trolls, or disinformation sweep this under.
    They Murdered him This I believe for sure, because under Browns orders they were told to put an end to this. and more likely shot 150-200 times as reported by Victoria Sharps account I believe to be more accurate.

  • Dan Morgan

    LaVoy Finicum, murdered for “Protesting While White”.
    There will be a reconning, in this life, or the next.

    • Reverend Draco

      Or a RetConning. . .

  • I love the way the “Sheriff” said in the after shooting press conference “we don’t just arm up and Rebel, This can’t happen in America anymore”… I guess he must feel REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE living in a nation with Freedoms that WAS FORMED BY ARMED REBELLION AGAINST A TYRANNICAL POWER!!!!!!!. Let me be the first to chip in for a ticket for this Facist Asshat to relocate to a wonderful nation that was NOT formed by armed Rebellion.

  • cmb


    FACEBOOK Page of Lavoy Finicum Taken Down – 753pm , Ammon’s “ATTORNEY” possibly
    an imposter, Sheriff Palmer possibly
    involved with SETUP…


  • berrybestfarm

    This was an assassination. Easier to clean up and sanitize than addressing our grievances.

  • Haruka Wind

    The height of stupidity

  • SonsofAnarchy5768

    Here is a timeline about what has/is happening, does not quit line up with this article though

  • rejco

    Cold-Blooded Murder!

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    No matter how this went down, the fuse has been lit. The US government has become England and the People have been relegated to mere subject status.

  • Roopods6

    We need the audio. Uncut. Uncensored. Only then will we know who is telling the truth and who the liars are. This video doesn’t settle it.

  • Beelzebub

    Good. I’m glad the FBI shot this lawless POS in the face.

    • Reverend Wingnut

      What a sad little man you are…

  • Jena Bowman

    I think this Rancher took one for the team.
    I think they figured they had to shoot him for protesting, that way they could kinda even it up for the black people pilice shot while they were protesting over different things . I think they wanted to show the nation we shoot white people for defending their beliefs too.


    I watches the videos and they follow what Miss Sharp said before any had access to the videos. It was clear the man who was shot and killed had nothing in his hands and were not pointed in the direction that in my observation would be called a threat. Our law enforcement and government is out of control and if not stopped our nation will collapse in armed conflict. While every effort must be done to obtain a peaceful resolution I do not see it coming. Can the government tell me that these ranchers were a threat to anyone in this nation until the federal Martial’s showed up in force. It seems that it’s answers to everything include a maximum show of force. This started back from the time of waco and has escalated. It will escalate for they assume American are weak and will roll over for the ruling class. Big and fatal mistake.