Extreme Weather Warning: As Polar Vortex Descends on U.S. “All Hell to Break Loose”

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Leading physics professor Michio Kaku, of the City University of New York, has signaled a warning concerning the polar vortex now bringing extreme cold weather to a majority of states in the U.S.

“Superstorm Nuri packs more energy than Hurricane Sandy. It’s headed our way, and we are in the bullseye. This weekend it’s going to plow into Alaska, creating fifty foot waves. Then, by midweek, all hell breaks loose. It’s going to combine with the jetstream, pushing arctic air perhaps as low as Florida,” Michio Kaku told CBS News.

“In the worst case scenario, it could mean a deep freeze. It means airlines canceling flights left and right. It means transportation being disrupted… we’re talking disruption that will peak between November 13 and November 15, but will ripple through the rest of November,” Kaku added, telling viewers to “get used to” polar vortexes, because “the earth is changing, and we’re going to see more violent swings.”

Northern states are expected to experience extreme lows that could reach -30 Fahrenheit and beyond, while early bouts of extreme cold will affect nearly the entire U.S., dipping between 15 and 30 degrees below normal.

It will bring snowstorms and heavy rains across the much of Northern United States and Canada, and heavy rains, particularly in the East.

The Weather Channel’s Tom Niziol cautioned, “It’s early in the season, but we are poised for a pure Arctic outbreak.”

While several credible weather watchers have linked this polar vortex to weather manipulation – which Kaku himself admits is different from last year’s – investigative reporter Shephard Ambellas has also linked it with several curiously timed events that may prove to be play into a disaster-recovery agenda:

However, all of this may dovetail into a massive FEMA drill already set to take place on Nov. 13, in FEMA Region II, as reported by Intellihub.com.

Furthermore the Washington Post reported, “Hackers from China breached the federal weather network recently, forcing cybersecurity teams to seal off data vital to disaster planning, aviation, shipping and scores of other crucial uses” possibly coinciding with the plan.

Hurricane Sandy certainly proved to be a massive weather event with even bigger political and power ramifications, that included massive property damage, tens of thousands of destroyed homes and severe disruption to the power grid, gasoline fuel and natural gas for heating. FEMA is still dealing with the aftermath of destruction that affected millions and totaled $1.1 billion just in federal allocated dollars, and another $3.2 billion in National Flood Insurance Program payments, along with several hundred million in other related costs.

There are some important ways that you can prepare your home and family for extreme winter weather, as well as possible electricity outages or gas and food shortages.

Below are some detailed steps on how to insulate your body, particularly for any extended outdoors activity, and also to insulate your home. In particular, there are several ways to winterize your abode for even the most insane winter weather, while taking some commons sense steps to preparing for alternative energy supplies, power outages and potentially life threatening circumstances.

Insulating the Home

• Light some candles. Burning candles can add some much needed warmth to a small area. And if you want to make the most of heat emitted from a candle, try making a space heater from a candle. This handy device collects, retains, concentrates, and radiates dry space heat from a candle.
• Sealing off a room or a smaller area to heat by using a folded quilt at the bottom to better insulate the room. You can also hang heavy quilts in the doorways of rooms with a heat source to block them off from the rest of the house. Ensure that you seal any drafts coming from windows in the room as well.
• To prevent heat from escaping from the fireplace when it’s not in use purchase a Fireplace plug. It is an inflatable pillow that seals the fireplace damper, eliminating drafts, odors, and noise. The pillow is removed whenever the fireplace is used, then reinserted after.
• Insulate your windows. Rubber weather sealant and/or window insulation film can also keep drafts at a minimum.
• You can also use a plastic shower curtain or bubble wrap and duct tape, topped by a heavy quilt to keep the wind from whistling through your windows. This has the added benefit of keeping the windows dark if you are concerned about OPSEC (Operational Security). Another option is to purchase a draft door dodger or make your own. (The instructions for this are in the “Stats and Facts” section of this newsletter.) Layers of curtains made of heavy fabrics can also keep a room more insulated.
• Here’s a way to convert your windows into passive solar heater. This passive solar heater is very simple and can be made with items already in your house. If you want to read more about designing and building a solar heater for your home, here is a great article on Mother Earth News.
• Heat some rocks. If you have a place outdoors for a cooking fire, you can add large rocks to the fire. Rocks retain heat for a very long time. When you are ready to go to bed, move the rocks into a cast iron Dutch oven. VERY CAREFULLY take this into the room that you are heating. The stones will emit heat for several hours. This is an excellent way to passively heat your room when you’re sleeping. With this method, you don’t have to be concerned about the potential of a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning during the night.

Serious preppers will already have a step forward on this, but it is not yet too late for most to check over your supplies, or shop for additional emergency items to ensure that the polar vortex, or any similar biting winter cycles, don’t leave you out in the cold.

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  • RGP

    Physics professor. Cute, somebody wanted to speak to a scientist. Weather and climate crap these days seems to come from everybody but a meteorologist. Biologists, paleontologists, sociologists, the professor from Gilligan’s Island… Real working meteorologists would be the preferred source on weather.

  • Maddog

    This again, Prof. Coocachoo has lost his fuckin’ mind. Climate change happens 4 times a year and has for millennial.

  • moovova

    Give it a rest Mac…it’s winter for God’s sake.

  • M Fr Nch

    Oh no winter !!! Hurry our and spend money !!! Run scream and holler !!!

  • Anothereno

    Seriously? This is all bs. Yes the seasons have changed but this super storm isn’t going to happen. . Inciting mass panic should be illegal. ..

  • Well, it’s Thursday and USA appears to be OK,,,except for the elected demon spawn

  • Joe Lizak

    Sometimes I get caught up in the hype of weather events. Worried, I call my old man in New England who’s 87 years old. The last time I called him warning of a Nor’Easter, wind, and snow he calmly exclaimed….” Yup…been through it before”. And when the big event was over my dad was right. No worries.

  • curenado

    Well, no hell broke loose yet that we know of? Tell ferguson the bad news while it is 0 degrees out. That will put a damper on their thug revolution.

  • Ken, Megapolis

    Har har! The Nor Easter sees panes of glass flying fae skyscrapers New York. I fancies a night oot in Glasgow while I was told 2 just chill LOL. Takes more than that 2 blow me over. Just natural fluctuations.

  • mooney7

    Any science that does not factor in geo engineering projects and the
    military’s efforts to control the weather in NATO controlled countries
    is just… fairy stories/

    • homer

      Its probably rigged so the oil and gas companies rake in the Prophets

  • paul tarsuss

    Most don’t care to know the facts as to why earth’s weather systems are so extreme. And deceptive humans will seek to profit from any misery that may be generated. Here are the facts. Easily verifiable…

    Google: “Pole Shift of Noah’s Day About to Happen Again?” There you will find voluminous information which explains our increasing earth changes in detail.

    Search – “Ancient High Performance Electric Motors Discovered that are still in Production.”

    Good Journies

  • Ken, Megapolis

    Well at least I’ve got my thermal undies on LOL. Not a prepper trip, just wanna see the volcano in Iceland which I am reliably told will block out the sun. Nothing stopped the heatwave last summer. Was +33 Montpellier, pronounced Montpellyay. My tan has yet to fade.
    But yes King Winter drives his chariot and he takes few prisoners.
    No real need to ask God for help here.
    Well at leasf not yet (biting fingernails) LOL

  • highpriestess

    someone tell O’bummer to turn the HAARP off and the polar vortex will stop!

  • Rogoraeck

    This article is pure anti Global Warming propaganda.
    You can’t have a “polar vortex” in a Global Warming World.
    Ask his Holiness Saint Al of the Gore…. For confirmation, if you don’t believe me…