Even the Mainstream Media Admits Common Core Is ‘Designed to Guide and Shape Human Behavior’

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A recent Huffington Post article by President and founder of Ink Think Tank, Vicki Cobb, “Common Core State Standards, Rules and Art” begins with the following:

Policies, laws and now the Common Core State Standards are all sets of rules designed to guide and shape human behavior. These rules are implemented through institutions. How does an individual find one’s way through all these rules, regulations, and institutions to become an informed, self-reliant, productive citizen? [emphasis added]

While it seems like common sense, it’s the phrasing that is likely eluding many parents to the true intent of the common core: Policies, laws and now the Common Core State Standards…are designed to guide and shape human behavior.

The Common Core State Standards are currently being implemented in 45 states now, in addition to the District of Columbia and four U.S. territories.

As journalist Dave Hodges points out, the common core is ultimately about the destruction of America:

Common Core is a simply a regurgitation of Bloom’s Taxonomy combined with some very clever propaganda interwoven into the fabric of every course which embraces social justice, collectivism the eventual deindustrialization of America through the acceptance of climate change theories and the resulting carbon taxes and cap and trade policies which will follow. No teacher and no school board member was asked to contribute to the Common Core standards. Nor was any State Legislature involved in the creation of this monstrosity.

These standards are sold to the public as “state-led” but in reality, they were written by a total of five people.

Here’s an example of ten really terrible common core homework assignments that parents have posted online to give you an idea of the direction our nation is headed under this educational system. Of the first example given to first graders in Rhode Island, a parent wrote, “I went to elementary school in Poland during communism. This is exactly what I was forced to learn.”

In addition, billionaire Bill Gates is actually funding these standards to the tune of millions. With his big fat checkbook in hand, Gates is literally buying the U.S. education system sans any democratic process whatsoever. To assume that his interests won’t have a direct effect on what the children within that system are being taught when he essentially owns it is ludicrous wishful thinking at best.

So if the Common Core State Standards guide and shape human behavior, in essence, Bill Gates will be guiding and shaping the behavior of America’s youth.

Gates, FYI, espouses the virtues of GMO, vaccinating every child on Earth, abortion, death panels and man-made climate change and depopulation.

Look forward to that on your child’s next homework assignment, America.

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Contributed by Melissa Dykes of The Daily Sheeple.

Melissa Dykes is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple and a co-creator of Truthstream Media with Aaron Dykes, a site that offers teleprompter-free, unscripted analysis of The Matrix we find ourselves living in. Melissa and Aaron also recently launched Revolution of the Method and Informed Dissent. Wake the flock up!

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  • Susan

    Honestly I do agree with the first common core rule and that is the kids should sit quietly in school and not be unruly. There is no reason for a child to be loud and run around the classroom. We went out to eat at a restaurant and our 5 kids ages 9-18 sat quietly in their chairs while the next table over had 3 boys the same ages as mine running around the table being disruptive. My kids have always sat at the table quietly and eaten even as babies. This is taught early in life. There is nothing wrong with teaching your children manner and respect for others. Heck at one point we went on vacation and had 10 kids with us. We went to a restaurant and they all minded their manners. We had atleast 2 people come to our table and complement us on their behavior.

    • Karen Bracken

      I agree but if parents fail to do their job that does mean it is the job of the government to do it for them. You will have to put up with the unruly children or go eat somewhere else. There are a lot worse things in life than some unruly children. There are some parents that feel the way you raise your kids is not right either. Does THEIR opinion warrant someone else teaching your children THEIR values. No it is does not. What you do with you children is your business and the same goes for every other parent. It is not your job nor is it the job of the government to determine how my child should act or think.

    • Jean

      That shuoldn’t be taught at school.
      It should be taught in the home.

      Used to be, we DID judge others – and those other individuals and families you mention would get social censure and be asked to leave restaurants – and tossed out of school.
      Now, the school will enforce medication to calm them down (does long-term dmage to the brain – ain’t no accident.)
      At the same time, there is NO social censure, and under guise of a “medical condition”, the lobotomizing of the students – mostly male students – will continue.

      Boys are NOT girls, they think and learn in different ways, and physicality is a BIG DEAL to males, in a way women never comprehend (but often fear and respect, sometimes at the same time. The same cop whose big, strong from incites calm, IS the form that terrorizes women, if they don’t know who it is. That badge is a mark of “social proof,” and sometimes backfires: cops can be rapists and murderers, too.)

      Put it all together, there IS a war on masculinity going on, and it’s all in the name of making things “better” for women and girls – which leads to strong central government (Big Daddy, the ultimate “male” power center). Doesn’t mean males should act like lunatics – but it DOES mean there’s a better and worse way to do things, and society ROUTINELY chooses the worst it can find.

      Keep that in mind, and educate your children to grow up to be MEN. Not pansies, not transgenders, not metrosexuals, not androgynes (androgynous). MEN. (I state that because I was NOT brought up that way, and it has made a world of hurt here. Life is hellish when you need to run a series of mental checks for everything you say and do: is it civilized, too feminine, do other males move this way, etc. It’s … There are no words.)

      Being manerly and mindful are essential traits of adults.
      Our society worships the adolescent, and that includes not only youth as beauty, but youth as foolish, brash, angry, physical (when there’s no need) – and NOT physical (usually when there IS a need, such as resisting improper authority. I’m sorry, Mom, I know they’re going to euthanize you, but it’s the law, and you had a good 60 years. These people with badges are only doing their jobs. Just step into the cattle car, and put on the 6-pointed star they give you, and accept the tattoo on your arm without a fight, and it’ll be over soon.)

      See – if you don’t fight when it’s nascent and the fight is EASY, you’ll NEED to fight when it’s harder and more troubling, and the stakes are higher.
      But until they map the whole human genome, and determine how government and psychosis are related – we can’t abort the demons in human form…
      So fight them in the world, without mercy, without quarter – because they’ll decide when you need to die…

  • Bob Marshall

    Eventually, you will come to agree with all of common core rules.

  • Irritated

    All education guides and shapes human behavior. I don’t like the common core idea but the BS sensationalism on this site lately is getting old. Do you people not already supplement what your kids learn in school? If you do, will you stop once common core is in place? No? Then stop freaking out. You are in control of your kids education regardless of what they learn elsewhere.
    Everything is not the end of the world. There are real problems out there that need our attention and nonsense like this does nothing more than distract everyone.

    • Jean

      While you are correct, “it’s not the end of the world,” I think perhaps you’re missing a few details; let me highlight key points.

      “Supplementing” school education will soon result in suspicion from school officials – assuming it’s even effective. Eventually, “in the best interests of the child,” you’ll be declared an “unfit parent,” and your children will be “saved” from your evil indoctrination [in capitalist burgeoisie morals].

      Second, it’s more and more difficult to fight the tide: the indoctrination is on TV, in movies, in music, online, AND in school. Put it all together, and you have a LOT of work to undo the indoctrination done when you’re not around – like, when you’re at work.

      Lastly, how will you ensure which ideas have primacy? Will you teach the child to lie, to pay lip-service to the socialist/communist ideals taught at school? What about their friends? How will you “police” their TV shows and internet access and smart phone? Who they come in contact with (especially if you’re working, as most people have to do)?

      The ZeitGesit has to be STOPPED. We need to deal with the problems, and it will mean doing things OTHER than good or “right.” The enemy has no compunction; we must do the same.
      If they don’t back off, we may have to do it many, many times…

  • lateToTheParty

    It’s the “A model citizen” – not “What my parents teach me …” Sure as a kid making a bunch of noise disturbing people I was taught by my parents was wrong but it was up to them and had nothing to do with the State. It also had less to do with rules than it did to do with respect; both for my parents and for the people around me. If it didn’t bother either, I could do just about anything.