Even CNN Can See It: “Perhaps the Boston Bombings May Never Have Occurred”

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When the possibility of a conspiracy is so blatant that even CNN comments on it, you know that the government is losing it’s grip over the Ministry of Truth…ahem..the mainstream media.

Alternative news outlets suggested immediately that something was awry with the official story. One particularly well-researched article suggested that the entire thing was a government-sponsored false flag event. There were entire websites dedicated to discussions of fake blood, crisis actors, and other strange bits of evidence that just didn’t paint the picture that we were supposed to believe.

Now, on the February 26th episode of Legal View with Ashleigh Banfield, the Canadian-American journalist asked her guest, “…did you find out something that the rest of us hadn’t pieced together, that perhaps the Boston bombings may never have occurred?”

See the entire transcript of the interview below.

Following is the pertinent segment of the “rush transcript” of the episode of CNN’s Legal View with Ashleigh Banfield that aired on Feb. 26, 2014 at 12 Eastern Time.

Could the Boston Marathon bombings have been prevented? It is a massive question. It is a big question because there are new questions and connections to a triple murder that happened just a year-and-a- half beforehand.


BANFIELD: Three men who were slashed to death in a drug den, a leading suspect who was shot to death by the FBI, and in between that the Boston Marathon bombings. None of those cases is new. The triple murder happened two-and-a-half years ago. But despite an undeniable connection in the person of this man, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, only the bombings have been solved.

And the more we learn about the other cases, the more questions seem to really pop up about the bombings and whether we ever really needed to solve them at all. Whether they would have even happened. Questions that range from very trouble to downright shocking. My guest has uncovered reams of new and surprising information in a piece that she reported for “Boston” magazine.

Susan Zalkind, I want to start with the first question, and that is this. This is an exhaustive piece that I have read by you. It’s in this issue of the magazine.

When you went through the triple murders that happened in 2011, the connection with Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the connection down to Todashev, the suspect in Florida, and his friends, girlfriend, the FBI, et cetera, did you find out something that the rest of us hadn’t pieced together, that perhaps the Boston bombings may never have occurred?

SUSAN ZALKIND, “BOSTON MAGAZINE”: Well, you put together that this is really three stories all rolled up into one.

We’ve got an unsolved triple murder, we’ve got a Boston marathon bombing and we’ve got a man shot to death in his own apartment in Florida.

And the only official statement that we have from authorities right now comes out of court documents related to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev which officially states the FBI’s contention that Ibragim Todashev implicated Tamerlan Tsarnaev in that gruesome triple murder in Waltham.

BANFIELD: And remind our viewers, because there are so many details –

ZALKIND: There’s a lot of details.

BANFIELD: We haven’t had a year since the bombings to put it all together.

The death of Todashev in the apartment in Florida —


BANFIELD: — at the hands of the FBI —

ZALKIND: Yes. And there were two Massachusetts state troopers present, as well.

BANFIELD: Who were present, as well.

It was immediately after the potential signing of a confession to the triple murders? Is this what this is about?

ZALKIND: Those are the leaked reports. And we haven’t had any official accounts about this.

I actually just got a press release just this afternoon saying that the Florida state prosecutor who is conducting an independent investigation into this FBI shooting, he will have his own independent report out by the end of March.

And that’s the first official date that we have had that there will be any official report as to what happened in that room.

BANFIELD: In that apartment.

ZALKIND: In that apartment.

BANFIELD: And you’re saying this is the Florida investigation.

ZALKIND: This is the Florida —

BANFIELD: This is not the FBI.

ZALKIND: This is not the FBI.

BANFIELD: They said that they would — because there’s all sorts of — there’s all these different versions of what happened to Todashev.

He’s sitting at a table. They say he rushed the officers with either a knife, and then in another account it’s a pipe. He has a shotgun — or rather, a gunshot to the head, to the top of the head.

ZALKIND: Yeah, and I’ve actually been in this room. I’ve been in this room. In this — it’s a small condo with Ibragim Todashev’s girlfriend before she was deported, by all accounts, for speaking to me.

BANFIELD: So, first of all, it’s interesting that you break this news right now, that the authorities in Florida are going to release the information, that perhaps the FBI has not had the control over them, if there is such a thing, to stop them from doing so, as they continue the investigation into who may have played a wider role in the bombing.

Do they perhaps then not see that there is a wider role that Todashev and others may not have had anything to do with the bombings at the marathon?

ZALKIND: Like I told you before, all we have is this one official statement, the FBI’s contention, that Ibragim Todashev implicated Tamerlan Tsarnaev in that grisly, grisly triple murder in Waltham.

And so you have to — there is a lot of questions here. My investigation starts with Waltham and there are a lot of leads that local officials didn’t go through there.

And then it ends actually in late fall, where I find the FBI’s still reaching out to Ibragim Todashev’s friends, asking them very, very basic questions about the Boston —

BANFIELD: Well, while that may have been, you know, at least some respite for these victims’ families in Waltham who have been waiting and waiting for some sort of solution —

ZALKIND: I don’t think that’s — I think that’s where you’re wrong.

BANFIELD: It’s not much.

ZALKIND: I mean, the victims’ families are really, really hurting here.

BANFIELD: Devastated.

ZALKIND: I mean, we had a –

BANFIELD: Let me just ask one question. There was one spot where I just stopped and my mouth dropped open, and that was this.

The girlfriend of Todashev is perhaps the only person who can give us any insight what his reaction was when he heard about the bombings, i.e., did she suspect he may have known something about it when he heard about the bombings and the death of Tamerlan, that maybe something was afoot?

ZALKIND: All she says — she told me she was in the condo with him and he heard about the Boston marathon bombings, assumingly after Tamerlan Tsarnaev died, and he was very, very sad.

BANFIELD: Maybe just sad for the death of his friend or sad for the reality of it all?

ZALKIND: It’s hard to say. It is hard to say. We just know that they were good friends, and there’s a lot of questions here.

BANFIELD: Shockingly, as good friends, it’s amazing he wasn’t investigated back in 2011.

It’s a great piece. You’ve done a lot of work. I highly recommend people take a look. There is a lot —

ZALKIND: Thank you.

BANFIELD: — that you have uncovered and you’ve written about. Hopefully, we’ll get some answers.

When was the date that the Florida investigators are going to release the report?

ZALKIND: They said by the end of March 2014. This is the first time we’ve ever heard a solid month date of any sort of report coming out of these —

BANFIELD: You’ll have to come back and tell us if it sheds anymore light on anything else.

These questions that you found, it’s just remarkable, just remarkable.

Thank you, Susan. Good to meet you.

ZALKIND: So good to be here.

BANFIELD: Appreciate it.

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  • Chris Foltz

    I’m to the Right of Patton… here in Baltimore County is a teacher that had both legs blown off while running the Boston Marathon… that part was no false flag… maybe the FedGov was behind the deed… but this young lady is missing her legs for real… 🙁

  • Barn Cat

    That’s really moronic. Yes, bombs went off and a lot of people lost limbs. It’s almost as stupid as saying nobody died at Sandy Hook.

    • RobertStuart13

      Hey BC, do yourself a favor, unless you like being fooled, watch the 42 minute presentation by expert Wolfgang Halbig on Sandy Hook. Using the FOIA he received NO official information. WISE-UP.

  • Rick Bauer

    It seems to me that she’s implying that the bombings could have been prevented, not that they never happened.

  • h5mind

    “False flag” doesn’t automatically mean nothing happened, only that the people they blamed it on were not the guilty parties they were portrayed to be in the press. As far as Sandy Hook, I would recommend people review school safety expert Wolfgang W. Halbig’s lengthy investigation into Sandy Hook, and how the local and state authorities still refuse to answer basic questions about what happened there on that day, and why so many common safety protocols (which he teaches, by the way) were bizarrely ignored.

  • h5mind

    The various law enforcement and intelligence gathering agencies are like the various crime syndicates of the Mafia. The FBI are the bag men for their bosses, nothing more.

  • Cookster

    Stupid piece. Wow. I feel really dumb after listening to this.

    • MojoW

      Really? were you there?

      Or are you just another shill regurgitating the propaganda?

      Let me guess, you are one who is all too eager to reply to truth with; “how could we have known the un-knowable”?

      Looks like several govt shills supporting the propaganda and willing to support their masters call. Hope you get paid well, because govt shills bleed like everyone else and the day of reckoning will come.

      • Cookster

        No, I wasn’t there. Were you?
        Before you start calling anyone names, go back over this conversation. Nothing was said that shows any proof.
        However, I do believe that the government imposition of martial law is suspicious. Very suspicious. I believe it was a test to see if a large city like Boston could be controlled, and it turned out that it could.

  • bilbo

    “: “Perhaps the Boston Bombings May Never Have Occurred” If true an innocent man was murdered by the police.

  • Tom

    SSDI records (Social Security Death records) Prove no one died at Sandy Hook Nose.
    See Utube videos documenting this evidence.

    It also, was a Govt OP and False flag for gun control.
    The Gig is up, the watched have become the watchers and are exposing their charade.

  • Rivenburg

    Indeed, in EVERY major false flag event that started wars (with the possible exception of the “Tonkin bay incident”) people were killed. Sandy hook may be the exception, but killing people isn’t a step too far for these folks.

  • Rivenburg

    BTW, Boston bombing? The three guys in full black combat gear in the film just prior to the blast at the finish line were wearing KRAFT INTERNATIONAL logoed hats. one was SEEN squeezing a remote detonator, just as they ran after receiving phone call. Kraft WAS Chris Kyle’s (the worlds best sniper) company until a “CRAZY GUY” (on anti-depressants and pshrink care) shot him.

  • ra wo

    Looks like deep disinfo, the giveaway is using the words “never happened” which associates all skeptics of the official story with a loony tunes conclusion. Of course it happened, and it was a false flag entrapment in which the Tsarnaevs played some role, we just don’t know what. DailySheeple needs to update this with commentary on deep disinfo. Asking questions NOT EQUAL “never happened.”

    On the good side, NWO must feel some kind of heat that the truth is being understood to dredge up the Marathon again, with this new spin. Keep saying. IT HAPPENED. IT WAS ENTRAPMENT, LIKE THE FBI HAS DONE SO MANY TIMES BEFORE. The brothers were pulled in with money or intrigue to be part of an important exercise, next thing you know their faces are on TV. They knew they would never end the week alive, so decide to go down shooting.


    Will Dzhokhar’s Defense Spotlight Evidence of FBI Frame-Up?

  • LawrenceNeal

    In reading the transcript, it just reads like two people stumbling around and repeating themselves a lot. Where’s the beef? Give us some info with some meat in it.

  • Bruce Prentis

    This government is so corrupt, so criminal. I pray for the day that the people take it back. I know the day is coming but it can’t come soon enough. We the People need to clean house in ALL aspects of this government. From CDS, IRS, FBI.. all of it… including the Supreme Court.

    Here’s a question: Do you think that the girlfriend was really deported… or killed because she knew too much? Just something to ponder. There’s been people snuffed out by gov’t thugs for less.

  • RepPress

    It is irrational to claim that the Boston bombings never occurred and those use this video clim are deceiving people, see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OVxQgvSqZ0

  • Enzo

    American’s need to figure this out before obama tries hanging anyone.