Euthansia of Elderly Called For In Japan

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by Sarah Dee

The Deputy Prime Minister in Japan, who has been in office for less than five days, Taro Aso made a few controversial comments about the care (or cessation of care more accurately) of the elderly in Japan according to this ABC News article.

He referenced the elderly who need help feeding themselves as “tube people” and went so far as to say that the elderly should, “Hurry up and die.”

His reasoning behind this comment? Because their deaths would alleviate the cost it takes to keep them alive which is paid for by the Japanese government.

He later said these comments were misinterpreted, saying he was speaking of his own personal wishes for a timely death not those of all Japanese elderly people.

He went on to say that his will was already in order with his family and that he would not want to linger.

According to the article:

“Even if (doctors) said they could keep me alive, it would be unbearable,” he said. “I would feel guilty, knowing that (treatment) was being paid for by the government.”

This is not the first time Aso has been in the hot seat for his comments on Japan’s aging population.

Five years ago, he said the elderly were a “feeble” group and, “Why should I have to pay taxes for people who just sit around and do nothing but eat and drink?””

He subsequently apologized for these comments publicly. Since Japan has the fastest growing aging population in the world the country’s views on euthanasia and elder-care are going to be coming to the forefront in the years to come.

Politicians have imposed tax hikes to help supplement the strain on the government healthcare system.

Only time will tell how this nation will handle this issue. Is it really the government’s place to decide who lives and who dies? You be the judge.


Fujita, A. (2013, January 23). Japan official: ‘hurry up and die’. ABC News

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  • R.N,

    he would feel guilty knowing it was being paid for by government ?

    I have never seen a patient feel guilty about the care they get, ever.

    Idiot !!!!

  • CP

    Oh please. We’ll see how guilty he feels when his time comes.

  • umx3

    The elderly would have paid taxes for their govt retirement pensions. The government has no right to deny them them what they paid for. But wait! Just like what the politicians here in America did with Social Security, the money was probably used for something else.
    People need to wake up and realize politicians are NOT the answer when it comes to running a government… or anything.

  • Anonymous

    One day, They and we all be elderly – which is called The Elder in Indigenous and Native circles (where they don’t throw out and dispose people like the Western culture has). It wasn’t like this in Japan until they started accepting greedy colonialization and corporate modernization by the West – the original culture was beautiful and healthy – and they took care of eachother honorably and gracefully.

    Japan must face their wake-up call and realization.
    In lak’ech.

  • Cara

    It is being done in Europe. Elderly don’t like to go the their MD or the hospital because the MD does not require their consent or knowledge to kill them. The records are sealed and the family are not told. In each nation it starts with the pill and abortion and does not end. After all if you can justify killing an infant why not kill an elderly person who you see as being a leach on society now that they are not working and taking care of you. Disabled are also on their list. And “managed care”, which is Obamacare, can say that you don’t get to be treated for your cancer or auto accidentor whatever, if they determine it would be “too coslty for society in the long run”.
    Either you respect all people or you respect none but yourself.

  • Cymro

    I suppose if we would have dropped enough A bombs to completely obliterate their population they wouldn’t have this “problem” of the ederly. Come to think of it we could still help them out.

  • Raaalf

    I am elderly. It happens to all of us eventually. We followed the rules set forth by the politicians, and paid what they asked for Social Security and Medicare. They said it was all good and then they spent the money we contributed. (there is no lockbox) I think that lying politicians should be euthanized, but without the drugs.n I paid to support the generation before me, but if you feel that I am an unbearable burden, then quit paying taxes and taking welfare and unemployment. I’ll make it without you or the government. I, and we elderly, did what the politicians sai9d was best for us and society. Well, maybe they lied (again). So, like I sai8d, I’ll make it without you. I covered someone else s back, but if you’re not willing to cover mine, that’s OK…I just hope the people coming behind you feel the same way. And by the way… politicians lie…always.