EU Funds Cyber Trolls to Propagandize Critics

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UK Independence Party’s Nigel Farage on the European Parliament’s plan to spend huge sums of taxpayer money on social network smear campaigns against those who speak out against it. “The words ‘legal’ and ‘European Union’ don’t fit together. Nothing matters here, there are no rules”.

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  • Locus

    Lonely American bachelor seeks SEFUCT (Single European Union Female Cyber Troll) for one-on-one conference and smears. I am 5’9″ (175.26 cm) with eyes of blue (bleu), fluent in 3 languages (all of them English), I like the US Constitution and long sunset walks through dilapidated neighborhoods left abandoned after the crash of the housing bubble. You are Socialist yet suave, Keynesian yet cute and believe that further consolidation of governance and currency is beneficial to Europe.

    I’ll open up first to state my misapprehension about the European Union and say that Oklahoma will never join despite your propaganda effort. We in America already have our ‘EU’ — the I.R.S. — another Socialist entity created out of government debt to pay off interest on debt which masquerades as a collective coffer to promote utopian (we say Federal) ideals but when you follow the money it just interest on debt.

    So the European Union wishes to survive and would bring in new capital to keep the music playing awhile longer. Perhaps California would like to join, they’re in up to their eyeballs already.

    But I do hope you will single me out for a smear so we can meet FTF and discuss the fates of nations. Your move.

  • ncjoe

    Dammit … who outted me … I know you are listening … I will find you … and I will lick your toes … idoits … morons …