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The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has finally obtained documents on the Perfect Citizen program, run by the National Security Agency (NSA), which monitors private computer networks in the United States.

This program, which the NSA claims is an effort to increase domestic cybersecurity, sounds much like proposed legislation I reported on in February of 2012 but this is being done without any such authorization, although Obama was reportedly considering the implementation of cybersecurity measures by executive order.

The NSA has increasingly shifted their focus toward cybersecurity and digital communications with the construction of a massive, heavily fortified $2 billion spy complex and a close relationship with Google which we will probably never know the details of thanks to a U.S. appeals court.

The “Perfect Citizen” program was first revealed to the American public by a story published in the Wall Street Journal on July 8, 2010.

The program was supposedly just in the planning stages at that point and would include sensors in private computer networks which would only be activated by unusual activity and wouldn’t constitute persistent monitoring.

However, when the WSJ gained access to internal emails from Raytheon Corp., the contractor awarded the secret contract worth up to $100 million according to sources familiar with Perfect Citizen (though the documents seem to indicate the contract is worth up to around $90 million), it was revealed that Raytheon didn’t see it as such.

One email stated, “Perfect Citizen is Big Brother.” Unsurprisingly, Raytheon refused to comment on the find.

The newly released documents (mirrored here), obtained by EPIC through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, are heavily redacted with large portions of paragraphs removed from many of the 190 pages released by EPIC on January 2, 2013.

The documents reveal the justification for Perfect Citizen, namely, that the “prevention of a loss due to a cyber or physical attack [on Sensitive Control Systems, like large-scale utilities], or recovery of operational capability after such an event, is crucial to the continuity of the [Department of Defense], the [Intelligence Community], and the operation of SIGNIT [signals intelligence] systems,” according to EPIC.

While the NSA has claimed that Perfect Citizen is nothing more than a research and development program when the program was first revealed, the newly released documents paint a different picture.

“The documents obtained by EPIC suggest that the program is operational,” stated EPIC.

Indeed, the documents seem to show a fully operational program even with the great deal of redaction in critical areas.

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  • Lots of money and time on research and developement, this does not sound like a cure for cancer.
    Do not ever tell your health insurance company you are doing research you will be stuck with a bill. I know a few who had to find out what to state to insurance or they would not pay.
    Imagine being a human guiena pig for the corporations and you pay for it!!!!

  • ManCavePatriot

    I do believe that we are ready for an updated version of the game “RISK”, which rewards global domination.

  • Locus

    1960s … submarine cable taps target Eastern Europe and USSR to gather cold war intel

    1970s … submarine cable taps on commercial telecom lines to countries of interest

    1980s … spooky handshake agreements with major telecoms, secret rooms at major cable international cable landing points to selectively monitor ‘international’ traffic

    1990s … transition to fiber, fiber insert taps under the ocean and at co-location facilities, lease of dark (unused spares) fiber to secretly channel whole feeds to collection points

    2000s … 100% interception of intercontinental internet traffic and significant percentage of voice, the Charter against monitoring of domestic traffic has been effectively dissolved and secret co-location present at interconnect points within North America

    2010s … it’s database time! it’s not just listening anymore, real-time lookups and correlation of traffic with citizen-level dossiers. Older Constitution-minded cold war spooks have mostly retired, it’s open season on people-intel gathering within our borders, and NSA now populated with dumb young fucks ‘just following orders’ who, like the drone pilots, arrogantly believe that they can build and participate in a systems of violent terror and complete surveillance that could never ever be turned against them or their families.

    fast forward

    2030s … those not-so-dumb not-so-young fucks will look back at a point in time that was this day, and think, what a bad idea that was, maybe we could have gotten together to do something to prevent ‘this’ from happening.

    Only time will tell what ‘this’ is. Something to make Stalin jump up and dance in his grave I think.
    Who’da thunk it.

  • Eventually these grand systems become too big and powerful, even if they do not implode or destroy themselves, climatic events known as Gods wrath occurr. Solar storms, volcanos can sure do lots of damage. Hiding underground will not save them either.

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