Eloquent 4th Grader Brings Crowd to Its Feet After She Rebukes Gov’t School Testing

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By Heather Callaghan

Standardized testing today is nothing like it was in the 90s, and certainly like nothing before that. Today it is nonsensical and insurmountable enough to make students, teachers, and parents cry. One Florida fourth grader, who could barely see over the podium as she gave a rousing speech to Hernando County School Board – just couldn’t take being a mere statistic any more.

On Mar 17, tiny nine-year-old Sydney Smoot rocked the Brooksville Elementary Schoolhouse when she boldly ripped into the new Florida Standards Assessment. She brought the Board to its feet with a standing ovation after a two-minute lambasting, complete with fitting gesticulation. Take special note about orders that the students cannot disclose what they see on the test to their parents.


Read more about her here and here.

Coincidentally, a parallel battle wages against PARCC* testing which is a somewhat privatized form of standardized testing that unfairly gauges knowledge of newly installed Common Core curriculum. It’s an additional burden that takes 10 hours to complete. These tests are moreso hushed. So much so, that publishing company Pearson was recently caught spying on students’ social media accounts to make sure none of the Common-Core-crazy slipped out. All under the guise of “security,” of course. In actuality, these bullies really, really don’t want parents to know what’s happening.

With such an aggressive push for these tests, shrouded in secrecy from parents, and despite such an impressive backlash, it is becoming more apparent that a synthesis is about to take place where everyone loses. Everyone but the State and Common Core pushers who are poised to pull back just a little and by doing so, get what they really wanted all along.

*PARCC = Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, a coalition of states

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  • Tom

    What recourse does the school district have if students disclose elements of the test to their parents? I would not expect there is much they could do as punishment.

    • defender

      They’ll figure out something, Tom!

      • Tom

        I know. But I am asking a legit question. Can’t a lawyerly type help?

      • Tom

        I’m asking real questions.

    • Reverend Draco

      Whatever it was. . . it’d go in their “permanent record,” and their future career options would fail to manifest.

  • Airb0rne4325

    That’s what I was wondering. What do they mean they can’t tell their parents something they were shown or asked? Please inform me of another area where a grown person can show or ask an unsupervised child something and that child can not tell the parents what was shown or asked?

    • Reverend Draco

      “Please inform me of another area where a grown person can show or ask an
      unsupervised child something and that child can not tell the parents
      what was shown or asked?”

      I can’t tell you. . . but I can show you, using this doll. . .

  • c7ffGmpz3x4

    Shouldn’t she be tased by the school cops for revealing state secrets?

  • Smart girl, with smart parents, rare!

  • Bert

    I am SO glad my kids are all out of high school, and have always regretted not home schooling them, even though the school system wasn’t as screwed up then as they are now. If they school system had EVER told my kids they weren’t allowed to tell me what they were shown or told at school, the school district would’ve had open war on their hands. The audacity and arrogance of that school system is fucking astounding, and I can’t believe a few thousand parents haven’t marched down there and forcibly removed the presiding state board members over this shit.

    • James Michael

      Hear hear….

  • Guest

    Rather than teaching our children about our America, our Constitution,
    along with the values and freedoms as enclosed, our local Boards of Education, led by our more ‘liberal’ state Boards of Education, and led by our ‘wicked’ and ‘left-wing’ Department of Education are destroying our children’s morals and other values that make our precious nation prosperous.

  • Reverend Draco

    Holy Hell – young lady is already better educated than her teachers and their bosses.
    I remember those days. . .

    Well said, young lady – well said indeed!

  • Perhaps a fourth grader should be put in charge of Florida’s public fool system.,

  • Chir

    Can’t show the test to the parents? W. T. F…. Hell, my parents expected each test with grades to be given to them to check over my work. Got an occasional pat on the back or more study to help fix where I was laggin. Parents should be, no, must be involved in their kids education. If not to help then just to give them support.

  • James Michael

    Get your children you claim to love out of these BJ Skinner animal training centers…. You child can learn more from the net…These schools require destruction….For the harm they perpetrate upon our property we want classically liberally educated …..

  • grammyprepper

    What an intelligent, critical thinking young lady! Great job, parents!

  • Idahocntryboy!

    Could it be that the reason for not allowing children to share with their parents what they are learning is that what they maybe learning is how to spy and report the conduct of their parents to the school. When any curriculum is clothed in secrecy then the motive would cause me doubt.

  • Tom

    I don’t want to seem shrill, but is there not a person here who can legitmatly answer my question?

    • Honey badger

      More than likely it would show up on their permanent record if caught. Probably making it difficult to get into certain colleges or to receive grant money.

  • TanDaLayO

    I love her….she is the best and the brigthest…

  • Ishimo

    I worked in Florida schools as an outside contractor for several years. These tests are bogus. The children are taught the questions and answers. There is no background involved and no reasoning required. The children simply recognize the question and the multiple guess answer that goes with it.

    This eats up valuable teaching time in which the teacher could be indoctrinating the children with the socialist party ideals. I’m surprised the party faithful haven’t figured this out yet.

  • Honey badger

    It’s nice to see that we can still have faith in the younger generation. This brave girl may be a rare example, and should be an inspiration to others her age to stand against the tyrannical government schooling agenda.