Elon Musk: ‘We Must Hack Our Brains or Be Destroyed by AI’

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Check out this problem-reaction-solution bit.

Musk claims that, because artificial intelligence is coming, we have two choices. We either make ourselves symbiotically mandatory to the AI or we will basically be destroyed (or end up as pets, but he says that’s the “benign scenario”). Check out how he says we have to go about it…direct cortical interface. Sounds like every DARPA business proposal I’ve read lately. In another clip, Musk also says with AI, we are “unleashing the demon”.

Every sci-fi movie we’ve ever seen is apparently coming true right now…

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  • mangomuffin2

    I thought that their analysis here (Elon Musk’s “measured” responses, plans for implementation of AI, chemtrails, etc.) was excellent. I had thought many of the same things. Elon Musk himself says that with AI, they are “summoning the demon.” OK then, why do it?? Who are these people to say that we need to type keyboards faster? And that that is a measure of progress? Rushing headlong toward WHAT? What is the purpose of your life? And why does Elon Musk feel he and his buddies know best how you should live it?

  • Guillotine_ready

    Fear Fear!! Terror!
    Good lord what next. A computer is going to destroy us now? I will strip its hardware and upgrade my game system. Or maybe make a new style toaster. It is people we need to fear, the ignorant, entitled, arrogant and the mentally deranged that seem to be proliferating.
    But hey we have to keep people afraid of something since the only real threats we face are all man made anyway.

  • Guillotine_ready

    I concur

  • Rey d’Tutto

    All the $#!+ aspects of Sci-Fi are coming true. No hoverboards or flying cars, and space is just as far away as it’s always been.