Elon Musk Threatens To Quit As Trump’s Adviser Over Paris Climate Deal

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President Donald Trump’s announcement that he was pulling out of the Paris climate deal, a cornerstone of his predecessor’s legacy, was met with disdain from everyone on the left. That includes Elon Musk.

Musk is now threatening Trump saying that he will step down from the president’s advisory councils if Trump decides to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. Trump has said he intends to officially exit the agreement next week despite the insistence from the left that he stay. The CEO of both Tesla and SpaceX tweeted Wednesday that he’s done everything possible to lobby the president to keep the U.S. in the treaty. “Don’t know which way Paris will go, but I’ve done all I can to advise directly to POTUS, through others in WH & via councils, that we remain,” Musk said.

“Don’t know which way Paris will go, but I’ve done all I can to advise directly to POTUS, through others in WH & via councils, that we remain,” Musk said.

When asked via Twitter what he’ll do if Trump decides to leave, Musk responded that he would “have no choice but to depart [the] councils in that case.”

Musk is currently one of 18 business leaders who serve on Trump’s business advisory council, formally known as the Strategic and Policy Forum.  He is also part of the president’s manufacturing jobs initiative and has met with the president to discuss the need to boost infrastructure spending.

Trump is expected to announce later this week that he intends to pull out of the landmark Paris agreement, and Musk’s threats won’t likely make much of a difference.  The U.S. signed the accord in 2015, committing to reducing carbon emissions by 26% to 28% within a decade. Musk has said he’s raised climate issues with the White House before, but that despite these efforts, he’s come under fire for his willingness to engage with the Trump administration.

Yet a quick look back a Trump’s past tweets shows us some insight.

The Donald appears to have been skeptical of climate change, aka global warming, for several years now. But Elon Musk thought he may have had an opportunity to lobby the president regardless, and now that Musk knows he can’t control Trump, he is going to bail.

Silicon Valley has had a complicated relationship with the Trump White House in its early months. Tech giants like Tesla, Google (GOOG) and Apple (AAPL, Tech30) have had to balance their desire to try to influence policy with their longstanding support for immigration and green energy. –CNN Money

Any time the United States earns a little bit of sovereignty back, it’s a good thing. Trump should follow through and pull out of the Paris climate deal. Then he should pull the US out of the United Nations.

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  • Elroy Jetson

    Let’s play Find The Anagrams!: Elon Musk =
    Leon Kums
    Lone Skum
    Melon Suk
    Noels Muk
    Some Lunk
    Moes Nukl
    Ennybuddy else?

  • dav1bg

    Build electric cars and I will take some of the money we saved by NOT giving it to European elite to buy one. I lost some respect for Elon.

  • Onan Max

    Stop Chemtrails and the climate will improve!

    • john folger

      the climate change is fake ,made with faked noaa data.for carbon tax an control.

    • Ricky Anotony

      “Read this Article very carefully Guys”
      Older Plaintiffs Have Died Waiting for Trump University Payments
      Jensen’s filing said others have passed away since the original lawsuits were filed in 2010. She is trying to stop a holdout plaintiff who objected to the settlement. The attorney said that among people who sued Trump, almost 200 belonged to an “elder abuse’ subclass. This meant they were at least age 65 when paying for Trump University’s services. If anyone dies, payments would still go to their estates, howeve…….
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      • tropicgirl

        Lesson: Don’t try to mooch with fake lawsuits…

        • Elroy Jetson

          A ‘bot that can’t even spell their own last ‘name’, to boot!! It would be laughable if this garbage wasn’t so egregiously annoying.

  • Milly Vanilly

    LOL…Musk says he will have ‘no choice’ but to leave….I guess this wealthy IDIOT has no free will when it comes to globalism….THEY (globalists) decide for these wealthy Muppets.

  • msdlmoore

    So Long moocher, he won’t go anywhere he needs government money wtf is he kidding

  • tropicgirl

    Never should have been there in the first place. Bye bye faqie and take the Cuck with you…

  • Simon says

    oh no…the master of deficit spending on products that never made a profit…whose company success is tied decreased oil output/usage…Too much oil to go round and more be found each day…Elon has a better chance on wasting money mars..stay out of US politics

  • Frank Energy

    It’s smelling a little too Musky in here, begone

  • Odin Indaway

    As we used to say in Vietnam…AMF

  • SP_88

    Elon Musk is the poster boy for corporate welfare. He isn’t going anywhere.
    His electric cars are no better for the environment than any gas car. Where do you think the electricity to recharge them comes from? Burning fossil fuels, that’s where. Who does this tool think he is? Electric cars were thought of over a hundred years ago. This guy didn’t invent shit. In fact, he didn’t even improve on the idea.
    All he did was come up with a marketing scheme for 19th century technology that is still dependent on fossil fuels to work.
    So if this idiot wants to walk so that we can rid ourselves of the biggest scam since the pyramid scheme than so be it. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. We’re better off without people like this sticking their noses into our politics anyway.

  • breakawaymotorsports .

    Musk-rat should never have been on DJTs advisory staff. The jerk cares about nothing but lining his own pockets. Please quit, Muskrat!