Election Official Gets Called out for Curious Spending, Calls Reporter a “B*tch” Live on Air, then Quits

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After getting called out by WSMV reporter Alanna Autler on live TV for buying expensive dinners and office furnishings including a $614 picture frame, Election Board Chairman Ron Buchanan, the top election official in Nashville, responded not with a thoughtful response or even a pathetic excuse, but instead by calling her a bitch live on air.


“That’s exactly the kind of bitch I thought you would be,” Buchanan says walking off camera like a pathetic ass whose been caught with his corrupt pants down.

Way to prove your innocence there, guy.

The exchange:

“Is it acceptable that you went to a restaurant such as Sperry’s for something that was Davidson County Election Commission business?” Autler asked.

“That charge was for a business meeting to discuss the budget on June 30 when the budget was approved July 1 and it was a very legitimate purchase,” Buchanan said.

“Could you have gone to another restaurant that was perhaps not as expensive?” Autler asked.

“That’s it,” Buchanan said, walking away from the camera.

“Can you explain the picture frame that was $614?” Autler asked.

“That’s it,” Buchanan said.

“That’s it?” Autler said.

“That’s exactly the kind of bitch I thought you would be,” Buchanan said.

“Wow, do you want to say that again Mr. Buchanan?” Autler asked.

“No,” Buchanan said.

Apparently they were able to spend all this money after claiming they had a budget shortfall that caused them to controversially shut down 10 early voting sites, even though they had a million more dollars than last year.

The mayor has since, and rightly, called for an audit.

To make matters worse (or more hilarious), Buchanan actually went on to defend his choice of language in his official resignation letter submitted to state election commission just a few days later, writing:

“There are some that may feel my description of her conduct was inappropriate. That is understandable, but it is certainly not uncommon. I would estimate 90% of the adult men would have used the same term to describe the reporter’s conduct if they had been present, or a similar word would have been used by women to describe the conduct if it had been a male reporter.”

(click letter to enlarge)


Uh-huh… 90 percent of corrupt people having their corruption get expose live on TV probably would.

It’s amusing to watch corruption get exposed, however small time in comparison to the big picture in this country. Too bad we don’t get to see things like this go down on a national level…

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