Edward Snowden: the Manchurian Candidate

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By Richard Cotterell

Points of detail are important.

Edward Snowden is not an NSA sub contractor. He worked for the ‘consultancy’ Booz Allen Hamilton which is a shop front for the CIA, not the NSA. First warning.

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Second. None of the ‘secrets’ he revealed are even vaguely secret, since the information concerning NSA snooping on foreign powers was already in the public realm, many times over. The problem is that newspapers and journalists intoxicate themselves with spy stories and rarely bother to sift through all the parallel information. Takes too long.

Third. His hop, skip and jump activities were clearly well planned in advance. Who, exactly, set up the fake exit to Cuba story, which put a truckload of journalists on the wrong (teetotal) flight? Snowden? Pull the other one. He had that sort of power over Aeroflot? Who put the story around anyway? Snowden again? Hey this guy was wasted working for the CIA, he should have been in PR.

Fourth. He got on a plane to Russia without a visa. I have been to Russia many, many times and I can tell you that is an impossible feat without real inside connections.

Fifth. He slipped through the dragnet in Hong Kong because the US consulate gave him the wrong middle name on the charge sheet. Yes, that really is the tooth fairy at the foot of the bed. Pretty isn’t she, with that halo and her little purse.

Sixth. Is this star wars, CIA versus NSA? Very likely. The security services in the US are like pit bull terriers looking for other pit bull terriers’ throats. Again, ‘journalists’ (actually a non-existent race) covering this whodunit remind me of Enid Blyton and those who never saw through the real nature of the set up with Noddy and Big Ears under the toadstool.

Seventh. Snowden is a classic example of the Gladio-style (copyright: Yves Guerin Serac)  implant, just like the cops at Scotland Yard and all the dirty washing  concerning their undercover activities which is now being – selectively – exposed.

I suspect he is not quite right in the head, will be revealed as living a fantasy life in Hawaii, got profiled and selected for the mission of his life. There are countless examples of believing in the role, the multi-dimensional imposition of one set of unrealities on another. Happens all the time. That’s how the system works. The Manchurian Candidate rings a bell.

Eighth: Is he really in Moscow?  Is he actually holed up in the airport lodge? Or is he somewhere else altogether? Is he already an ex-melted down Snowden, so to speak? No habeas corpus necessary. We don’t have the corpse, honestly. It must be somewhere else. Of course. Does it matter anyway?  The actor is off the stage, his speaking role is finished and he leaves behind a gloriously unfinished story.  You can see how clever it all is.

Ninth. The guy blows the kitchen sink and then gallops around the world like a headless chicken. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Tenth, why does Obama suddenly go live and say, hey this is no big deal, I’m not going to the bottom of the White House rose garden for this one. That’s not strange, it’s a dead (oops) giveaway. Especially with the genuine article, Corporal Bradley Manning, on trial for his life.

Eleventh. Who wants Snowden to be taken alive? Sorry, no blank space available for your suggestions. I think the Boston Bomber syndrome applies here. Or, alternatively, grateful thanks, nice thick wad of the green, and then disappear, like the lost explorer Colonel Fawcett up the Orinoco in the thirties.

We shall see, but this story does not carry a 100% money back guarantee. We must doubt that we are living in an age of any sort of reason when people run after bum steers like this one.

Edited by Madison Ruppert

Richard Cottrell is a writer, journalist and former European MP (Conservative). His new book Doctor Who? The Atomic Bomber Beeching and his War on the Railways is available and Gladio: NATO’s Dagger At The Heart Of Europe is now available from Progressive Press. You may order it using the link below (or by clicking here – Gladio, NATO’s Dagger at the Heart of Europe: The Pentagon-Nazi-Mafia Terror Axis)

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