Economic Solution: Senior Obama Official: “We Are Going to Kill the Dollar”

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Kyle Bass, who knows a thing or two about economics and finance, recently spoke to a senior member of the Obama administration about their planned solutions for fixing the U.S. economy and trade deficit.

The answer shouldn’t surprise you.

When I asked a senior member of the Obama administration last week, ‘How are we going to grow exports if we won’t allow nominal wage deflation?’

He says, ‘we’re just going to kill the dollar.’

That worried me.

So, that the only answer.

It’s a dead answer.

But, that’s where we’re headed.

Video via Before It’s News:

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  • Cnsay

    Well shucks it aint no sense in hiding it now, isn’t it?

  • Eunuchorn

    Finally! Bring it on you fascist commies!

  • I believe as his second term moves along, he and his band will make bolder and bolder moves. Buckle up boys and girls. It’s going to be a bumpy 4 (or more?) years. Congress might as well take the next 4 off. Oh, I forget. You have to have been actually working to “take off”.

  • Joe

    Year old interview !.

    • Gadabout

      Good you noticed that! Do we not have enough current news that we have to replay year old stuff?

  • MDC

    That might be a yr old,but a recent report by a DHS insider stated this spring,no later than summer will be a crises like nobodys ever seen in this country.And the leak was based around the dollar crash.And it will be allowed to play out,then the boot on neck treatment.

  • cottonIjoe

    Yeah right! This is just more oats for the sheep to been on. The US is alive and well. Harmless propaganda is all this is. You folks probably believe that fort Knox is empty too!
    Alright, enough of that troll crap. I didn’t see any and that made me suspicious haha.
    Anyway, nothing surprises me any more and it really bothers me when people will sit there and say that everything is just peachy. Example – the massive debt that no one in office cares about, infringement of the second amendment, freedoms stripped from beneath everyone’s feet and spending debt like it doesn’t even matter.
    I’m concerned to say the least, and I’m Canadian. People are living in this bubble where everything is fine and great, all I can do is shake my head.
    I keep thinking about the massive ammo hording and gun stocking for fear of what the govt is going to do next. The more I think about it, maybe its deliberate. Fear is a huge motivator, and not always a rational one.
    So, they have no plan to stop inflation and devaluation.
    Restrict your right to arms. In which you’ve stocked up on because of this.
    They have been ramping up their mock drills, even venturing into civilian areas.
    I’m missing lots of others I know, but that’s just the tip of the ice berg.
    And, as per usual rumors of something regarding a planned event.
    A lot of Canadians have the thought process that were are somehow separate and in our own little world and this stuff doesn’t matter. We are all limbs of the same tree, when their is rot in the wood, all limbs are affected.
    If they manage to stage a false flag, and its a success, may God help us all. Blood shed like no one has ever seen, because anyone who is not in compliance will be deemed a threat. And mob mentality will be enough for them military folk to place you not in the category of their countrymen but as an irrational threat wielding a rifle, then you will be an irrational threat wielding a flag. Then after the cities are rubble, you have five star accommodations at your local living area outlined on the agenda 21 map. I just made myself sick to my stomach.

    Thanks for listening, and pardon my spelling errors.

    • Robert Stewart

      People should be concerned. All one has to do is look at history and the U.K. The GBP used to be a world standard until their government pulled a similar stunt.

      In terms of ammo hoarding, numerous government officials have admitted to recent and ongoing stockpiling of over 1 BILLION rounds of ammo by the U.S. government. This is not ammo going to the DoD (Army, Navy, Marines), but to the I.R.S., S.S.A., and other non-military agencies. Amounts far in excess of 10 years of historical usage by all these agencies combined.

      Don’t know if you were being serious or sarcastic about F.F., but they have been far too many recent shootings to be explained by other ways. Especially after you consider the ones stopped by local LEOs or private citizens are getting little, if any, press.

      Using Chicago as a model for gun control laws? Please. It’s the murder capital of the country and has very high crime rates.

  • Hector Gonzales

    Well that will put a crimp in my plan to bring half of Mexico illegally into America, their money will be worth less than pesos. Immigration reform? No way Jose.

    • Anonymous

      “Well that will put a crimp in my plan to bring half of Mexico illegally into America”

      $Amero = €Euro

      NAFTA = Eurozone

  • Truther

    So what is the name of this so-called economic advisor?

    Or is this just more baseless rumourmongering?

    Year old rumours, that is.

  • SoulSeacher

    So who is this senor member of the Obama administration? That’s the big question. There is no proof of who it is, where and when he said it. Can anyone provide the info?