EBT System Crashes In 10 States: Millions Unable to Use Their Food Stamp Cards

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The Electronic Benefits Transfer system managed by JP Morgan Chase crashed on Friday, leaving millions of recipients of the benefits in ten states without a way to put food on the table.

Bank officials said that the outage affected EBT recipients in Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, South Carolina, Indiana, Kentucky, Connecticut, West Virginia, Delaware. It also hit the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Florida’s Department of Children and Families said that some 3.6 million people were unable to access their benefits when the system crashed.

According to JP Morgan, a technical glitch was responsible for the outage.

Credit cards, debit cards and other forms of electronic money transfer and processing were not affected. A bank spokesman for JP Morgan would not elaborate on the cause of the glitch.

Service for frustrated EBT residents was restored after about 6 hours on Friday.

Nearly 50 million Americans rely on the government’s Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program to cover the costs of basic needs like food, though in some states EBT related benefits can be used for the purchase alcohol, tobacco and gasoline.

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  • just me

    Who would have thought… JP Morgan could make the SHTF all by themselves!!

  • Epona

    For people who don’t know much about these EBT cards. Did you know that 5″2″ Sally Jones can sell her $200 EBT card to 6′ 2″ (Drug Dealer) Tyrone for $100 in drugs. Then Tyrone can go spend $200 at the grocery store using her card because no picture ID (or any kind of ID for that matter)is required. All he needs is the pin#. I know, because I have seen this happen a lot. Mandatory drug testing nation wide would help. It might be expensive, but financing Tyrones drug business is expensive too. I am absolutely disgusted at how this food stamp system is abused. Providing nutritious, sustainable food to families is one thing but junk food, alcohol and tobacco is absolutely nuts!

    • BubbleUp

      “Mandatory drug testing nation wide would help”

      Really? You ready to pay for drug testing in ADDITION to the welfare benefits you are already paying for?

      Tell you what, Epona: YOU personally, write your “representatives” and tell them you are ready to be taxed more to pay for drug testing–but leave THE REST of us out of it!!

      Better idea: END THE BENEFITS–Every. Single. Last. One. Of. Them.

      If you want to see a change in people’s behavior: change the paradigm. End welfare and watch the behavior change.

      As long as the Elitists can keep you asking the wrong questions, it doesn’t matter what their answers are, does it?

      “Poverty” will always be with us. Some humans will always be either unable or unwilling to help themselves.

      Stop allowing Politicians who are not in the “SOLUTION BUSINESS”–to sell you “solutions” to problems that they have no intention of EVER solving.

      Actually solving anything would put Government out of a job and Government parasites are ALL about job security.

      Wake the f*ck up–EBT/SNAP is a collusion between JP Morgan and State and Fed Governments. You want them to tax you some more so they can drug test too?

      Thinking might hurt at first, but if you stick with it, like sex it becomes almost pleasurable.

      • GCESTES


        • yearight

          You are obviously enthralled by the very paradigm to which he refers. He is saying that your exact behaviour is a symptom of the assistances and that if they were not there that people like you would stop being so whiney and realize that no one is going to do it for you. You would all BUCK UP and actually fight for what you deserve like the rest of us instead of thinking that you are entitled to a “safety net” of our tax dollars.

    • Prepared Painter

      “Mandatory drug testing would help”… Yes, please, give the gov more power, great idea. I tell you what, how about drug testing for ammo customers etc. Better idea… cut the EBT altogether, have the people who accually need help show up at food pantries (which if funded by previous EBT dollars would have more food than they could hold) and then sit the well fed people down at a PC to earn their GED or put in job applications.

    • Brett

      Wow… I find it interesting that you picked a name like Tyrone as your drug dealer of choice. Now, while I don’t want to make any vast generalizations, but I’ve never heard of a white person named Tyrone. What are you trying to tell us?

      • buttburger777

        exactly! The commentator completely lost credibility, and I put her in the field of racists with agendas who are trying to pretend they are not racist to promote racist ideas – but failing.

        • JOHN

          Here we go playing the race card again. This is why things are so screwed up because people like yourselves try to change the conversation around instead of focusing on the problem at hand.

      • Ram32

        I know 2 white guys named tyrone. And quit acting like discrepancies between ethnicities in crime rates and welfare don’t exist

    • jayne

      or a ebt with a picture on the card would be helpful too and I think that drug testing should be used bc if you are black most of them use the racial card and get more or get away with more. I mean it is 2013 for God sake. I know so many people in our town who work and still get over $900 on their ebt with one child. I am a mother of 3 kids and don’t get half that much.

    • jayne

      also unemployment cards don’t work either so this so called “glitch” is BS its the government that shut it all down.

    • Douglas

      Not only picture ID (I can imagine the caterwauling about “privacy”, though) but also, if technically feasible, some other biometrics such as fingerprint scan compared with digital data as well as PIN. It seems obvious that the promulgators of the welfare state are fully aware of how EBT cards, along with other benefits, are abused, and don’t care. Since an adult welfare recipient, as long as she isn’t a felon, can vote, it’s an obvious incentive to keep the system going.

  • Kulafarmer

    over here people get the cards, then buy groceries for their friends and take cash in exchange for the groceries, the dirt balls who buy the stuff off the EBT holders are just as lame as the recipient that sells the food that was supposed to be for their kids, people get hud assistance, SNAP, they get disability payments, they get cell phone assistance, and then I get penalized because I was two months late filing my taxes, Screw the system and screw the jerks who are trying to rule us through fear and opression, the day is coming when the people wont take it any more, we need to organize

  • Nexus789

    The US is really like a modern version of the decline of the Roman Empire. Rome declined from within and split into two entities.

    Although the US still has a large economy it is rife with corrupting systems that range from its political institutions, finance to welfare. None of which is sustainable in the longer term.

    Without any means of creating productive activity there will be no REAL jobs or trained people.

    The only thing that can be done is manage the decline. The armies of the empire may be called back to suppress the homeland.

  • L.A.

    And less than a week before Thanksgiving.

    And so it begins…

  • SKIP

    “Assistance Program to cover the costs of basic needs like food, ”

    HA! i’ve seen the things blacks are allowed to buy with the EBT cards and there is NOTHING nutritional about cigarettes, beer, dog food (except for the dog maybe) hair curlers, hair dryers, hair care products, DVDs ….etc you name it and blacks can buy it with those damne cards….Don’t know how well it works for Whites, never seen a White using one.

    • Highspeedloafer

      You eyes are closed then, because I see whites using them all the time. My wife worked for DSS for many years and the numbers don’t lie. There are more whites on welfare than blacks. If you make this about race you miss the point .

      • SKIP

        Highspeedloafer…NO FN WAY will I believe that more whites on welfare than blacks and if your wife worked for DSS then she must be black…I’ve BEEN is DSS offices (just like any other gubmint office, all black except for the few White managers) Blacks totally dominate ALL forms of gubmint employment at ANY level of city, county, state or federal and WE WHITES ALL KNOW IT TO BE THE TRUTH! OH! BTW, if I could get one of the EBT cards I would…but alas! I’m White, male and pay some taxes though I admit that most of my income is taxfree over here in Afghanistan. And I would ask Mark who did you mean that comment for:)

        • die-4-Israel-NOT

          Well “Skip”, you don’t know your azz from a hole in the ground…

          My wife worked at the local grocery for 2 years, and we were on food stamps, as well as help from other local charities for foodstuffs. The are tons of folks on F/S that actually work, and I guarantee they are not other than caucasian.

          -Have fun dying for a foreign “nation”!

          • SKIP

            America is a foreign nation to me when I come home, I hear the Arabic language, see Abaya clad women and also hear the disgusting ghetto black jive talk when I do come home more than I hear English. The normal language of the U.S. Army is now Spanish! I don’t speak Spanish at all but I do speak rather good Arabic. KNOW your enemy, which you do not seem to know.

          • JOHN

            Well I agree that in certain places around the nation there could be lots of whites on welfare but for the majority(by far) mostly it is blacks on welfare. Why is that now? As long as the democrats keep giving the house away this problem is only going to escalate

        • Douglas

          Both races have cause to complain about freeloaders and malingerers.

    • Mark

      Your an IDIOT!!!



      • SKIP

        Learn proper grammar, using the wrong words makes you look foolish…so THEIR! lol And NO! there are not more whites than blacks on welfare and yes! I am prejudiced and rapidly becoming a total ass hole racisssssssss with weapons and intense military training.

        • Sheepy

          Grammar Nazi

          • SKIP

            Just being snippity there Sheepy!

        • JOHN

          This person by telling themselves this makes it ok in their mind to collect welfare. There are definately more blacks on welfare, in free housing projects, on any form of public assisstance. And then to top it off they commit all these crimes while getting there living expenses for free. The cops have to set up portable police stations in the housing projects(mostly black)just to keep order because they are running wild without supervision. And the worst part of all this crap is we people that actually go to work and paying taxes are actually paying for all of it. Just dont make sense

          • SKIP

            ROGER THAT JOHN!

        • big lou

          be ready when ye come. i have training to.

        • Anon

          Way to divert the subject. You’re actually wrong and really should do some research before spewing fallacies. You say one misplaced word can make you look like a chump? Well you look like the biggest one here. Oh, and no one is afraid of your “training” either, you are on the internet.

    • dowhatsright

      I love you man!Thought I was alone and going insane because I see it too!Thank you

  • The Arizona Patriot

    This is a HUGE issue. Please read Matthew Brakken’s website www dot enemiesforeignanddomestic dot com. bottom of page essay & links tab. Read article on EBT and the rest of them as well. The author is a Navy Seal which gives him a lot of inside info. Really worth a look.

  • notme

    Interesting coincidence that this happened at the same time Annonymous cyber attacked Israel. A conncetion? How many Israeli’s are actually on the dole? Hard to tell when $$ is digital.

  • ncjoe

    Why are so critical of government handouts then when the handouts do not materilize, you are critical of the handouts not materializing? You are either bipolar or stupid. You should be glad the handouts are not materializing. That is what you claim to want.

  • johnd24

    It was done purposely, and/or their was no money to put on the cards to begin with.

    • SKIP

      Gonna have to go with the reality that there is no REAL money to put into their “benefit” cards. I wonder, WTF did these people do to gain “benefits” of being supported by taxpayers that do not have any “benefits” for supporting those parasites.

  • livefreeordietrying

    You all need to wake up, because the US government WANTS EVERYONE (citizens) dependent upon their system. and once January 2013 comes there are going to be EVEN MORE dependent. it’s estimated that 50% of poor/middle class families wages will be going to the government Obamacare is going to be the biggest. There are an estimated ( maybe) confirmed different taxes in it.

  • livefreeordietrying

    20+ taxes in Obamacare.

  • sick of funding ebt

    You all missed the point of this news.
    I think it was a test to see if the people would riot instantly
    when the cards stop…
    didn’t happen, although there were some unhappy people.
    It won’t happen until the stoppage is permanent, which by the way
    should happen.
    Don’t get me wrong, people need help, but I say give them food directly,
    not free for all money …

    • SKIP

      RIGHT! 6 hours is hardly long enough to really get the parasites up in arms though apparently some “protests” were lodged. The real fighting won’t happen until all the black females wake up late in the day for several days in a row and find their “benefit” cards still don’t work THEN they will drive their Escalades down to the welfare office, gather in herds and then the fun starts and it will ALL be Whitey’s fault.

  • A lot of you of course would have no idea, this is planned globally. The more in the system, the more money funneled back to the gov. and corporations. The last thing the elite want is the masses working and controlling how their own money is spent. Who is in charge of the system? Why the same in charge of everything else. Looks like the elites buddies the banks. Humm, the whole system just collapsed in every state? Is that even possible and for 6 hours?

  • x

    without snap, qe123, op twis, tarp, bailouts,etc, armageddon would have already happened. the proverbial can has been kicked to the wall and has no where else to go. I have finally realized it is a waste of time to argue and worry about these programs as there is no solution except to extend and pretend. technology replaces people so u get less jobs. also; every second, 5 people are born, 2 die. check out the hunger games, I’m afraid its a preview into the near future.

  • Except lots of food rots on the shelves. During the Depression of the 1930s the price of food was so low people could not afford to grow and raise it. Now the price is high but farmers are expected to take less. Lots are not benefitting from the high commodity prices.
    I heard a rumor raising food prices high will even the playing field to make it easier for 3rd world countries to eat. Shrug, most problems are distribution and lack of access. How will me starving here, get food past dictators and through jungles.

    • SKIP

      Right! relating to the food aid sent to Africa, my son served in African countries and says that if you want to know how food aid is distributed in ANY African country, watch the opening of the movie “Blackhawk Down” That is EXACTLY what happens to any food aid sent to Africa.

  • Tyrone

    It’s Free Swipe Yo EBT…

  • sixpack

    They shouldn’t have had any ebt left after the first day, then this couldn’t have happened and they could’ve sat down to dinner anyway—stupid sheep…

  • playday742

    You people are so ignorant. I AM WHITE, I AM MARRIED, I DO WORK, I DO VOLUNTEER, I DO PAY TAXES, I AM ON EBT. MY HUSBAND WORKS FOR THE WONDERFUL USA! We are struggling due to the economy like everyone else. I swallowed by pride and went down and got EBT. If they can use it off my taxes then so can I. I am only allowed to purchase food. So perhaps you should ask the STATE you live in to regulate that you cannot purchse items other then food. I can honestly say without it my sons would have starved many of nights. So F*ck all of you racist haters. I work for it so I am gonna f*ckin use it.

    • Jane

      Well said! I get so tired of people who know nothing about EBT and other programs that help so many…and they come up with the old bullshit images of “welfare queens”. I know people who are denied cash aid for some inane reason or another and have to collect cans to recycle for money. You can’t live high on the hog from either EBT or cash aid. These people need to realize that welfare fraud is committed by only a few of recipients. The rest, like us, honestly can’t get by without it. And there are just as many white people getting EBT as there are black.

  • Jane

    My husband and I are both disabled, and without EBT for food we’d starve. We went grocery shopping today and left empty handed because, for some reason, the EBT system is down. You don’t know fear until you realize you might go without an extreme necessity–food. Yes there are those who abuse the system, regardless of their race. But most of us who use food stamps are honest..we only want to eat. The food stamp rolls have swelled because of the lack of jobs–the working poor who can only attain jobs at fast food restaurants or Wal-Mart. They barely make enough to pay their bills, much less to buy food. And the Teapublicans have only one goal: destroy Obama, and fuck everyone else. Those of you who want to “do away with EBT” because you think all food stamp recipients are drug addicts, do you really want to see starving people in the streets? Those who would look like concentration camp victims because they can’t eat? And you think they can just survive on help from food pantries? Really? Have any of you ever been hungry? How nice that you can sit in your ivory towers saying “let them eat cake”. While down below you, we hope for crumbs. Bullshit.

    • RickE.

      Yes Jane, I HAVE been hungry. Due to a vehicle breakdown out in the middle of nowhere, I was stranded, and I had no food for 5 days.
      That’s all I thought about-FOOD.

      The lack of jobs causing the increase in food stamp use is directly correlated to a lack of real leadership in the Whitehouse, and with most other politicians right now.

      It’s NOT accidental nor coincidental that this is happening. Whatever intervention we are getting from the top leader and leaders, is obviously NOT working.
      Things are getting progressively worse as these months go by.

      These are inescapable facts-not opinion.
      I’m glad that you and your husband benefit from the food stamps legitimately! It sounds as though they’re really helping your family.

      • Jane

        I don’t really see the problem as being with the White House. I see it as a problem with Congress and Tea Party radicals, who would be quite happy if the poor and infirm just died off. The funny thing is, the people who attend those Tea Party rallies hosted by the likes of Ted Cruz, who hold their signs aloft with slogans about anti-socialism and cheer in support for ending social safety net programs like Social Security and Medicare, are also sitting on their Medicare-paid-for electric scooters, and receiving monthly Social Security checks. Sure, they worked to benefit from those programs, but also support radical politicians with the radical fervor of cult members! I say when we’re hungry, we should eat the rich. Beginning with Ted Cruz..I’m sure he’s tasty.

      • Anon

        A little off topic but; if you were out in the middle of nowhere, there was food all around you that whole time.

  • MonCherieRoseBud


  • miguel