Ebola Patient 0: Sick Guy Told Hospital He Just Came from Liberia…So They Sent Him Home for 2 Days

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Why is anyone listening to the CDC when they claim their Ebola safety protocols are going to save everyone from Ebola?

Just asking, because these so-called safety protocols have already failed.

Or we could ask Ebola patient zero out of Dallas, Texas — the first man diagnosed with Ebola outside of Africa anywhere — who recently went to the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital A) with flu-like symptoms combined with B) a recent trip home from Liberia, Africa six days prior, one of the Ebola-ravaged hot zones.

Via Bloomberg:

The first man to be diagnosed in the U.S. with Ebola was initially given antibiotics and sent home by a Dallas hospital after showing up with flu-like symptoms, creating a two-day gap before he returned in an ambulance.

The gap has opened questions about whether the man, now listed in serious condition, was asked and answered honestly about his travel history during his initial visit to the hospital. Such screening is key at a time when early Ebola symptoms can mirror the flu, and an outbreak in Africa has infected more than 6,000 people.

That’s right. Got Ebola-like symptoms? Just came here from an Ebola-ravaged African nation? They just shrugged and sent him home for two days with antibiotics…instead of admitting him for further observation or, oh…I dunno, TESTING HIM FOR EBOLA!

The man’s flight went from Liberia to Brussels before it got to the U.S. He has had contact with at least a dozen to 18 people, but obviously it could be more, who honestly remembers every person they’ve come in contact with in nearly a week?

And according to The Guardian , the patient did tell his nurse that he had just come back from Liberia, a nurse who even used a checklist that had a travel-related question on it, but The Guardian reports there was sadly a regrettable breakdown in communication between the medical staff:

An official at the Dallas hospital where he is being treated told a news conference that the patient told a nurse about his travel history, but that information was not widely enough shared with the medical team treating him. He was sent home with a course of antibiotics, an outcome that Texas health chiefs described as a matter of “regret”. [emphasis added]



But it gets better (if by “better,” I mean infinitely more stupid):

At a Dallas news conference on Wednesday, Texas governor Rick Perry said that school-age children who may have been in contact with the patient are being monitored at home for signs of the disease.

You mean school-age children who were able to have all kinds of close contact, maybe kisses goodnight, food/drink sharing etc., who then went to SCHOOL for a few days? School, the place where copious amounts of germs and mucous membranes go on romantic play dates?!

Are you kidding me?

I think I’m just going to write that five more times.

Are you kidding me?

Are you kidding me?

Are you kidding me?

Are you kidding me?


But don’t worry.

The CDC has everything under control. (And maybe if the government and the news media repeat that line long enough, someone will believe it.)

They’re monitoring people at the airports, you see. They’re checking people for fevers before they get on the planes.

What’s that you say? That Ebola has a 2-21 day incubation period, so many people could be traveling who don’t present with a fever at the airport and won’t even show any symptoms at all for a few weeks after they’re already infected with Ebola?

Yeah, but…the CDC…you know…they say they have it all under control, so…

Besides… They’re about to have a new vaccine we can all take! A super fast-tracked rush job with zero long-term studies that I’m sure will pose no health threats of its own at all whatsoever! Bill Gates has even pledged $50 million towards its development, and he doesn’t have any other agenda besides saving the world.

Oh, and don’t worry, the scientist behind the development of the Ebola vaccine totally hasn’t been caught on video openly joking about culling 2 billion people with a genetically engineered virus or anything…

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  • Asurborg

    Where are all those skeptical bung holes now? This is another thing I’m terrified to have been right about. It’s not even the Ebola itself, the situation that is inevitably going to arrive is what I’m worried about.

  • tophand62


  • Wonkle

    You know, there is a web comic that seem to have predates all this Ebola stuff by some months. The way the world governments react and pretend everything is fine, until it’s not, seem to mirror a lot of the B.S the governments and media are spewing out these days.

    Go check it out. It’s a post apocalyptic fantasy comic called “Stand Still, Stay Silent.”. It’s done by this Finnish girl who incorporates some of the Scandanavian folklore/myth into her story.


    It’s really eery how the prologue really matches today’s news headlines.

  • Greg Straw

    You will have 1000s of dead ebola patients laying in the street and the CDC will be saying oh its ok our protocol is working just fine nothing to worry about. I don’t believe nothing this Govt says about anything nothing but proven liars.

  • Tatiana Covington


  • amuncat

    He came here to get free treatment!!! He told them his condition as soon as he got here, hoping they would take him in immediately and give him good free care! REMEMBER! He is coming from a country that has so many like him that they are turning most away to go home and die. America wake up! 3ttd world people think we have everything!

    Think about it! America had two people who came home and were treated for Ebola and survived! What a grand message to send to people in desperate circumstances, isolated and facing imminent death! Trust me, he knew he had Ebola, his family knew as well, that’s the reason he’s here. It’s an utter shame that they allowed their children to go to our schools and spread it! I guess the free breakfast/lunch overrode civility. Wow! The late great USA!

  • hvaiallverden

    The spread will be selfrevealing, and the incubating time is aprox 2-3 weeks, so and for now we dont know.

    We have no idea of where and whom he/she may have been in contact with during this days, and even when its contagious by trutch alone, and we dont take the areosol contagis senario, its stil an dangerous situation. Since the person have used public transpots, or similare, the Strain could live for long, outside the houst body.

    Time will tell


  • Asurborg

    Nah. No ploy. Just marketing for new vaccines. Which, might I add, makes BILLIONS of dollars in profits… I mean .. You can only vaccinate the population for a certain “disease or virus,” like the flu and polio, so many times…

  • Asurborg

    You know what’s extremely eerie??? I just finished reading the book Next …. And the stuff I’m reading about in the news is literally word for word. Like it came straight from that book… gene patients for viruses and diseases and the human rights involved, what they can actually do to attain the “genes they own” if you happen to have them. So if you get Ebola, your body makes anti bodies and you cure yourself.. the government supposedly has the right to extract these antibodies, regardless if you want to participate. That book was about leukemia I think and a gene that cured that. Great great book.