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Ebola newsfeed

There is an astronomical amount of information about Ebola out there right now, and there’s so much it can be difficult to know whether you’re up to date on breaking news. During the current situation, we’ll keep this post constantly updated so that you have a guide to the most current resources.

Top Stories Right Now:

Israeli News Announces That Ebola Patient in Dallas Has Died

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ebola But Were Afraid to Ask

They’re Just Now Getting Around to Destroying Dirty Linens from Ebola Patient Zero’s Home

Passenger Removed From Flight in NJ – for Suspected Ebola

WhiteHouse.Gov Petition Demands: “Ban All Incoming and Outgoing Flights to Ebola-Stricken Countries”

Talking to your kids about Ebola

CDC Chief: Banning Flights from Ebola-Ridden African Nations Will Cause More Americans to Get Ebola 

The Spread: Here’s Where People Are Being Tested for Ebola (With Results) 

Sneaky CDC Changes Ebola Transmission Page – What You NEED to Know 

Here’s Why You Should NOT Panic Over Ebola

General News:

Pentagon to deploy upwards of 4,000 troops to West Africa amid Ebola epidemic

WhiteHouse.Gov Petition Demands: “Ban All Incoming and Outgoing Flights to Ebola-Stricken Countries”

TX Ebola Patient May Face Criminal Charges, Family Under Strict Quarantine

BREAKING: Ebola has been confirmed in Texas

There are only 19 level 4 bio-containment beds in the whole of the United States…and four in the UK

During An Ebola Pandemic All Of Your Rights Would Essentially Be Meaningless

Possible Exposure

Outrageous: Dallas Paramedics Weren’t Told They Were Driving Ebola Contaminated Ambulance for 48 Hours


Potential Cases Being Tested

CONTAGION: Second Ebola Case Suspected In Dallas: “This Is Real”

Carelessness and Cover-ups of the Government and Medical System

The Handling of this Ebola Crisis Is Like a Bad Horror Film

Sneaky CDC Changes Ebola Transmission Page – What You NEED to Know 

Ebola: Doc in Protective Gear with ‘CDC IS LYING!’ Written on His Back Shows up in ATL to Protest Ebola Patient 0:

Sick Guy Told Hospital He Just Came from Liberia…So They Sent Him Home for 2 Days

CDC Director Contradicts Himself Live over How Ebola Is Spread

CDC’s Failing Attempts to Quell Ebola Fears Could Lead to Mass Breakdowns

“Disaster Teams Were Notified Months Ago They Would Be Activated in October”

When the CDC Tells Us to Prepare for the Ebola Pandemic, Things Are About to Get Real

DHS Chatter: Suspected Terrorists Planning to Infect Themselves With Ebola

Medical Information and Reports

Experts Say Airborne Ebola is Possible and Would be a “Devastating Nightmare”

Contagion Blast Radius: How Far Can Ebola Droplets Travel?

What is the difference between N95 and N100 respirator masks?

When Officials Say The Infection Rate of Ebola is 2 Be Afraid, Be very Afraid

Preparing for an Ebola Pandemic

Here’s Why You Should NOT Panic Over Ebola

Pandemic Preparedness Checklist

Talking to your kids about Ebola

Updated: Prepping for an Ebola Lockdown

Ebola Survival Handbook: The Book You Need to See You Through the Coming Pandemic 

Prepping For Mandatory Quarantine: Now is the Time to Prepare

Dealing With Ebola Infected Corpses

Social Distancing as a Means to Avoid Contagion

Four Ways to Increase your Survival Endurance

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  • viction

    this has been going on for years thing the government dose not want you to know they say After an incubation period of about 21 days, victims rapidly develop
    high fever, diarrhoea, vomiting, respiratory disorders and
    haemorrhaging. Death ensues within a few days. The case fatality rates
    are about 80% with E. Zaire and 50% with E. Sudan

    no its not 21 days it is 12 days

    facts 2007>>>>> http://www.naturalsciences.be/science/projects/gorilla/aboutgorilla/ebola

    • Melissa Melton

      That says “of about” 12 days. That’s between 2 and 21. The reason they are putting these people in quarantine for a full 21 days is because it can (and has) taken that long to show symptoms.

  • J White

    Many thanks to the fine people here at The Sheeple. Links like these are vital for those of us who wish to cut through the hype. A job well done!

  • Rebel Mel

    They have not seen how it does in cold weather yet. Colds and flu are transmitted much easier in the winter months because the air is drier, therefor the disease or virus or germs, are airborne. In warm weather you don’t see many colds and flu because the air is heavier with moisture and therefor it is not airborne, it is transmitted by contact with the sick person.
    The evil ones are really trying to make us think there is no chance for this Ebola to spread. I do not think it is incompetence. I think it is intentional. They are outright lying to us. If it was incompetence, they would just say, I don’t know.

  • Anothereno

    So many damn posts about ebola how about some real news? All this fear mongering is doing nothing but inciting panic and will lead to nothing else but the loss of rights.

    • Nichole Koonce

      We got rights? Oh you must be from Poland… Ya’ll got rights. Here in America they were given away in November 2012.

  • Ivan Mcilroy

    I have a question. Since Ebola is transmitted by contact with bodily fluids which will inevitably find their way onto currency are we to assume that the fellow with Ebola in Texas did not have any currency which he handled and spent? Where did that money go and go and go? And to whom? And why are they not “recalling” all the $’s in Dallas? Why is no one talking about this?

  • Sir TuberKopf

    Serious question, of the 20 to 40% that recover from Ebola, are they now immune?

    • Lily Dane

      Most likely, yes. Studies of blood samples taken from survivors show they still have antibodies. But…only to that particular strain.

  • M Fr Nch

    Remember the swine flu hoax? Falling for another one?