Easter Bunny Is Real: Foster Parents Lose Children After Refusing to ‘Lie’

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Two Canadian foster parents had their foster children removed from their home because they refused to say the Easter Bunny is real. The Christian couple has taken court action, saying their rights have been violated.

Derek and Frances Baars filed court papers against Hamilton Children’s Aid Society after the agency said they must tell their foster children that the Easter Bunny is a “real entity.”

“We were committed to not lying to children,” Derek Baars said, adding “they could expect the truth from us and we expected the truth from them.”

The couple, who are devout Christians, told the agency that they “do not endorse Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny as they do not wish to lie to children.” They had noted that they don’t celebrate Halloween before they were approved as foster parents.

Derek is studying to become an ordained minister in the Reform Presbyterian Church of North America, while Frances is a nanny with an Early Childhood Education diploma.

The couple was approved to foster in December of 2015 and soon fostered two girls, aged 3 and 4, who had been temporarily removed from their parents.

“We neither confirmed or denied the existence of Santa Claus,” Baars said, noting “we gave them gifts for Christmas and they were part of our extended family celebration. They had a good day.”

However, the girls’ biological parents were upset to learn that there was no photograph of the girls with Santa Claus.

As Easter grew nearer, the Baars said the girls’ support worker became when she learned that the couple wasn’t teaching the children about the Easter Bunny.

In response, the Baars said they were then told that it was a “requirement” and “part of their duty as foster parents to teach the girls about the Easter Bunny because it is ostensibly part of Canadian culture.”

The couple told the support worker they would buy the girls new outfits and have a chocolate egg hunt, and even offered to have them sent to another foster home for Easter.

The Baars said their offer was refused, however, and they were told their “inflexibility is a problem.” They say the agency told them to “tell the foster girls that the Easter Bunny was real or their foster home would be closed.”

The Baars also said that the support worker told them she “was personally afraid that if a same-sex adoptive couple met us, that we would not treat them well” due to their religious beliefs.

The children were removed from the Baars’ home in March of 2016, and they were told that they could no longer be foster parents.

Hamilton CAS Executive Director Dominic Verticchio told CBC News that he couldn’t discuss the specifics of the case, but said, “When you have children placed outside their homes… I think there should be a balance between being respectful of the foster parent’s beliefs, but also the kids. You’ve got to find a middle ground.”

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  • Government is correct – lying is part of Canadian ‘culture’.

    • Phil_Ossifer

      It’s probably more accurate to say that lying is part of government culture, period.

      • They have to maintain their delusions so they can convince the sheeple to accept them, reverse schadenfreude at its finest.

        • GAZOO2

          I think they also want to see what people are willing to tolerate.

      • GAZOO2
  • David

    So why lie? Parents that teach their kids about the easter bunny & Santa Claus are just setting themselves up to a showdown with their kids eventually. “now peter don’t you ever lie to me or your mother!” “But Dad, You Lied about Santa & the Easter Bunny!’. how do you teach your kid to respect you as a parent & not lie to you when you as a parent do it? don’t want a confrontation with your child about this then don’t lie to them in the first place.

  • Kountry Bumpkin

    Christians use Christmas as a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus however the character Santa Clause is based on a real person Saint Nicholas so in that aspect Santa Clause is real. The Easter bunny however to the best of my knowledge is not real, nothing but folklore, does anybody really think there was a rabbit with a basket that went around hiding eggs, I’ve never seen one. I have rabbits and they haven’t once left me eggs of any kind but they make lots of bunny berries….lol
    I’m not in favor of lying to children about important things but I am all in favor of preserving their innocents, excitement and simple childish wonder for as long as possible so I think I’d tell them the true story of Santa Clause and just tell them that many cultures throughout history have associated rabbits with Easter and let them dictate which direction to go from there. IMO life as an adult will be hard enough when they are older, why not let them get the most enjoyment out of their childhood as they can with the simple things.

    • Rich Hillegass

      Bumpkin, you make a lot of sense! Don’t ever become a politician!

      • Kountry Bumpkin

        LOL, not much chance of that, I’m not a crook or a very good liar.

    • cs1988nv

      Yes. It’s true that Saint Nick was real. But many Christians have a problem with
      1.) saying he has magical reindeer and powers (travel the world and visiting every home in a day), which is a sin to do because you are lying, and to a certain extent l, Santa is revered as an idol, which is a violation of the 10 commandments
      2.) it takes the kid’s eyes off the true meaning of Christmas. it is a day for celebrating the fulfillment of prophecy and the birth of their Lord and Saviour.

  • SP_88

    Of course the government would force them to lie to the children, the government is built on a foundation of lies and deceit.
    They have no business telling these foster parents to lie to the children. It doesn’t sound like they purposely said that the Easter bunny isn’t real and Santa Clause isn’t real, etc. They simply left it unsaid. And that’s fair enough.
    The real problem here is the overreaching government trying to force them to lie to the children. And taking away their ability to be foster parents when they wouldn’t.
    Clearly their rights were violated.
    It appears that child services is just as out of control in Canada as they are in America.

  • casimcea

    Is the government real, or just a algorithm?

    • The (((government))) is real, but the real leaders have been (((erased))).

  • Tatiana Covington


  • 0oOoOO00oo0

    Normally I would agree with you all here. But, in this situation, these people are not suited for foster care. Foster care is not meant for imposing new views and values on children who will ultimately go back home. We may not like the easter bunny bullshit, but this can be very confusing for already traumatized kids. This is a battle not worth fighting in the grand scheme of things and can likely further complicate the children’s relationships with their parents.

    • Rayven Wrathchild

      Hmmm! So who is actually being the ‘intolerant’ one. I’d say the government workers as they attempt to homogenize everyone. This is not her job. Her job is to make sure the kinds are not being harmed. Explain to me how Not believing in fantasy is harmful?

  • Stupidity.

  • patriot156


  • patriot156
  • thomas jefferson

    THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT IS BECOMING THE MOST SATANIC GOVERNMENT IN NORTH AMERICA,sadly the citizens are in step with them,as the IQ of canadians drops to its lowest level in history, resistance is slowly disappearing……….

  • csfurious

    It really depends on how old the children are. “Lighten up, Francis!”