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Earth Observing Satellite Launched Today

Chris Carrington
The Daily Sheeple
February 11th, 2013
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Landstat satellite

NASA will launch a satellite costing some $850m later today. The launch is set to take place from Vandenburg Air Force Base in California at 10:02am local time. (18:02GMT).

It will fly around the Earth at a height of 438 miles and has been designed to show the impact of climate change and to monitor agricultural output which is hoped will help scientists advise governments of pending natural disasters as well as how to work towards responding to those that do occur.

The Landstat Data Continuity Mission is an ongoing program and this will be the eighth satellite launched since 1972.

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  • akvalmet30

    probably more spying it will entail. How many times has anything helpful came from this Government?

    • Speechless

      No – at 15-120m, Landsat does not have the resolution.

  • Lowtolerance

    Yes, as much as mooning the sky sounds like fun, gotta wait a bit. Feel free to moon drones though.

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