Dumbest Criminal of the Year? Kidnapper Arrested After Making “Robbery Appointment”

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Sure, there’s 11 more months left, but will anyone be able to beat this guy?

Meet 17-year-old Jason Donte Hayes.


After breaking into an elderly woman’s apartment in the middle of the night, he forced the victim to drive to an ATM at gunpoint where he demanded she withdraw $2,000 from her bank account. The ATM, of course, has a daily limit. The woman could only take out $460.

After returning to the woman’s house, Hayes discussed the situation with the woman and her husband in the kitchen for an hour and decided they could go back up to bed on the condition they meet him in a shopping center at 9 a.m. to give him the remaining $1,540 he asked for.

Hayes showed up for the robbery appointment. The couple, to Hayes’ surprise, did not.

However, the police also showed up for the robbery appointment, probably just to see if Hayes was dumb enough to actually show up for it.

What kind of person makes an appointment to rob someone after kidnapping them at gunpoint and expects them to keep the appointment???

Will any criminal be able to top how utterly stupid this is?

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