*UPDATED* Drudge 2016 Poll: Bush Trailing Clinton at Very Bottom Because NO ONE WANTS THEM ANYWHERE NEAR THE WHITE HOUSE

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UPDATE: The poll has now ended with 1,146,609 votes and Trump won with 413,399 votes or 36.05 percent. Bernie Sanders came in second, with 340,387 votes or 29.69 percent. And, just as discussed in this post, Bush and Clinton stayed right in the same place practically the whole time, except that Clinton edged slightly below Bush. Regardless, both ended up with LESS THAN ONE PERCENT of the vote.


And if the actual political process in this country hadn’t been long ago hijacked, this pretty much where these two would (and should) end up in a real election.


Right now, Matt Drudge of Drudge Report is running an unofficial presidential poll on his site.

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At the time this screen cap was taken, over 41,000 votes were cast and Donald Trump was, by far, in the lead.

But what’s more interesting is where Jeb Bush is.

Considering Drudge is a conservative, it’s not that much of a surprise to find Hillary at the bottom of the poll. What is funny, however, is that Jeb has even fewer votes than Hillary.

Because America would rather rake itself naked over a cactus than have either of these two as “Commander in Chief”.

What’s really sad is this poll is coming just a week after Reuters was reporting that Jeb had somehow miraculously moved into third in the polls — with over 10 percent of the vote! How is that even possible when he’s getting less play than Hitlery? Did they poll cemeteries and imaginary people?

No one has any love for America’s unofficial dynasty families… and, let’s be honest, everyone knows it.

It’s sad for example to know deep down that dragon wings could literally distend from Hillary’s back, and she could swoop down into the city and start spraying preschool playgrounds with flames from her mouth and somehow she will still end up as the Democratic nominee.


Only six people met her at the airport in Texas on a fundraising stop earlier today, and those six people who took time out of their day to bother to show up and show support to Hillary, she rewarded them by completely ignoring them. No one cares. That game has been purposefully rigged from the beginning. There’s even rumor that she scared other candidates away from running with phone calls threatening to ruin any serious opposition’s life if they tried. The whole Dem side is Ready for Hillary.

But Jeb? Who in the hell would even consider Jeb after what his Skull and Bones brother and father did to this country??


Well, NO ONE apparently. Even conservatives would rather vote for Hillary McWicked Witch than Jeb!

So Trump would hypothetically win just like in every other poll taken for months now… but…

The scary part is, if Trump decides to run independent third party for whatever reason — something he has already said he will do if he feels for whatever reason that establishment Repubs aren’t treating him fairly — then it will split the GOP enough to toss the whole thing Hillary’s way.

That’s how she could win. Diabolical, huh? Is Trump in on it? Guess we shall see.

But my God… Can you imagine, America?


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