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Drone Protest Results in Prison Sentence

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November 29th, 2012

Brian Terrell, co-coordination of the group Voices for Creative Nonviolence, is scheduled to report to a Federal Prison in Yankton, S.D for protesting drones outside of Whiteman Air Force Base.

At my sentencing I told the judge:

“Each of the government’s witnesses, all of them Air Force police personnel, testified that participants in this protest were nonviolent, respectful and peaceable in assembling at Whiteman Air Force Base, a government installation, to petition that government for redress of a grievance, demanding that the remote control killing carried out daily from Whiteman cease. They testified that at no time, before or during our protest, did they perceive us as a threat.

“Our expert witnesses testified that our behavior was consistent with the activities that the drafters of the First Amendment intended to be protected, not persecuted, by the government. The order and security of the base would not have been compromised had the security police allowed us to proceed to the headquarters to deliver our petition. No testimony to the contrary was offered this court.

‚ÄúInstead of planning to accommodate a constitutionally protected peaceable assembly, however, the Air Force chose intimidation and conspired to deprive us of the rights they are sworn to protect. We learned from government witnesses that the phalanx of goose-stepping riot¬†police¬†is a ‚ÄėConfrontation Management Team,‚Äô deployed only in the case of preannounced events. Whiteman security did not call out the Team to defend the base but to intimidate citizens engaged in lawful activities.‚ÄĚ


From the Trenches World Report states:

Back on April 15th, about 40 people, mostly from the Kansas City area, went to Whiteman Air Force Base and held a short¬†rally¬†outside the gates on a public right of way. We had a petition ‚ÄĒ an indictment we called it ‚ÄĒ that listed¬†the laws¬†that drones are violating and the damage they are doing. We took that to the gate and were stopped. Three of us asked¬†directions¬†to deliver the petition and were immediately put inhandcuffs.¬† About 40 military¬†police¬†in full riot gear appeared (video) and did a choreographed dance including high kicks and grunts and beating their shields, two steps forward and one step back, to get rid of the rest of the U.S. citizens, who were acting legally under the First Amendment.


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  • JoeRepublic

    I look at the MPs and then at the protestors and see something seriously wrong with the picture. The protestors look like a bunch of harmless middle aged and elderly people with a few signs and a bull horn. The MPs come out with riot shields, batons and a tight formation to confront them. The government must be shitting a brick to use so much overkill.

    Do they honestly think this shit ever worked to oppress people? Sure, for a little while it does. Eventually though, people get rid of them and the cycle starts over again. Is that what they’re afraid of, a reset?

  • Ben Dover

    Hmmm, Strange story. People I know where present at that AFB that day. They said that nothing of note happened other than a peaceful protest. I have serious doubts that a person would be arrested for merely asking for directions and even then the mp’s would call the local constables to do the honors.

  • http://NONE Arizona

    HOW sad,the parents of these AIR FORCE terrorists must be to know their air force children are worthless pieces of shit that they raised,what does that say about them,IF I had a child and I found out he was involved in terrorizeing american citizans,I’ am afraid I’d be forced to return him to god,knowing how bad I had failed in raising him to be an american,and he turned into a traitor,and even worse a terrorist…HOW could you sleep at night knowing the day’s coming when real patroit americans will be coming to my house to arrest him for treason………

  • Veteran

    Air Force terrorists? Worthless pieces of shit? Then you go on to imply you would kill your own child for honorably serving in the military. You are one grade-A looney toon. While the protestors have the right to express themselves, they have NO right to enter a military installation. Regardless of how old or gentle the protestors look, the MP’s responsibility is to ensure none of them entered the base or interfered with base operations.

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